Self Care — You Will thank yourself Later

Getting older doesnt  have to suck . self care means  keeping yourself in fantastic health inside and out . it also maens you have bigger capacity for the loved ones . you dont want to get old and suck .Self care also reflects  your inner beauty and wisdom . Aging doesnt meant giving up and accept decay .

Sometimes i look around and think  what do you mean  over 40 plus is supposed to look and feel like ?  Now let me guess , getting older means you are most likely going to be Tired, forgetful and out of touch , overweight and out of shape, inflexible and ache all the time , Experience hair loss and gray hair , Dealing with sagging and wrinkle skin . Im none of the above infact , im opposite .

Im still full of energy , enthuthiasm  and getting stronger and its always a good feed back when people look at me and say , whao you are well maintained . There is also sense of pride and self worth that come along with caring for and about yourself . This is your body we are talking about , your one and only one . its a house you live in .

Caring for yourself doesnt  mean  you have to spend all your life doing it ., its actually very simple habits practise daily .  like getting a good night sleep , – dont go to bed angry –

Ease Inflammation – – Its chronic inflammation that leave us looking and feeling older  . There is a lot of internal and  external factors that cause it . A good night sleep turns out to reduce inflammation in the body .

Make  your metabolism work –  Its simple , no processed food .

Strong Arm Your Stress – Turn your stress into different direction stress can come in many form , work with a phscology to help figure out the bottom of your emotional stress because thats the most killer . Also lack of sleep , long hours , travelling  can have a major impact and increase aging .

Turning your stress into the right direction  by eating right , exercising right , and adapting your mindset to best manage your stress and avoiding phsical trauma and environ mental chemicals  as much as possible .  You can look fantastic as you age .


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How Sharing Gives You More Energy

One of the basic fundamental  of life is the more you give the more you receive , thats how the universe works and it cannot be change . The more you share the more you overflow . The problems  of sharing comes from the mind because yout mind is always trying to confuse you because  in your confusion is the power of the mind .

When you share  your energy and creativity in a good way , you are overflowing , you feel fulfilled because overflowing is just delight , simple  delight . whenever you  are overflowing  and you shared , you never feel tired infact you feel more energetic and unburdened .

Its like when you share good energy with the person you love , and you love the person , then you want to share your energy  , you dont plan it in your head and its not a rehersal  its simple overflowing and this altitude  will give you more energy because its not mechanical and your mind is not confused .

The more you overflow the more you are given , share as much as you can more will given to you seriously  dont be callculated thats an atitude of ego . even jesus says if you cling you will lose ., if you share youill receive . The more you share , the younger you remain and if you dont share you start leaking and become more miser . A miser is always miserable and in his misery he shrinks .

If you keep on sharing , your whole life becomes  beautiful and full of energy . All this has taken me an awareness to realise and has change my  life .

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Why Diets Succeed And Fail

Its always about small changes that helps achieve bigger result , im writting this because this is the time of the year  when some people decide to change their  eating habits or start something new which they will eventually give up when the going is tough . Please if you start something new please dont let fear stop you but instead use it as growth .

The really simple answers why we get fat is the fat carbohydrate make us fat . most of us know the people who say they lost significant weight after joining weight watchers  or starting to exercise . , the better expalnation is any diet that succeed is because  the dieter restrict fattening carbohydare from the diet .

To put it simply , those who lose fat on a diet do so because of what they are not eating . – the fattening carbohydrate , not because of what they are eating . So basically we succeed because we stop eating food that make us fat and we gat fat because  we eat a lot of food that that make us fat .  Whenever we go on a diet , we always make a considerable changes to what we eat .

So when calories  restricted  diet fails , as they typically do and the same can be said of exercise programm , the reason is that they restrict something other than the food that make us fat . , they restrict fats and protein which has no longer effects on insulin and fats deposition but are require for energy and for the rebuilding of cells and tissues . This is one of the major reason why diets fail

In order  words when you starve your body of nutirents thats require to build muscle and sustain energy , the resultant  hunger will lead to failure .  Our body also changes as we age so is our cells . we need to keep on feeding good quality food in order to maintain good diet and less frquent hunger .  I remember when i fall for low calorie diet and i was always hungry and not good result with my diet and my behaviour .

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My Top Ten Lessons In 2018

The lessons welearn  ius to keep us focus and growth . well this year has been a roller  coaster and exposed to things i dont consider a big deal ul nti people turn it to a bigger ones which bring me to number one lesson

Discipline  and structure – What i dont realised is that people  that rare not discipline also lack of self  believe in themselves and other people . Its a great lesson to know that when dealing with people from relationships, busness clients  and even children , my spot discipline has to be constantly  in check .

Investing  in people –  means i need to grow out of my comfort zone to leean more and add more value  to people around  me – so  i bring  the energy focus , i mean intense focus to the people around me .

ENNVIROMENT AND PARTNER –  In oct i attended several  workshop  and event which most of them are smarter and passionate  , being among this people inspire me to elevate my game and making me a better person . Remember  if you are in an enviroment  where you cnstantly need tp prove yourself , then it will impair your growth .  You need to be around people who challenge you not who defend  their  actions .

Re- Invention – I realised  i have to keep on evolving – once you are doing this you dont need to worry about the trend . no body likes to say  the same  thing all the time ,. no one like s boredom every one wants stability and  variety .

Study Failures –  I dont usually study  failures but only sucesss but my failures has taught me not to be arrogance because when i did i regretted it , so dont be a jerk , respect anyone you will have less problems . – not the ones who purposely want  to put you down  thou

Learn  to be discretive –  Its good to be open minded but ive learnt to be discretive about my goals – you never know the energy that will attacking it . A wise man keep its mouth shut .

Silence –   The more silence im the better i become . i found in silence , i found most answers .

GLUTE WORK – This is the best innovation ever regarding   training , looking awesome and having amazing sex . you want   to incoporate glute training into your training   programm dont take my word for it just give it a shot .

Action beat worry –  I picked the habits of taking an action if i start to worry about things .

Getting Rid Of My Credit  card – is awesome .  i learnt to become more relentless  and less victim of needy .

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Buy Quality , Buy Right

One of  the  best way you can decrease anxiety and live well is to enforce high standard  in all aspect of your life , it will saves you energy and money .Quality item gives you peace of mind . A coat that cost you 500n pounds will last you over 12 to 15 years . There is a reason one cost you lots of money and the other is cheap . For example no good things will ever comes out of an average restaurant .

Quality items gives you peace of mind . people who spend on quality are generally happy people to get on with , buying an expensive items will also saves you money than a cheaper alternative . Im lucky to have grown up in a family especially my dad who only  buy quality foods , clothes and shoes . even if you dont  have a role model of quality , you can learn from the people you see with quality .

Always buy quality  so you dint have to buy a lot . The habits of buying quality  has to do with a mindset . – remember  you cannot change people mindset , but you can influence them with yours . I dont buys things very often , but when i do i buy very good quality and this actually saves me money , energy and time .also every time i see the item it makes me happy .

The best way is to always focus on the quality and the benefits of an item rather  than the cost . Poor quality items will always hold you back , its like poor quality  people . More over quality  items is like an investment and you happier on the long run


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How To Stop Emotional Blackmail

Some people are always looking for someone to inflict  their pain on because thats the only way they will feel better about themselves . They can just help it . They are either good or bad and they are afficionados of love – hate relationships . These people also know how to turn people against  each other . you need to learn  how to detect these other wise you will never figure out why people suddenly turn against  you for no reason .

I once have a friend once i introduced her to other people then the other people will start changing behavoiur towards  me and it took me a lots of awareness from my part to understand this blackmailing , One of the best way to detect if you have this people in your life is to —

Do you go to great pains to keep the peace ?

Is he or she only adoring when  you meet their  needs ?

Do you frequently  feel wrong accused ?

Take a look at your answers , you might dealing with energy vampire in your life and you can liberate yourself by using these tactics .

You  need to understand that you cannot help these people because they havent learnt to self nuture by activating their heart  energy or making a spiritual connection .

SET A STRONG BOUNDARIES – These kind of people  respond to structure  – you can start with , please dont talk about me to friends and family . or not to talk about other people to you . Your job is to modify the behaviour – un emotionally  .

REFUSE TO TAKE SIDES – Be careful about accepting a negative assesment of others . or letting his or her opinions destroy  your relationships with another person

RELASE NEGATIVITY –  Break eye contact to stop the transfer  of negative / toxic energy .

Your goal is to see people as they are and protect your sensitivity . learning  these tactics will take time but at least you free yourself from vampire – you can now use your energy in a productive  way and be happier .

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Love Is Quality

Love is a quality  we have to attain by ourself and bring it into other peoples life . A pysycologist  once said to me that hate and anger  are not natural . . Love is natural , anger is a poison to the body . When love flows into your body , you feel good and become reachable . Love is a quality so is mobility and flow of energy .

Its amazing how people are chasing love without realising that the love is within them and people are forcing people to love them and the relationships   become hypocrity . The people around you are teaching  you relatioships instead of love . Nobody is teaching love .

Most people are teaching attachement  and they call it love . Be loving , because is you are loving , you cab loving to anybody .Even sometimes the neigbour may be more loving that your parents but its your parent duty to take care of you and this has nothing to do with love .

Love never gives you misery , because if you love someone you love his happiness  . If you are attached to someone , you dont like to see them  happy . Most lovers keep  on exploiting themselves and they are concerned with their  ego centric demand . This is not love , but pure attachment  that leads to misery .

This is the reasons many lovers break up and turn to hatred . Love is quality , you have to create it , you have to grow only then you can create love in others .

Be loving and love will follow you .

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