Everything Happens For A Good reason

Im sure you you ve seen this many times , things usually  happens for the reason we usually dont know most times for good , As you think , so you become its very simple but not so simple .  Avoid supersstitously   events with power of meaning they dont have . .

Keep your head , our busy minds are for ever jumping to conclusions . A fiend of mine missed his flight the other day , he was so frustrated that he though  someone is out there to out do him or ruin his life . I tried to get him to see things in a different direction  but his negative mind is so possesed and  its going to take him a while to reallised his superstition .

We ve been in a lock down for weeks now and all im doing is looking for the good in this rather than the doom in it . its difficulkt thou when you are not used to this type of thinking . . Few days i lost my front tooth , it means no big smile for a while but i will take that over any other health  issue and its  about time i invest more time in taking care of my oral health .

Assume instead , that everything that happens to you does so for some good That if you decided to be lucky , you are lucky .  All events contain and advantage for us if we decide to look for it .

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A Healthy Marriage Is Built On a High Expectation

The best relationships  are the ones that have higher expectations  of each other , no one succeed alone and you need someone to support and believe  in you , its a diffrent energy entirely . Most marriage dont succeed  because un realistic expectations . One can be 100 oercent perfect – and no person cam make another person happy . If you think your spouse is perfect and can do no wrong ,its better you seek help .

The number one sign of a healthy marriage  is that spouse see other more positively than other people do . , but see each other and support realistically niot doubting each other . When a woman belief in her husband , he can move mountain   , he can go and close thata deal , he can go and talk to anyone because he has the bset support system in the world ..

It my job to bring the esteem of people around me high in a realsiutc way , build people up and they will perform wonder .

Each  of us has to be realistic    about our spouse , no body is perfect   . But if you are married and dont believe  in your spouse and support him or her 100 percent , then get some help because your relationships  could be headed  for trouble .

You are likely to be healthy and not overweight if you are in a supportive realtionships  .

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The Value Of Giving Before Trying To Get

Most people only intention of giving is to get , this kind of people tend  to suffer through life . Thou they are are different type of giver and takers , some people fell into category  of a taker . I can sense them anytime , they are soo good in taking that they cannot even smell themselves .

You should be aware that there is no effort  which  we extend tho those eho are distress can go without some form of adequate reward . Not always does the reward come from those to whom the service is rendered , but it will come from one source or another . This is the highest  form of value and many people tend to miss that .

Ive written many article about this – A giver always have power – people stay  on  the side of a giver not a taker . – I understand that giving might  be a problem if you are thinking of what to get in return but just have the altitude of gviing without knowing  will create opportunities for you in life .

A little personal story when i was looking for a place to start my busness – The pesron that connected me with  the landlord  was someone one ive renderd a help to many times without asking for anything in return  and when i told him about my problem he quickly  put a good words  for me and the landlord  agreed . . Thats the power and value in giving without ven thinking of getting .

The sole motive which inspire me to keep on wrtting these  are the desire to be helpful to others , You dont need to do it in form of materails gain , it could be emotional  , it could be spiritual , As  long  you have your other self you will be successful  , double  your income  and more happiness in your life .

Do these for few days and you will see massive changes in your life and happiness

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Dealing With Hurting People

One of the highest   income skill is selling , then the abilty to win with people . we need to learn how to win with people in our lives both professionally and personal . Everything is learnable skill . I want to win with people daily in a good healthy way , to meaningful conversation with people without getting defensive . I started to practise and learn  how to be a good leader .  This takes me to  me to dealing with hurting people .

Weve all been hirt at a particular time in our life . and if you wish to travel far and fast . Take off all your envies , jealous , lack of trust , unforgiveness , selfishness and tears . People who have not gotten past their hurt has a hard  time doing that . They even have a hard time being happy . As a result , they act and react differently from healthy people .

Healthy people are more willing to change – — more willing to admitt  failure , more willing to discuss issue , more willing to learn  from others , and  more willing to do something about their problems .

UNHEALTHY PEOPLE – Are in other way not willing to discuss issue , not willing to resolve their problems – Less willing to change Less willing to admit failure  Less willing to do something about their  problem and they carrying around a lot of baggage .

If you find yourself dealing with a hurting person  – do not add to their hurt

Look beyond the person  for the problem – Try to see whats causing the pain

Dont take it personally – Hurting person are going to find offence when none is given – when you know that youve done nothing wrong – have a compassion for thier  pain and apologize – this can be very difficult even for a person with a healthy self image.

The more we practise this , the better we win with people .


Thanks for reading .





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There s Always An Opportunity

People  think when a particular  opportnnity is lost it cannot be regained , i think thats a lie and thats why most people stop trying . , there is always money somewhere – theres is alwyas someone who will solve a problems . You remmember  during the great depression when everyone is down and out , i read a story of Loius Armstrong . some  of his companions went  back to new orleans  to raise the chickens or disappear  to into factory or famine .

He didnt do that , he took a different action , drawing  into the L A to play at a cotton club and play his saxophone while other people were complaining about the great depression . This is how i see things . instead of putting my head down and complain of whatever is in my way , i see it as an opportunity to check myself and move forward .

I know this kind if thinking is difficult because people want to play safe . they only see what will go wrong rather than opportunity . Ive always had every aspect working against  me , but i refuse to see it , i refuse to play it safe . When i started  my personal training studio busness , it was cold in my studio due to lack of money to buy the heat or do the floor but now its one of the luxurious studio in my area .

The only thing i see is an opprotunity to serve and provide what is missing in fitness  to the public . The way it will be done to make people well not in a commercial way .For me if someone like Loius Armstong at that time can rise up to the higher  level at that time then i will wake up everyday and try my best .

We can all always try . at least   at the end of the day we can say we try and its bearable and grateful . Not trying actually  make me depress .


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Enter Action With Boldness

Most of us are timid by nature , we avoid actions then do a lot of thinking or very calculating and at the end of the day nothing get done . From my own personal experience  taking actions  has to do with our enviroment and the way our body functions . people  who are healthy tend to take bold actions and ready to suffer the consequnces . People like me . I usually take actions most people wont take without saying a word to anyone , It works  for me that way .

When we prepare too much , we dont bring ideas to life . People have a sixth  sense for the weakness of others . If , in first encounter you demonstrate  your willingness to compromise , back down and retreat , you bring out even the lion in people who are not neccesray blood thirsty . . Everything depends on perception andmoet people will only love you as much as they you can be push around.

A bold move even makes  you seems larger and bolder than you are . . Life rewards action taker and we get what we put in . Its a good thing to remind myself daily to stop being lazy and take the actions . You cam always apply the same to yourself . Do one thing daly – not a lot .

Some times  we want to avoid tension and conflict , then we make contemplate a bold action , but we rarely bring it to life . Boldness on the other hand is outer directed . and often makes people feel more at ease since its less self conscious and less repressed . , its never comes to akwardness   or embarrasment . And so we admire the bold and prefer to be around them ., because of their  self confidence

You must practise and develop your boldness . You will often find use  for it  The best place to began is often the delicate  world of negotiation . , especially those discussion in which  you are asking to set your own price .

Dont ask for too little .



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How To Release the God Hormones

The God hormones are the hormones that makes our body happy . Its a natural hormones that goes straight into the brain , the vagus  nerves that stretches from your brain to your stomach and hits every organ doing some waves movement . It gets inflammed  when your cortisol levels are too high for too long . This basically caused every disease known to mankind . High stress inflamed it so does bad food .

Ceratian level is stress is good if you have a structure for recovery , its not about avoiding stress its to understand what you can do to get up the nect day and keep going . Releasing the God hormones will protect you from futher self sabotage . .When those hormonbes are have been released you feel good instantly . when poeple consult with me  i generally educate them not to go 3 days without exercising no matter what problems they are facing

Whenever you do that , it mens you are choosing yourself by relasing the god hormones and take care of other peoples .

Oxytocin – its the life hormones , its one of the best hormones there at the critical  moment of life  creation , its the life hormones . Its also helps reducing cortisol in the body . Sometimes you comes across people very agressive because the level of oxytocing in their body is low . So when this happesn they needs ciggarette, bad food, or drugs or even sex , any sex as lomg as they get what they want at that time .

To increase  good hormones –

GIVE MONEY AWAY – Im not talikng about charity , my method is to give to mostly the beggars  on the street or donate to a good cause .

HUGGING – Hugg someone and tell them they will be ok . it raise the hormones in the body .

BEING TRUSTED – This is really difficult because  you cant force people to trust you . , so live your live in a way that more and more people will trust  you .

FOOD – Here is my oxytocin meal – high quality food , i dont bargain with that even to the point of the water  that i drink . Very good breakfast tend to produced high oxytocin in the body . eggs , mixed with  some few vegetables .


Deep thinking hynotizes your body into thinking everything is fine . it makes you feel safe and calm .

TALK TO A POSITIVE PERSON – This will makes you energise and  optimistic to explore things   and never t stop  .

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