Exercising To Improve Feminine Body

If you are like me i always want to improve my physique / my body . In a fitness industry most women seems to lose thier feminie touch , Im not bad mouthing , im sharing experiences and from observation . You can lift serious heavy weight but still look like a woman .

As a woman , we should look vibrant and full of vitality as we aged . its possible when you do exercise that improve the hormones not destroying the hormones . I found that if i concentrate on getting better at developing my glute and core i will alwys the youthful energetic vibrant appearance which im now .

These days i teaches hips hinge to my clients , also working on it by myself . Hips hinge is the foundation of strong posterior chain like squats , deadlifts . When you focus on improving these hips hinge exercise , you will find running is easier on your knees , your back feels less strained after a long work day .

You dont need to suffer because of getting in shape . I decided i want to look and appear more feminie , this led me to learning how to work on glutes and core because thats the part of the body that diminishes as we age .

Training to activate my glutes to its potential , to stretch them under heavy loads has been my biggest project for nearly 2 years . We can all improve our body by doing the right thing .  You can contact me on victoriaboerfitness.com to learn how i can help you build a better body in less time .

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Prioritizing Self Care And Importance Of Micromovement

When you have the mindset of proritizing your self care , then you will discover that you dont need to spent a lot of time going to the gym before you can exercise . Personally speaking i hate long hours of exercisng , im too busy for that .More over its very unproductive and not good for the hormones

Exercising less with the right intensity is the key to losing fat and remain young  with vitality and  vibrant . even thou people spend in the gym they are still out of shape and we have more obesity in europe more than ever ,

Micromovement is simply moving your body more on a regular basis , You dont really need a gym memenberships . Im talking about walk , Take the stairs .  Do a few push ups here and there . Do 10 bodyweight squat before you eat . Pick up your kids . Run to the mailbox . Get up your chair every 15 mins , All these micromovement adds up and can help you burn more calories .

Macro movement enables you to keep growing stronger within you – lifting weight is not the only way to grow stronger  or better but emotions as well . If you focus getting better rather than getting fitter , you will establish a healthy way of fitness .

You will be stronger in your emotions and choices when you move often .

Do 10 push ups before breakfast lunch and dinner

Run up and down the stairs each day .

Take a walk for 30 mins

The human body dose not become weak because of the aging process , it gets that way because  we become lazy and dont get adequate stimulation .

This simple  habits has help many of mine clients to take control of their body .

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The Only Prize Is Preparation

When you set out to prepare in advance and limit your action and in action  to only what is keeping withing the need of  preparation – to remove yourself  from from distraction , to be self sufficient  be free to create and understanding power .

The only prize we have to pay for a better life is preparation . To be prepare to win means you have get away from distraction whcih is not an easy task nowadays . No matter who you are , what  you do , this prize  has to be paid . In my line of work , sometimes it takes me 6 hours in a day to prepare for 4 clients .

I like to deliver a remarkable traiining experience for my clients so it requre thinking , creating , research and practise and this preparation semmes to make it enjoyable and easy . The more preparation , the better the result .

Lets assuming you want  to take up a challenge of running or healthy eating , you have to prepare  a night before which result in getting it done .   Preparing your food in advance make it easier  for you to stick to a health habits .

We all have roles to play in our life our performance at work and every aspect of our life is a public display of our best self , and if we are true to our self , we pay the prize of preparation .

By having self respect  for your own mind and prizing it , you will please yourself and be in better harmony with your fellows human being and  more in tune with your energy also you will become a better performer in life . No matter who you are .

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The Benefits Of Becoming More Valuable

We all love valuable people , and we can all develop the habits of becoming very valuable regardless of our circumstances . Few years agowhen i was at the university i asked my soccer coach how i can make a lot of money . He said you have become very valuable in life . His words set a way for me .

Strive to become more valuable to get a raise from work or your boss so that you can increase your income . Most things dont happen if you are just a regular employee or trainer of athlete etc .  Dont be satisfy with being ordinary .

There  is nothing interesting in an ordinary person . Busness are set up to make profits and your contribution will make  you and your boss happy eventually  leading to a big raise . For example i identify my clients bigger problems and the obstacle in front of them  their needs and pain . I look for resources to help them solve this problems .

These strategy works for everyone and thats how you increase  your value and ask for a raise or more money from clients .Make a resolution to become more valuable , write everything down how you can become more valuable  to your boss, clients, family and the people around you .

Everything compound over the years and the more value you add the more benefits especially financially .





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Squat Makes the Body Look Beautiful

The back squat or the goblet squat is a staple in any functional design programm . Im into squat because i want my body to be stronger . As we get older performing squat oone weekly is a neccesity from body weight to weighted squat .  Squat makes women  body body looks amazing .

I want to emphasize that not everyone can perform sqaut properly , with the right coaching many women and men can gain the ability to squat deeply overtime if ego is not in the way . There are so many factors that inhibit someone from deep squat . Poor ankle flexibilty , limited hips movement , or upper back stiffenes can cause issue with squatting and these are the reason for getting into squat because it reveals all these weaknesses

Few years ago i study a programm on how to double my squat – the result , better core strength improve quad aka lean legs but it was tough . Thats what  you get from squat and improving mobility and stability while working squat pattern is a good idea no how great your squats .

Performing squats is also great for athletes apart from making your body look hot . The full squat also work the glute at the bottom of the movement when the hips are flexed and the glute are stretched . All these makes  you body overall a badass . It also works the quad and erector to build  nice thighs and back muscles .

If you enjoy this  article , feel free to share with family and friends .





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Benefit Of Investing Big Into Yourself

Investing big into yourself is like the parable of the sower , you reap what you sow . I first  learned this analogy few years back from Jim Rohn –  He says , if you want to have more  you become more . To become more , you must grow and thats whats been happening to me for the past 6 years . I grew to the point of having my own busness – i had to start from the scratch .

Ive worked with a coach that cost me over 15 000 pounds last 16 month and im still working with him .  Women especially needs to invest big into themselves rather than things .

I get things too but they dont get in the way of developing my mind and my body . Life strike or expand in porpotion  of our courage and investment into ourselves . Investing big in ourselves bring more clarity , abundance mentality rather scarcity mentality . You deliver more value and attract more opportunity.

Investing big into yourself create freedom in your life , – by teaching you more discipline  more compassion and  abundance energy for creativity .Because of all the investment ive made in the past , i have more freedom , i worked 4 times weekly and have lots oif time to do other stuff .

By investing big into myself  im writtting this blog better , i started to think in terms of possibilities not probability . Once you start investing , it means you have to give up certain things for certain period . Life is a trade off and full of sacrifices . Thats the price of success and investing big .



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The Top 10 Things Ive Learned In 2016

Its about time of the year that i share in a fashion the most valuable lesson ive learned this year . It has been extremely challenging year but rewarding . Most of the lessons comes in the area of Beauty , Money , Relationship , and Womanhood .


You must always train your glutes – your butts – the better glute function  , the better your body respond to over all training and you dont need to die in the gym to build a better body .

When you focus on fat loss, the body react , when you focus on coaxing fat loss the body responds . I actually stole this idea from a friend but thats the the fact .

High intensity with minimalist time shape the whole body very fast and keep my face pretty . Cardio increasing aging .

Drink plenty of water , so that you can poo . The more you elliminate , the better the body .

Find your own hair dresser and a massage therapist . It provides a lot of role on how you look .


Spend time with people who value and contributes to their relationships  . you can learn  from each other ,.and praise your spouse or partner  in front of each other  .

Set boundaries if you value your future and for a better connections . The highest  good for you becomes the highest good for another ,


Invest big into yourself – ive spent more than 10 000 pounds on my development  this year , probably  thats why i didnt take any vacation . It goes a long way , from coaches to books to personal self  care .


Put your personal care first , every other thing can wait but your body and your mind will not .

Have more sex , very often , it flushes cortisol of of the body and makes you more attractive to your partner .  Consume less alcohol  your body will love you for that .

Hope you find some lesson useful here and please feel free to share it with friends and family .


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