Few Signs To Spot A Toxic Relationship

Realtion ship is the core centre of our life , just like our brain . we all deserve to have  relationship  built on trust love and mutual respect . Give yourself also the opportunity to cultivate one . Good or happy relatiinn ship is good for the cells of the body , it nourishes everyone involve  and chances to grow . Quality relationships are the ones that pushes you past your limitations , always happy for your success  and take care of responsibilty

Our mental health will also be affected by the type of relationship we have . Ive had few  of bad friends in my life , very toxic and lead me to a total  darkness  but i used it as an opportunity to identify  my own growth  and whats missing and work a lot on cultivation a good relationship withe  the people around me . Here are the few sign to spot a toxic ones

A toxic relationship is not always easy to recognise , it can feel good at first , then slowly but surely , becomes toxic that we dont recognise ourselves anymore .When a relationship become based on needs instead of want then its no longer enjoyable . – need signifies that someone cannot manage without you and sadly most realtionshpis are like that .

Do you feel worse after  spending time with them ?

Have they ever threatened to hurt you physically or emotionally ?

Do they ask you for a lot of favours ?

Do you struggle to make decision  without them ?

Do they repeatedly put you down ?

Do they discourage you on doing things on your  own ?

Have they ask to borrow money and not paid it back ?

Have you found out they were talking badly about you behind your back ?

If you answer more than  one to these questions  then you are in a toxic relationship







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Avoid The Unlucky And Unhappy — INFECTION

The first  time i came across the idea of unlucky and unhappy was about tow years ago as i was reading from the law of power by Robert Green . Weve not been taught how certain human behaviours can have a negative impact in our life . The unlucky  and unhappy generally label themselves  that way to get attention and power .

You can die from someone else misery .Emotional l states   are  as infectious as disease . One of the rule of universe is to help other s . but not to be enslave by their problems Helping others feel good but you need understand the principle that guide against  the unlucky and unhappy .

The unlucky can be infectious we all go through misfortune and often being brought down by circumstances beyond our control , these deserves all the help  and symphaty  we can give them . But they are other who are not born by mis fortune or unhappiness but who draw it upon themseoves by their destructive habits . it will be a good thing to raise them up and change their  pattern .   More than not its thier pattern that end up getting inside and changing – Dont get close too much to them and always maintain  your  ground and distance .

I need you to understand that this is a game of power , the people you associate with are critical . If you hang around too long with sad people you become sad .  The answer is to judge people on the effects they  have on the world . .

There are people who attract happiness to themselves by their good nature . natural buoyancy and intelligence They are source of pleasure – you must find this people and associate with them . Never associate with those who share your defects because they will ree niforce everything that holds you back . Always associate  with people who will lift you up . Make this  a rule of life you will benefits more than all the therapy  in the world and thank you for reading .

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Education Is Freedom

When people talks about education  , there are probably  talking about people who spends lots of  time in academic world or who says only the free cab be educated and , but rather the lovers of wisdom who says that only the educated are free – epiciteus  Discources .

We all have a special knowledge  we aqquire in school can get grades , what is explainable and academicable . the other types of knowledge is not exactly  knowledge , its a way of doing things that we cannot really express in clear and direct  language .

Thou they are plenty of other choices than reading a book of phillosphy , i mean  other way of passing time which is always more easier  to do . But once you make a decision to be educated because you want to be free , fear less , and achieve a state of peace .

It is a lot easier to get distracted by watching T V or movies on you-tube than read  from a great mind who can actually help us to make a better decision  for our future . I had to develop the habits of reading for one hour in the morning or more and read before i go to bed which bring me to self knowledge which is a particular way is freedom .

So education on the other hand can be freedom but – knowledge and self knowledge  in particular is freedom .


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The pain Of Expressing Our Needs Versus Not Expressing Our Needs

Most of us has not t been taught on how to express  our  needs also most of us has never been taught to think in terms of our needs , I can recall many  time that i think a friend or my mom should  automatically  understand my  needs and  when she  doesnt  i have a build of anger compounded inside me .  .

As i started learning how to communicate , things get  easier thou im a very direct person in term of saying what i need but this time around without violent . Most times  when we talk about what we need rather than want , we tend to get what  we want . There is a huge different between  needs and making a request .

We need to express what we need rather than talking about what is wrong .  , and the moment we do that , the possibilty  of finding ways to meet everybody  need will be greatly increase .  It takes a lot of practise to learn how to express  our needs and when we dont we feel great pain in our heart .

Another pain is we are oftned  judge mostly by identiying and reveal our needs . i guess thats the reason people tend to hide their needs and feelings .Most people are full of anger because their needs has not  been met ,  If we dont value our needs , other may not either

The more we acknowledge  and value each others feelings and need the more we come together  and build a loving relatioships . I communicate my needs this days in a various  ways without the needs to compromise but by becoming more aware of other peoples needs too .



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Keep on Loving

Most times i tell people to love themselves and  the reactions always shocked me . Love is not a relationship , its a state of being and has nothing to do with anyone  else . And of course when you are in love , one is love . And certainly if you are not aware of you are , you cannot be love . – you will be fear and fear  is the opposite  of love .Now you see why lots of people are product of fear rather love because they are not aware of who they are

Thats  one of the reason im attracted  to  people without fear because   they are adventurers  , not boring , a   a man  full of fear is a boring man .  People who seek out new things always  turn into a great lovers . . Children are very good example because they are born with no fear . There is no other higher religion than love .

If you want a succseful life , you need to keep on loving . Meditate , dance , sing and go deeper into yourself . If you can allow love to happen to you then there is no fear , no ego , you start to blossom like a flower – because through love  everything will happen to you , meditation  , prayer , God – thats what jesus meant when he says love id GOD

But love  is difficult – fear has to be dropped and most  people are always afraid of one thing or the other , untill you drop the fear and become aware , love will  never happen so keep on loving you will  start to experience life in a different dimension .  Life is good but only if you can keep on loving , no manipulating  , no exploitation – just keep loving


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Self Care — You Will thank yourself Later

Getting older doesnt  have to suck . self care means  keeping yourself in fantastic health inside and out . it also maens you have bigger capacity for the loved ones . you dont want to get old and suck .Self care also reflects  your inner beauty and wisdom . Aging doesnt meant giving up and accept decay .

Sometimes i look around and think  what do you mean  over 40 plus is supposed to look and feel like ?  Now let me guess , getting older means you are most likely going to be Tired, forgetful and out of touch , overweight and out of shape, inflexible and ache all the time , Experience hair loss and gray hair , Dealing with sagging and wrinkle skin . Im none of the above infact , im opposite .

Im still full of energy , enthuthiasm  and getting stronger and its always a good feed back when people look at me and say , whao you are well maintained . There is also sense of pride and self worth that come along with caring for and about yourself . This is your body we are talking about , your one and only one . its a house you live in .

Caring for yourself doesnt  mean  you have to spend all your life doing it ., its actually very simple habits practise daily .  like getting a good night sleep , – dont go to bed angry –

Ease Inflammation – – Its chronic inflammation that leave us looking and feeling older  . There is a lot of internal and  external factors that cause it . A good night sleep turns out to reduce inflammation in the body .

Make  your metabolism work –  Its simple , no processed food .

Strong Arm Your Stress – Turn your stress into different direction stress can come in many form , work with a phscology to help figure out the bottom of your emotional stress because thats the most killer . Also lack of sleep , long hours , travelling  can have a major impact and increase aging .

Turning your stress into the right direction  by eating right , exercising right , and adapting your mindset to best manage your stress and avoiding phsical trauma and environ mental chemicals  as much as possible .  You can look fantastic as you age .


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How Sharing Gives You More Energy

One of the basic fundamental  of life is the more you give the more you receive , thats how the universe works and it cannot be change . The more you share the more you overflow . The problems  of sharing comes from the mind because yout mind is always trying to confuse you because  in your confusion is the power of the mind .

When you share  your energy and creativity in a good way , you are overflowing , you feel fulfilled because overflowing is just delight , simple  delight . whenever you  are overflowing  and you shared , you never feel tired infact you feel more energetic and unburdened .

Its like when you share good energy with the person you love , and you love the person , then you want to share your energy  , you dont plan it in your head and its not a rehersal  its simple overflowing and this altitude  will give you more energy because its not mechanical and your mind is not confused .

The more you overflow the more you are given , share as much as you can more will given to you seriously  dont be callculated thats an atitude of ego . even jesus says if you cling you will lose ., if you share youill receive . The more you share , the younger you remain and if you dont share you start leaking and become more miser . A miser is always miserable and in his misery he shrinks .

If you keep on sharing , your whole life becomes  beautiful and full of energy . All this has taken me an awareness to realise and has change my  life .

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