Everybody Needs Somebody

There isnt a person in this worls who dose not need other people . no one wins alone and no one succedd alone . The reason most people thisnks they dont need anyone ha sto do with their self image and confidence . Most people will rather let someone needs them than ask for help .

When people have serious confidence and self image issue , then they dont ask for help . Im a very independent p[eesron but also good with asking for help . i believe its a sign of high esteem . Im also goood in helping people belive in themself even thou it doesnt look certain i guess thats one of my strength .

What are you going to gain from brining people down ,./ the more you help people see ceratininty ,the more opportunity arives in thier life . The issue is how much do we need from each other

Its better to beleive . everybody will get better if you give them the chance . We should always challenge people to become better and help them to belief in themselves im not saying doing the work for them but everything will take the work , help and belief of other people .

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Stuff Ive Learned In 2020

The year 2020 in my perspective is a great year that forced me out of my comfort zone , got me creative and facing mountains of obstacles . As a busness owner i needed to become more self relaint , take more actions not just overthinking and thats exactly what i did . si here some things that hase really work and moght be useful for you

Take actions on hwta you wnat you want to do secretly and dont get anyone involve until its done . doing this way means you can pritect all the negativity thats is coming to attack it .

Creative thinking is difficult to find , – so i joined a mastermind

On negotiation – No is a protection = Saying no give you the feeling of security , it gives you time to think befere any commitment .

Develop a strcit boundaries – People dont mean bad , they dont just care about you but themselves

People buy with feeling , the more they feel , the more they buy . I used to focus on a long term goals for people . Whao that made me lose lots of money but when i switched to combine both , my income sky rocket .

Resistance is the source of all pain , fear , anger , and guilt and shame that doent mean its not okay to feel those emeotions , you must feel those emoyions it part of being human but yoiu can let go of their hold on you .

As an entreprenuer the more i focus on getting clietns result by providing extra value , the more money i make . You see everything ihard work . High income sillks , marketing , copy writting , empahaty , creativity

Finally – please hire some help = like pay for coaching , pay for mentorship – you will see the different .

I want to be the best in what i do – so that me and its happening .

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There Is Always An Opportunity

In the great deperession , every opporunities shut itself down , the money had run out . Now we have the pandemic , busnesses are closing down but there is money soemwhere at least thats the way i think ., Every day i hear too many people complain that the world is going down .

Its not going down . You could spend the rest of your life fighting it , but your actions wont save the fate of the nation . however , you cn make sure it doenst get in your way

YoU can protect yoor by being being investing in your physical , emotions , and mental strength – quit being lazy and you will see money opprotunties around you as i did .

Every day i try and i find values tio add to someone and i make money . I did not sit around thinking the goverment will come to the rescue . im thinking if people like Lloius armstrong survive the great depression , then im going to try .

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Accept That Nothing Happens By Accident

we go through life daily and things will alwyas happens to us iether by our doing or through others . Life is ever cahnging , people comes and go . Events comes and go Through change , nature evolves and human wisdom progress . Nothing in this world is an accident – people comes and teach a you a vaulable lesson through the universe .

Through un expected incident , the universe tries to teach you something You need to accept and learn but most people have been exposed to this kind of of wisdom so they rationalise and over thinking . Rationalisation are generally conveienient evasions of reality and are used as excuses for dishonest behavoiur, mistakes , and laziness .

Afriends of mine has gone through a divorce twice , and hes still convinced that both women are bad and i try to get him to see the lesson in bioth failed marriages but he rationalize ad justify and i mentioned to him that without laerning from those two failed marriage he will never learn , that the universe is teaching him something untill he learns . Learn the lesson .

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Celebrate Your Broken Heart

For you to overcome emotional turbulence , you must learn to celeberate each time your heart is broken instead of trying to numb and suprresing your feelings . The path to overcome emotional turbulence is to avoid suppresion . This does not mean that you wont experince your emeotions of joy upon achieving or of any agony upon defeat , but you will observe them objectively .

As i mentioned above , rejoice and eleberate each time your herat is broken – only when your heart is broken can the light enter , Not untill you have felt the the pain of suffering can can you feel what other is feeling . This is when others can look into your eyes , the wisdom of the souls and see textures , wisdom , compassion amd refinement

After the expereice of a broken heat , you become more beautiful and more attractive to the world . You gained something someting others are runining away from . This cannot be given unto you it has to be develop .

life is school , unless you complete your lesson at each phase , you dont get to move forward . And for those who are willing to grow . , the universe are eager to intervene and move you forward .

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Be willing To Face The Worst Consequences

Most of us love challenges and most dont but as long as you are clining to live at all cost there is no peace or harmony . that doensnt mean you should deliberately put yourself in the middle of danger . – The more you fear not surviving the tighter you cling to ill calculated survival strategies untill you squeeze the very life out of everything you do and eventiually sipmple task are blown out of porprotion in your mind into life or death . and you shut joy and vitality out of life .

This is always the case with the people who calculate every simple task or risk before taking actions . instead of preparing the mind and for the wrost consequences they styart to worry and over thinking and eventually the joy of living surpass them . 

Even the greatest warrior when standing in the middle of battle field sweat with fear , how ever while his body is fearful and his mind is fearful , his spirit is fearless . I have never been in a battle where the bullets is dancing over my head or fire dancing aronud me but i often asked my self – if im in this situation what will i do

I realised that there probabaly would be no hiding and eventually i will do my duty and will do my best . My spsirit will be fearless i guess .

Always ask your self what will be the worst case senerio and dont try to hide .Try this formula and your fear will start to dsseppear . you will take more actions . The biggest problems we often face is the hidden which eventually leads to shutting down of vitality .

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Say No To Nervous Breakdown

I was having a lunch with a friend the other day who wouldnt tell me he was going through a divorce , but i can see h was very nervous , the issue ois whne we lie to ourselves or other people our brian needs fuel to keep the liying going and this stress the nerous sysytem . And this is how nervous breakdowm occurs in our body and we become sick . .

The other day i also lied to a friend that i will be partner in his busness which i didnt intend to do , but was upset that i lie and this send my nevous system to a sky rocket you see sometime we want to please people then we lie ,

Our nervous system mimic everything and tell our brain we need more fule then we get more nervous .and drain our energy – you get the point . One of the best way to avoid a nervous breakdown is to be around good people , and in order to be around good people , you have to be a good person too . I have to feel abundant without lying

The brain always need a lot of fuel to keep going and i will personally used this for creativity and generosity that will make me more happy ad more money .

For example , think about someone you dislike and rcognised these trait in them , for example self righteousness, liying , being in denial , carelessness or passive agressiveness . You see im very careless so im aware of this . So once i recognise this i become aware of when im projecting , .

Observing the side of yourself self you usually keep in the dark will hep you with your nervous system and give you power and ground you in a more open minded , this way you will be able to attract very good people .

And you can only make money with good people .

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Everyday Do Something You THink You Cant

I read from a book about the exercise to increase the power and strenght of the mind , well i aso have a very strong succesful freind who once taight me the power of voluntary hardship . Most people are very weak minded so to adopt this , go on your own . – if you have never try your shoe lace while standing , do that .

For example everyday i stopped verbally talikng with people after 6 pm amd my phone on silence or off . It has help me a lot with creativity and see new opprtunities . I actually achieve more by doing that .

Challenge yourself to break through the habitual mental conditioning . Generate at least one win a day , sooner or later your subconsiuos mind will register the accumulaive effect that being a winner is a daily natural occurence . and on a dy you didnt go for a run and do about 50 push ups .

Then satrt to dream about what you want to accomp[lish as i dreamed of living in a pent house and owning a porche or more . and i made it happen . it all hapopens when you start to push amd imcrease mental strnetgh . And i also dreamt of woing my own busness as i have today .

So adopt this formula and you will experience a different life . .

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Eight Simple Food Rules To Live BY

Our nutition needs changes as we grow , some people will eat less while others eat more ,however simple food rules will help you to have daily energy , claer thinking and make moe money , You will be sharp and become a winner .

Awinner that will learn new things and tak on challenge in life ., Eating healthy has saved me from lots of disaster and losing . It will help you too . Before i understood this rules . i used to eat at anytime , sometimes very late . There are time i eat apples only for breakfast and then will be hungry all day then consume more foods in the evening

My metabolism and digestive health was a mess . But for the past few years i became more strong , looks beautiful and feel good more than ever by following thses rules

Eat food that will rot if y ou dont eat it

Eat food sweetened by nature if you have to add sugar to food to make it sweet dont eat it . – i .

Eat food that have benn prepared by human

mans – – Either you cook at home or go for a meal , its best to have your foods prepare by humans .

Avoid foods that makes health claim – Apple farmers dont need to tell you to eat apples because they are good for you . if a food items needs to make up excuses to why they should eat it . Always go with yoiur gut

You are what your foods eat – Eat animals that have consumed a healthy vegetarian diset Grass fed life stock fed a greeb diet are typically high in omega 3

Eat Less food but frequently but stop eating before you are full . – you didnt always have to eat everything in your plate .

Im sure will help you , keep you on the right track and will hopefully stick with you for life .

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Avoid Vices and Unhealthy Temptations As They Suck the Life Out Of Progress and Success

This may seems strane coming out of someone wioth my background and personallity but i belive voilating these simple laws will sap your progress and lead you to a very dark place . It might lead you to a place that it may decade to come back from ,

I understand the allure of unhealthy vices and people . But i also learbed what all these vices cost me . The fit vice for me was hanging around wrong people and exoperimenting with pot . When you smoke pot ,your brain waves goes into a dream dircetion that takes you out of reality .

Then one day i read somewhere that every pot you smoke , you take three min off your life span , i thought thats stupid i want to live loger then i stopped . But sure i lamost did everthing else , like speeding or driving without a license . and spending several times in jail .

The last vice i elliminated is hanging around lazy people who wants me to take risk for them or unmorally people who wants everything for free . . Its not that simple but it was a victory .

What unhealthy vices do you indulge in ? Im not talking about occasional drinks or smoking with friends , Some vices can destroy your life and busness , like Laziness , greed, unethical behaviour , Anger, Procrasitantion .Never on time , indoiscipline , Dont let yourv life be suck dry by unhealthy vices .

Every time you make a decsion to stick to your principles , you get stronger . Unless you can resist t unhealthy temptations and vices , you will not succeed .

The actions plan i used is the best defence is a good offence . create a space , and picture yourself having turning down temptaions and you will feel great about it . for example i dont pick a call unless its schedule . I dont check my phone after 6 pm . And this gives me victory .

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