The No Complaints Diet

Complaining is a low frequency energy , and one that never works for anything , Lazy people complains a lot , they get their energy feed on complaining to other people , When we stop complaining , we trust that there is a better way and we are ready to hear it .

Com[plaining is draining . – Attempt one week living without complaint . whenever you feel negative emotion arisen , do your best to stop them .

As a busness owner , my job is to solve problems and look for solution in a different ways , but one thing ive learned is when i dont complainin i quickly see the other ay to solve the problems . .

Be careful of what younsay in a situation where small talk is expected . Taljk about the weather or sports if you have to say something . , if the other try to steer you into a negative direction . If that does not work , say you are on a complain diet . say it . Be different

That will instantly shift the conversation . Replace a complaint thought with one of gratitude . When the week is off , see how you do . Then repeat for the rest of your life . You will start to attract more opportunities which equals more money . .

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Giving Grace To Others

Granting yourself grace is not easy to do especially if hold a nasty altitude towards others Being nasty is an habits thats comes from childhood . Enviroment is destiny , whatever you see affect the way you do things . We are always affected by how we feel

its impposible for your mind to be nice to you if its has been habitually cruel and vicious towards those who crossed your paths. I used to have a friends who think people are bad , that things are bad . and she kept on runining from one place to another , I remmenber telling her that i dont see things bad but everything is coming from her mind ,.

So this is the thing with the mind thats been viciouis and polluted with hatred towards others . you need to make every effort to control your hatred towards others . – In the course of life , most people will cause you pain , thats is a lesson of life , that , wether you burn with rage when people slurp their soup , or marry a gay person and go on .

You may believe with very good reason that they deserve the mental poison darts you throw at them , but a victim mind is always rooted in a vicious mind .

When i refuse to take an abuse from the abuser . then the gift of viciuosness will be returned and absorbed by the one who handle out the abuse How hateful you are to others will determine , how hateful your mind will be to you in equal dosage .

Learn to practise giving grace to thers and you will receive the grace back

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Say No To Cardio To Lose Weight. And Mix Up Your Runs

If you be been lie to many times that doing cardio will help you them read this When you mix up your tunes you will burn stomach fats faster Abd in the hips abs the leg too

This will not happen when you do just the cardio Cardio is not a bad thing but it’s really bad when you are using it as a tool for weight loss Based on a research at the Ontario university the subject were asked to perform cardio for 6 weeks and the other part to mixed their run with body weight

The ones that perform only cardio reduces nothing in the water but the Thor ones that mix up their runs refd diced their waist line by 10 inches at the shed of 6 weeks period

I can offer you a uniques way to boost fat burning Increase endurance .Improve your speed And crunch your goals in 6weeks

You can also improve your running without all the aches and pains that comes with running

The best way is to mix up your runs You will look amazing and people will be asking you .for what you be been doing .

I will teach you how to mix up your runs without being predictable You know when you take care of your self you can manifest opportunities into your life No one wants to be around someone with a bad energy

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The Positive Aspect Of Procrastination

No humans trait is absolutely bad or good But we’ve been conditioned to see thing whether good or bad When it’s applied properly procrastination can be a great asset .

when we move too fast or other people want us to move too fast then we have to reverse the consequences of our action .I’ve moved sometimes too fast based on someone else agenda and it has landed me in deep trouble Thisxdayd when I’m pressure then I do nothing I kind of like the pressure because then I get clarity

I’m not claiming you should ignore what you meant to do but acting fast and acting slow can be an asset .sometimes by not taking action immediately you can let your ideas simmer and mature .

Only act when you have cleanly identified the proper course of action Well this also require strong heart and discipline

Sometimes problems do have a way of working themselves out But taking is action is really amazing but be clear

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Why we give away our power

Sometimes you give other people the control on how you think is having power over you .how you should behave and you should feel make it impossible to be mentally strong

for example advice low and cheap and makes me sick especially if of my have for it Look around you Does anyone have the ability to make you feel or angry that you day and later do the things you regret .

there are so many ways we give our power away without even acknowledge it I used wavy to ease people’s pain by helping them to see thing in a healthy way but this can be very dangerous and you need to understand setting g healthy boundaries .

Anytime you don’t set healthy .emotional d physical boundaries for yourself .you risk giving away your power to other people .perhaps you don’t dare say No for when your neighbor ask for a favor or May be you dread receiving a phone call from a friend who constantly complain but you consume to pick up the phone ring .

if you don’t make any attempt to get your needs met You will risk and give people permission to take thing s away from you
And don’t depend on others to regulate your feelings
needs help getting in shape .physically and emotionally Shhot me an email I will be happy to help

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Get Therapy

Being confrontational is a strength .but taking to people or meeting g new people can be difficult for some people We all have out strength .One of the severed to a successful rekayinsjips with others is to learn how to talk to people .

Seroudky talking to people is a big deal I always think ability to communicate and be heard without shouting at each other is gold Mastering the Si cavity to talk to people who don’t know me simply balancing being untested in them Not in yourself

Another problem is people fearing reflection or embarrassment We all do and let’s put that out of the way .The choice isn’t between success and failure It’s between choosing risk and striving for greatness or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity .

Most time when I suggest people should go for theraphy to become better at taking to people Let me explain Mereky acting out to be better than you are now .no matter the venue is a big commitments And two some of the most successful people I know have been to therapy including me I spent almost a year of therapy with my neuroscience professor and it’s one of the most liberating thing in my life .

I’m suggesting therapy will make you a better people person .but it might help you address your own fears and social anxieties

Rece t studies has found out that using counseling to alleviate the conditions that normally inhibit a shy person .

Please get therapy and you will go far ..

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Patience Is A Beauty Secret

In the practice of medicine Patience is generally crucial also in my line of work People are becoming more and more in patients Every thing is supposed to be fast and this allow people people to become very frustrated .
The more patience you are .the better your energy If you reflect on how. impatience feels When you discerning g the energetic difference frustration and patience .watch fir this common qualities

The energy of frustration are very tense .prickly like you are spinning your wheel. . Frayed at the edge

Deadly serious Restless and tiring .

The energy of patience Very respectful Generous

soft and intuitive
ive seen how chronic frustration and impatient be permanently scrawled on people and unforgivenably aging them
Their body language is unflattering bluish and aggressive as in their energy .

Here is a real Beaty secret .patience makes your appearance and energy more radiant .soft and approachable .

The more patience you are .the more attractive you I’ll be Patience keep us young and spared us from the stressed of chronic inflammation and trying too hard to fight the flow .

Notice those quality next time you start getting impatient .

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Courage is a muscle

Courage is a muscle and to get it stronger you have to start using it The more you used it the stinger you become The more courageous you become Here is a tip over many times

Many people wishes a stress fre life Adont stress about being afraid How could you not being afraid in the middle of COVID When every day you listen to people about projecting death

fear and anxiety has always being there The real secret in life is not to avoid stress It’s what makes you stronger You don’t want to pray for no problems You want to pray to be bigger better and stronger .

The way to defeat fear is through actions That’s what I do all the time At the end of the day if I fail at least I’ve try Please don’t stress about being afraid but try to do something

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Luck Is a Product of Universal law

There are certain universal laws, gravity for example works the same way every time . in every situation for every one of us whether we know about it , whether we think about it or not , wheter we believe it or not . Drop ten pencils , all ten fall to the ground .

To get lucky as some people say – you need to have a goals working hard – luck comes as a result of having clearly defined goals , associating with people who could faccilitate success . , being involve in a situation where opportunities can arise and conutinuing personal education . and improvement – and doing something

No one just get lucky . that the truth . Some other laws arent easily proven . personally ive founf out that the more i give , the more i get . It could be money , my time , my ideas , my empathy .This only work when you give it away with no expectaion of anything in return . You will pass though a life where its is difficult for most people .

Try it for couple of months and stay open . for real serendipity and a new financial gain coming at you from the most unexpected sources .

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Competence Is Your Security

The pandemic has taught us lots of things if you can see it . The other day i saw a headline telling people 100 way to make money , not a bad headline right ? As i read futher , it doensnt involve any project that will allow people to take more responssibilites for themselves – then it s also said , you can also start an online busness , but beware that most busness fail .

In other words , most advices is teaching you not to takr resposisbilty for your own security . I know thats hard and thats why many people go so deraile and become sick .

When times are hard , you better get creative . Solve problem for someone , create an offer . Find out how you can help people . Do the job your boss dont want to do . Make yourself useful around the house for your parent . Do the work people hate doing .

Then i will also suggset that you begin meeting your own goal in order to feel better . None can be resposible for your success and well being but you

Get started but dont qiut .

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