Why Arguments Occur And How To Resolve It

Resolving conflicts is a big deal either  in a bedroom or boardroom . first  we need to understand why arguments occur  Argument are caused by two people or two countries  racing to occupy the victim position in the relationship .And arguments  is one of the most common way of bringing ourself down. most arguments are also based on the fact that no one wants to accept responsibility  This happens a lot with a logical mind people they want to find the means to an end .

Intelligent people seems to accept responsibility  fast and move on . I come from a background that allows me to take full responsibilty   of my actions ,if i play and lose its my responsibilty  and these really develop me in a way that i find it easier  not to argue

I also discovered that arguments  is an upper limit symptoms and if you can see beyond them then you make a breakthrough . ive been learning and applying these for a very long time .  There are two ways to resolve  conflicts , you need to get out of a victim position and take 100 percent responsibilty  . If two people are involved , That will be 200 percent responsibililty  to share but thinking that one one person will share the 100 percent is a massive error in thinking .

Generally people dont always like to accept responsibllity because they feel like a loser but if you think deep enough thats not actually true , it doesnt make you a loser but a winner on the long run .If both people claim 100 percent responsibility there is a possibility  of ending the conflicts .

Nobody in the right frame of mind will accept the 100 percent responsibility . this methods very well and always strike to taken share of responsibility   whenever there is a conflicts



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The Expressive Exercise And Clean spirit

In my thinking expressive exercise is for everyone . most people dont express themselves  enough and most people not at all . When the esteem is low self expression becomes a problem . Inhibiting the expression of feelings often led to loss of feelings and the loss of feelings is a love of aliveness . Feelings are the life of body and without  expression , the body dies .  Most people are choke with their  feelings at work and home and they take it out on over exercising , drugs and bad habits .

I personally if i dont express  i feel congested but i usually  do . we have different ways of expressing ourselves even as  im writting this its a way of expression . Children suppress most of their feelings in order to adapt to their  home situations and when they grow up they lack self expressions .

The same thing applies to adult when they find frustration  and disappointment  in their lifes intolerable , they often take this anger upon their children or partners .This is the reason we need to discharge this feelings in a positive way either by therapy or through bio energetic exercise to make our behaviour become more reasonable ..

Every time you restrict a feelings you are restricting the motility of your body . Your spirit needs to be clean  in order to be alive . one of the best exercise for expression is kicking .

KICKING – You can lie on a bed – kick the bed with each leg . keep your leg fairly straight while doing these exercise . Try to make the movement comes from the hips rather than the knee .  Do this for about 2 to 3 mins daily you will see start to see the different in your expression ability .

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Happiness , Breathing, And Postures

The measure of the moral worth of a man is in his happiness – thats what bruce Lee said and i agree with him ,. Happiness to me is how well  im and is not something we pursue and the better we are the more happiness  . Haapiness  is the result of well being . Healthy people tend to be happy .

When we feel anxiety , guilt , or depression which  is a common emotions , it means our conscious is in a state of unhealthy and we must re asses our values or correct it or form a new values .  Deep breathing can help us attain certain level of conscious  which enhance our performance and over all health . Deep breathing alkaline the system and reduce the acid stress factor on your body which can contribute to your level of happiness .

You can also work on your happiness by relating to people that are happy , means people that are healthy with their values and sense of well being .

Posture – this also  play a huge role in our well being , everything affects everything . Posture has a lot to do with our well being . People with bad postures generally dont feel good , the more im aware and correct my posture the better i feel the more happier i become .

Ive beeen experimenting with this a lot and the concept of bio0 energetic with deep breathing correcting my postures has raise my energy level and happiness to another level so keep working on these three things you will notice a huge different in your overall well being .


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People need Certainty and Variety

Every one needs to know whether they will be okay or not if they fall sick , also need to know where their next meal will be coming from also need to know that their children will be safe . . We crave stability  , certainty  . you see all these are not bad to some degree but we also need variety .  Personally i get bored very quick and i dont like the same routine , the same people  same conversation so i like to demolish routine and make it interesting

We all want  alternative  energy in life . no one like the same thing so we need to keep on learning something new , say something interesting .

Most of the stability  is also a lie – you have to find stability inside yourself first , this is why most people suffer . For me its stable to have severals way of making money , to be resourseful  to add value to people and to have ideas daily and life  will be unstable if i dont

To invest daily in my brain instead  if filling it with anxiety  and fear . .when you become fearless then you can be free and stable .

This bring me to variety – any relationship  will die if you keep on doing the same routine even  marriage will die if you stick to the same thing year in year out . Aj ob will become boring  . people will become boring if you talk the same thing all the time .

The key is to keep on re- inventing and evolve . Always look for a new way to break out of comfort zone . keep on challenging yourself and spicy up some variety in your life .

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Warrior Diet Will Makes You Smart And Beautiful

No one consumes consume cookies ,milk , sugar , pasta and remain healthy not to talk about looking beautiful its impossible  . Your body is the temple  and your behaviour towards   food is the prayer . . if you lack ability to consume clean  food , you are abusing your body and thats the primary reason for fasting . To elliminate toxic and poison from the body .

This bring me to warrior diet , if you remember  the history of the romans empire , they were strong tough people . They were notorious for their   bravery because of their diet they did not consume food that will make them sluggish  and easy to manipulate or to kill now you  see why many people get stressed over a simple stuff .

You might say to yourself that you are not a warrior but you are if you are a parent providing for the young ones , you need warrior mentality to cope with  the demand  of work and family other wise other people will eat you alive .emulating the way warriors eat in the ancients days will help you to switch to your biological power , high energy and mental focus .

It will also help you feel good most times to attract what you want . to attract better people clean  people and people with great energy that will matches yours .

The warrior diets are fresh foods like fish not farmed sweet potatoes for fuel , good carbs that serves as stress blockers  good carbohydrate   also support critical brain function

Eating clean food like grass fed meat twice weekly . brown rice , fresh vegetables . natural  fruits like apples , figs , oats nothing pre- pack is all in the category of a warrior diet . so that you can be smart , happier and beautiful . Most people think happiness comes from the brain but it comes from the gut . – thats your food .



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Constipation Is The Root Of All Evil –

Most people are constipated because they have distruption  in meal in timing and this  is where the physiology  is affected . , if you stop eating regularly , you will get constipated If we want to live heathy and avoid sickness , our intestines , kidney and liver needs to be clean as much as possible . If we dont poo , the shit will backed up into our bodies untill it touches our heart and brain .

Having a regular  bowel movement is very vital because it affects the brain . i know that bowel activities has to do with the indication of circadian   sometimes i found it difficult to listen to someone who dont shit regularly . Im not trying to be prejudice but i know that people are more happier when they have better bowel movement .

To avoid constipation – You must organise  your daily life include regular meal timing and exercise . Have a healthy breakfast , lunch before 2 pm and dinner not later than 7,30 pm

Your physiology  will work better , Travelling can distrupt internal / normal meal schedules and this is where you packed your snacks like nuts and fruits that contains loads of fibber to support your physiology  .

When your physiology is working properly , you have  a different perceptive of the world . Your physiology  actually affects the way you see yourself . when your body is down then you see yourself down and regular bowel can improve your physiology .


Gert more fiber ,  regular  timing meals and regular  exercise . you can transform your body in 6 weeks from  victoriaboerstudio.com



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Estrogen , Women And Heart Disease

Im always saying women  needs to be nourished in different ways and when women  are suppressed i realised  that a lot of other things will go  wrong like formation of heart disease . Few factors can contribute to women  heart failing ,One of the factor is obesity and given western diet the rate of cardiovascular disease is also rising in women

Women are still less subject to heart t attack than men thou . Naturally stress seems to have something to so with heart  attack , in a recent studies , the period of increasing rates of cardiovascular disease correspond to when women are working outside the home but however it dose not increase the chance of heart disease unless she has unsupported boss or spouse .

Women  tend to develop the symptons of heart disease based on estrogen suppression because stress caused a decline in estrogen levels . Low estrogen affects  the mood , makes you cranky , sex, bones and hot flashes . I also realised this because  i work with a lot of women  and i can see  how the little stress cause decline of their estrogen levels

In the recent studies, the low estrogen levels tend to be connected to cardiovascular disease allthough   the jury is still out there on this one . The whole point is to be aware of the important of estrogen levels in women . I also realised the more structural strength training exercise the less problem you can develop with your heart .

Dont exercise too much – Exercise helps with low estrogen symptons only   if you are lean  women who are over weight  can actually increase their vasomotor symptons . You need to invest in yourself for a great , skilful , knowledgeable  trainer to move you along .

My mission is to help  millions  of women also men to  be healthy through simplicity .

Thanks for reading .



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