Few Ways To Think Smart

Thinking is not what many people like to do . i didnt really know so much about this until i started looking  into neuroscience . Trace back to my childhood , I didnt broad about my life as kid , Thats not how im . We didnt have a computer games . No TV and  telephone For one thing spending all the time alone by myself meant that i learnt how to be alone and saharpen  my imagination and thinking ability . Probably thats why i do so much thinking

I never knew that my ability to sit alone for hours thinking , visualising will play a huge role in my success as an adult . I love people but i  mostly prefer to sit alone for hours , so now lets go to few ways to be a smart ass .

TAKE A RISK –  Do you know that Jesus christ was a risk taker , and more critically he sacrificed  himself for the sake of others and we love him for that . So people always love a risk  taker because it clear  a way for them . I mean think about it  . A God who didnt really suffer on the cross would be like a magician who performed an illusion . The bottom line is once you take a risk , your rain start to think smart .

BE CONFIDENT – Be confident in your ability to make a decision  will make you smart , its like playing chess or figuring  out how to ride a bike , the more you do it the more easier it become .  Hang  around smart people , i mean people who figure things out , happy people e who enjoy ing process .

NEW SKILL – Pick up a new skill  – by learning a new skill , the brain will work in a different direction . Find people who have succeded in taking risk , personally im a fan of Elon Musk  , Larry Page , and Jeff Bezos .  Thees three people i looked up to and emulate their  thinking  ability  .

FOOD – This is the huge part – the quality of your food will impact  the quality of your brain . Bad food decrease intelligence , the  more hungry you are the less your intelligence function .

And thank you , thank you for reading .




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How I make My Brain Sharper .

Im obsessed  about the brain , if you hang around me you will know that my main concerned is how people think . Im always looking for a way to make my brain bigger and sharper thats why i learnt  how to play golf , and also easy to talk to with a big sense of humor – im most happy or depressed but never in between , I never like to use drugs or sugar to enhance my brain so i look for a better , healthier  way , Here are my things  that will improve your brain to the next level .

The brain is a tool , life is hard . Life needs heath , money , and love to survive . The brain is a tool that need to be sharpen on a steel .

GOOD QUALITY FOOD – This is my number one brain food and tools . no matter how  tired im , once i nourish my self im alert and ready to take actions . Cheap  food make your brain foggy and  this leads to lack of creativity and wrong decision . It all happens in the brain

READ BOOKS – Books broaden your mind and give you a new perspective , Right now im reading Supemensch by Shep Gordon . and DECISIVE -how to make a better decisions

REST WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO – Its insane when you think you always  think you have things to do . Its a westerner disease . . Sometimes i just sit down there and this has nothing to do with  either you have kids or not , its simply discipline .

Its great to just rest and be happy .and not move when you dont  have to Those doors will be open eventually . In my world helping people around me make me happy and i cannot do that when my brain is fatique .

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How To Develop Intuition

Here are some simple practical ways to develop an intuition , to listen to your guts and making a better decision . Persoally , every time i ignore my gut instinct then i tun into suffering . There will always be suffering but notice your reaction and dont be a slave to it

Intuition takes time and experience to develop its not a short time thing but more of awareness and conscious thinking . It comes to you like a sharp in your stomach and you just knew – thats your intuition , the third voice telling you wehn something will not be right for you .

Take time to understand yourself – Dont pass responsibilty of yourself to another person , you cannot pay for this and you cannot exercise it out . You can learn  to be more intuitive by listen to your inner voice more by being queit for 10 mins  daily .  You will always find answer in quite .

Empty your bowel daily – You cannot be constipated and think clearly , its impossible . Your gut has to be clean because of the emotions involved .Whenever you sit down to meditate or on your own , write your thoughts down then gradually you start to develop your intuition , You also become more compassionate  to yourself .   .

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Re- invention Is The Only Way Forward

I will tell you one of the reason i love talking to kids , its because they reinvent themselves all the time  they are very creative . Most adult have become stupid so i dont do so well with them .Everything  is tough and life is hard . It doesnt matter either we have a good life or bad life , it depends on the side you want to spend the rest of your life . The only way is to keep re inventing your self yearly or monthly if  you have the drive .

The world  is changing quickly Few years ago we didnt have smart phones and now every thing  is transparent , everything is quick which actually make people more impatience and angry . Here are the few ways that i have learned to keep on reinventing myself .

Habits and freedom – I improve this daily and it compounds into months . Also my competence . So re- invention occurs daily . The ways i look at it its not something you wake up say today  is a re-invention day

Taking action – I dont like doing so many things , if i know i have to or choose 5 things in a day , i make sure no matter what i get it done . .

Improving Relationships –   This is the most important thing in life , finding friends who build you up and challenge you not a drinking  buddy , or someone you workout with but someone who is motivating to go forward ,

Habits –  someone said to me the other day that we are the habits of five things we do , the things you eat , the ideas you have , the content you consume , the people you talk to .

Ive been through many failures imaginable and ive applied  all these technique  to my own life ,  They work but it also require focus and discipline .

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We  all make excuses , but when i dont make excuses it gives me direction for today and increase my potential for tomorrow .I always make excuses when i domt want to do things or when i m not interested , as  i started to study phillosophy  i realised that certain  excuses could  be deadly if i dont change .

We all make excuses to justify our actions , but its possible to curb our arrogance , to overcome pleasure and pain – to rise above ambition . There should be no excuses in caring for other people  , not to be angry with stupid and ungrateful people but even  care for them .

Its not an easy  things to do but you can worked at it the way i do. We dont come out of our parents womb incapable of ego or immune to temptation . Anyone can get better , if i could get better , not that easy but it can be done .

The only way i stopped making excuses is i make it a priority . soling it as i will solve any other problem . to dedicating myself to finding  a solution and making incremental progress . As i explained earlier  , not that easy but can be done .


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How Not To Lose Your Way With Your Body — CATABOLIC

A friend of mine is a pastor , a very brilliant intelligent one , during one of our discussion i told him that if we lose our way with our body we are also losing our way with God I made my point by saying that god live in us and spiritually we cannot fully develop  if we have a sick  body , that everything is connected . Im always looking at things from inside not outside and everything from inside affect outside .

Any way he agrees with me even thou he considered me to be a little bit unstable . Thank god he is not a fat pastor otherwise he will never understand what im talking about .  My whole point is Catabolic .

CATABOLIC – A  scientific term for the state your body goes into when you dont fuel it or when you fuel it with processed food . When you dont fuel it for couples of hours your body start to break down hard earned  muscle tissue , Being catabolic is detrimental to your body , physique and mental health .  You want to avoid being catabolic at all cost ,

One of my clients is a judge , he explained to me that during all the sessions  in court t thats when his body goes into catabolic position because of the long hours of sitting , we find a way to nourish his body with protein  in the morning then some mid snacks  of nuts and water during break to keep his body out of danger .

Its your responsbility  to always find a way to put your body in a anabolic position , the opposite of catabolic . When all these is good then you will do a better job as a human being and become successful in life . Remember  cataboilc is the devil .

You must constantly carry food with you like nuts , fruits and water , this will put your body in a good position and please dont skip meal .

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What Sports Taught Me About Life And Business

Playing sports on a higher level is like living in a space  its a whole different thinking but what ive found out lately is developing  a skill at early age does some thing  to your brain and the way of thinking . The number one great lesson i learnt  from sports it to be an extremely long thinker .There is no other way around  it and you are going to fail a lot before you actually achieved   anything  Its a nn invaluable skill and not trainable .

The ability to see obstacle as a challenge , boundless energy , optimism  , plenty of self confidence , a chronic hunger for success , self discipline  and capacity for hard work and finally a state of mind that regards each obstacle  as a challenge . I think on a personal term thats why i dont see big deal in a lot of things .

Growth –  At some point people think having a business  has to do with a busness degree , i would rather have a degree in economics and human phsycology  . Business  degree has its own merit but i think we need to grow with business ..

Lately  i became a fan of ELON MUSK  . He is an extreme long thinker , like jeff Bezos and Larry Page . These three guys are shaping our world in a different way and they are disciplined so i became a fan . I love discipline  people because they make our life easier which bring me to another great quality i learnt from sports .

Self Discipline  – Is the most important personal quality for assurance long term success i sometimes or many time stay at home and do nothing – its the best thing long term for my business . i needs to sacrifice which is the price i pay for security in the long term .

Delaying instant gratification – It takes time to grow or build a business  , you need practise , you will probably lose money even friends but dont veer give up for what is important to you .


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