Becoming Complete And Fat Loss

Your body is almost always within  your control .Have you noticed that most things in life is not within our control . This is rare in life that , job not going well , your boss is a jerk , , company having issues ? some idiot making your life difficult ? but if you do more than normal push ups , add 5 kg to your deadlift , sprint faster than usual , do  heavier squats they all add up and it can still be a great week .

When a new clients comes to my studio they are amazed about how i simplify  everything ,Often time people believe  they cant change , Anyone can change , A client ask me whats the fastest  way to lose fats  to which i responded , improve your strength .

When you improve your strength  , you improve your strength you improve your outer game .If you want to be more confident or effective , rather than relying on easily defeated positive thinking and mental thinking . Learn to run faster , lift more than your peers   dont watch the news – seriously dont .

Another way of becoming  complete is to refuse anyone that want to make a decision for you . There are things i have been trying these days for my own journey of completeness by exposing my body to cold ice bath /shower .

Im not pro cardio or endurance , Im pro truth . make  a list of things that you thing you are poor at pyhsically and start to work on them .  If you are reading this blog today you will be amaze in three months today your whole out look on life .

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Why You Must Eat Carbohydrate – DIET

I rarely hear  people talks about stability of a specific diet or how good carbs are for them , most people regard carbohydrate as enemy . In life one plus one is not always too , we are always evolving in cycles of activities , changing  in weather days and so is food , Carbohydrates   is a must if want to survive whatever  diet you are on .

A stable diet is one that once you are on it , you can live with it regardless of your location the weather or the season. Personally a stable diet is not just a diet but a way of life . and no carborhy drate means danger to your sleep , to your hormones and your energy level

Diet based on chronic carbohydrate  deplete will eventually leave you feeling deprive and in the long run fail . Carbohydrate fuel is critical  to our survival providing the following benefits

BRAIN – This is my thing , if you want your creativity to flow like a river eat your    carbs but in the afternoon before 2pm to balance your dopamine level so that you dont reach for caffeine after 4 pm , Carbs are also the main source of energy for the brain . An insufficient of supply of carbohydrate fuel to the brain may lead to fatque and depression  .

ANTI AGIN – As ive said earlier , carbs play an important role in supply of energy and it also help you young in more than one way , it plays an important role in nourishing an important metabolic pathway in the liver .

STRESS  BLOCKER –  Carborhy drate helps balance cortisol and stress hormones like insulin which is a major  cortisol blocker . Thats one of the reason people  under stress tend to eat carbohydrate rich foods . without carbs you may not be able to produce enough serotonin . Serotonin is protein neurotransmitter to the brain , essential for feeling calm , relaxed and happy .

My conclusion – without crabs any diet will fail .



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How To Stay Positive

Most people think  staying  positive means  you have to think positive but in my way of thinking its really wrong . for you to be positive you need healthy body and mind , they all works hand in hand .Naturally  people with bad habits are negative , i mean people who dont look after their  body . Their   is something pathetic about people who dont look after the body  their mind become shallow and narrow and that where negativity comes from and dont waste your time engaging  in good  ideas with these people .

Most people actually need s a psychiatrist  evaluation  we all need it anyway for  our well ness .Now im going to give you few tips on staying positive and it really works .

CHHOSE YOURSELF – It means work on yourself by exercising – no matter what is going on , find a way to exercise even if your doctor told you not to . The reason is exercise will activate your mind and gives you energy for better thinking . Every successful people do this and thats how they face obstacles .

STAY HEALTHY – With diet and sleep . Its not possible to be productive when you are not getting enough sleep . forget about netflix binge  and get the habits  of going to bed early you will be a lot happier when you wake up early and ready to face the day .

FIND OPTIMISTIC AND POSITIVE PEOPLE TO TALK TO –  Find someone who is moving forward and energetic   to talk to ., someone who reads a lot of personal development book and act on it . .

DITCH COMMERCIAL GYM – Find a private set up to work on your strength which will help develop your mind through positive mental habits . You will become more self reliance and develop  ability in yourself .

You will develop a warrior mindset and you can only say to yourself ” i dont belief   in defeat .



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Attention Is Love

Attention is a big deal , every where we go people will do stupid things to get attention , we all need to be paid attention to so how do we do that . In pyscoclogy and my  deep observation i know that attention is love . When  we extend ourselves to other people without  ego but with genuine  love . We go extra mile in the face of fear , then we have the courage , Thats love .

The first sign of a genuine  love is attention . Love has no ego boundaries . Genuine love is self – replenshing which means we contribute and commit to the spiritual growth of another person .  The reason most people dont succeed in love is their lack of spiritual growth ,

Free love is an ideal , but an ideal most people are not capable of . The most common way and important way in which we can exercise our attention / love is by listening . A friend of mine is a busness executive who spend roughly an hour of his day reading , two hours talking and eight hours listening . . Thats a man of love . No wonder he becomes very powerful in his  position .

The more i extend myself to people , listening, supporting their growth , the more i grow too . The more i pay attention  to people , even on the street the more i see joy on their face and listening well is a work of an exercise of attention and by necessity hard work . Its hard work and thats why most people dont listen well  and dont love either .

Ive been working on this for so long time nad is becoming easier to ask question and listening instead of talking , i even gain more friends .


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Knowledge Is Not Wisdom

Seriously , you can read and aqquire lots of knowledge  for the ego which is very subtle , it depends on you . I read a lot because im always looking for ideas from good authors who have gone through or experienced the challenges that im going through . Its like people who are constantly looking for inspiration , To be inspired , you must have great   intelligence .

Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge . If you are reading  just for the memory then you are going in the wrong direction , thats what is school system teaches you . If you want to increase your wisdom then you need to accept the challenge .

A friend of mine said he wanted to have a lot of wisdom  , i suggested he stop running   away from risk , to embrace the unknown and dedicate to reality . By finding the map to your life you start to gain wisdom .

Our roots to reality is not easy , so is wisdom . In fact you can become  very knowledgeable  which is harmful  and dangerous . .Before you start mixing up knowledge  with wisdom , you must understand that wisdom comes from dedicating to reality .

Start facing the reality rather than escaping from them . thats how you gain wisdom

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Estrogen hormones – Archetype Of Femininity

I wasnt aware if these hormones and its role in women body until i started going deep  into what affects women as we grow older . ive heard  a doctor talking about it but not in depth Estrogen is the hormones that most define you as a woman . In fact estrogen is the primary female sex hormones . The point here is the excessive production of this hormones when  it out of balance  make women depressed and cranky .

Its important to know what these hormones does and how you can keep  yourself vital looking at some women i can see how the excess of these hormones is affecting them

Here is the short versions of what these hormones does .

Externally , estrogen gives you breast and hips . more estrogen also makes you voluptuousness  . Round and robust .

Internal estrogen buffets your mood and keep you co task , in short is a nature prozac it adjust  level of seinrotonin , another important neurotransmitter .When you see men with boobs and big belly , it means they have the high dominance  of estrogen hormones in the body .

Estrogen has to be balance in the body , its directly related to progesteron , ideally you have a rhythm between these two hormones . , it takes two to tango , when they work together , your bones are strong , dense . Your skin is hydrated , smooth and well girded ny collagen .

Your metabolism is forgiving , your cardio vascular system stay clear of plaque . You perform task effortless . Its a very important that needs to be baalnce in the body otherwise you become crank , chnuky , and depressed .

If you feeling cranky and low , talk to your doctor about estrogen and dopamine .


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How To Have A Good Day

We all want and love to have a good day , i recently learned and start  to consciously  apply to my daily behaviour that if you want to have a good day , you have to do good things . Its easier  to say than act . Seriously  taking actions on good things is very challenging and i figure out that its a thing you just act on without getting anyone involve .

To gurantee  having a good day is to do good things . since most of us tend to do things based on rewards or how we feel , its can be hard to do good things .

Meditation –  Meditation has help me a lot when it come s to my choices and actions . It helps  you gain some insight before you react to things  . Having a good day is good for mental health and happiness . You will always have to make a tough decision to have a good day .

To have a good day , you must focus on your choices . ignore everything else and focus on your choices . Doing good things is also comes as a form of self reliance .

In my fitness busness i tend to focus on doing good things and these actually generates me more clients than spending money on marketing .

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