Bio- Energetic Food To Eat Daily For Your Health And Beauty- Add Water

Healthy people glows . its simple . For example if you consume too much sugar or alcohol  the face become strain and unattractive . You might also noticed that some people tend to glow all the time apart from expensive body scrub , im going to give you the top bioenergetic foods that do the trick .

When you eat  these foods , you will eliminate well and detoxifying  your liver . Your health and your beauty depend  on your frame of mind ..its about habits and mindset

Green Tea – A new research concludes that green tea can inhibit of certain carnogens in the DNA and enhance immunity by activate certain immune system . components such as B cells , T cells , and NK natural killer cells . Green tea is also rich in vitamin K which allows calcium to be formed into the matrix of your bones and support  mental activity

Green Drinks – This is a must , please dont buy the cheap ones .Green drinks are green because they contain chlorophyl – cholophy is an antiviral , anti bacterial cellular cleanser it also increase cognitive ability , general well being and levels of energy .

Gourmet Greens – Most adult seems to forget green vegetables all together . Green like  chard , spinach , fennel , asparagus, watercress and parsley are contributed to the growth of vibrant nails , hair , and skin .

Garlic – Garlic as been used both for food and medicine . Garlic  proven ability to scavenge and inhibit free radical is also a protection against cancer . It also has a potential to prevent heart attack and stroke .

Omega 3 fatty acids , like flaxeed , fish and fish oils .

Powerful Herbs – like rosemary , parsley , sage , Mint – they all aids digestions and support the immune system .

Water –  After oxygen , water is the second most important nutrients in your body . Women body are comprised of about 63 to 65 percent  and male bodies 68 percent several studies concluded that consumption of both caffeinated beverage and alcoholic beverages can lead to a water loss . Drink plenty of water , dont count   just drink according to Warren Buffet – it clears .the brain and empty the bowel .

With Love .

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Reframing Your Thinking For A better Body

The biggest challenge ive heard  or seen is for women to changes  the way they think about their body or self in a different way . In a healthy way . Most people carry the same thinking about their  body even thou the changes  in life style has emerged . .What women dont realised is our body changes every  year and you have adapt to it .

Im sure you are familiar with when someone says , i just need to get through this couple of weeks and then i-ll get back to my normal healthy habits . These rarely happen and most of the time people regress to a deeper bad habits . There is always used to be more than you can actually get done .

I strive everyday to be smart , intelligent and healthy . You dont see enough of that . In order for me to function at a high level , i have to keep my body and mind in a peek state of health . Seven out of 10 women are emotionally and physically unhealthy .

For you to successfully take on everything you want to accomplish , you need to be sleeping soundly eating well , and moving your body . so that your brain can be efficient as possible . The more work , obligation that pile up the more you need to meet those challenges with extreme self care .


Prioritize your self care routine as much as you do with other responsibilities . I trained lots of very busy people / men and women . Very powerful successful people who are not satisfy with being average so they put their self care first ,.

You can always schedule sex, self pleasure , or consistent  bed times by all means write those in too . Not only maintaing regular self care routines will improve your focus at work , it will also help you becoming  more efficient and a happier person .

Work will always be the same , it will always fill the exact of tome you ve got . So giving yourself time to nourish yourself will always improve  every other thing you need to do as from now on , say yes to yourself and you will see the different .



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Attitude That Help With Transformation


Transformation or to be transformed is very cahllenging . I should have call the article  how to be transformed , but its better with how i got transformed . In order to be a success in life  we need to adopt a different way of living It has taking me ten years to get to this point . 

Transformation means we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves . I know because ive allowed some part of me to de so that i can become a better stronger version of myself so i used my soul searching  and personal transformation to navigate myself .

You are going to meet with a lot of challenges that only you can figure out how to come to the other side . You are going to meet with a crisis that only you can be burdene with and you going to meet up with the challenges of not paying your bills on time because you ve allocated your money on your personal growth .  All these had happened to me .

You might actually lose friends because they dont fit into the new you . Here are some of the attitude that has helped my journey .

I looked at successful people that i admire , see what they are doing and do what they say

I became a doer – not a dreamer – My teacher told me long time a go that dreams are for the loser , you dont have to know you , just have to keep moving forward .

She also said that people like to listen to the master , to the preacher and the coach but dont like to do what the master says .

Emotionally strong – I think its pretty  difficult to overcome obastcles without working on the emotions , i became more aware of who to talk to and started to  speak the whole truth . I dont need to pretend or being nice when i dont want to , My emotions was steady

Positivity – You see its really crazy when people says , be positive .  Positivity comes in believing in yourself . Most people are doubters they dont belie ve any single thing about themselves and they impose this on other people . My own positivty comes from my strong belief in myself and the relation ship with myself .

My character – I started saying yes to my character .  To my commitment to myself and the people around me .  I f we are steadfast and ready in correcting our courses and error we can repeatedly recreate ourselves .

Thats my journey soo far .




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Tips on becoming An Effective And Persuasive Communicator

I realised lately that communication is like food , we used it every minutes of the day .If you notice , most people just simply manipulate rather than communicate . There si a huge difference between manipualtion and  persuasion . . Manipulation is getting others to do what you want them to do , regardless of whats best for them .

Persuasion on the   other hands , is communication that guides people minds and emotions past all obstacles , enables them to understand what you are saying fell what you are feeling and ultimately  motivates them to take the course of action that you belive is their best  interest for the common  good .

I had to work on this a lot and im still working on it . The world is set up to manipulate us and i want to finish  rich and strong . The best  way for me to do my job effectively is to come from people interest not mine . In teaching strength training to a beginner , ive been put through a lot of test because i need to persuade to let the clients   see the benefits which is not easy because most clients are coming from strange perspective when it come s to strength training .

Here are some  of the barriers to consider as you prepare  for conversations .

The listener egos –  Your listener may think there are smarter than you or better than you in general . the best way to handle this people is you better know your stuff . Be prepared

Gender Differences – I come across these daily . Most men are left brain dominator , and most women are right brain dominator and these make the female – male communication barrier even greater .

They d rather been speaking than listening – Our word is often missed because listener are busy thinking about what they are going to say rather than listening .

Those are few of the barriers that ive come across lately .  Let me know if you have an idea that can help me to improve my persuasion / communication .




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What ive learned as i got a year older

Last monday was my birthday , Im not even sure  how i feel about it apart  from the fact that i feel really good . , ive been feeling really good for the past few months . I feel like im in my 20s with my energy level , emotional level , my skill , my altitude and  my  discipline . May  be its my green tea . Just  kidding .  . . Anyway im going to share  some of the lessons ive learned and how  ive developed  since last year .

Meditation and silence – 30mins a day became my ritual . This is when i do soul  searching  lots of writing .

I focus on how my life can be of benefits to another – by investing in my skill and ability . People wants good energy , thats the fact and you need to be connected to yourself to have that .

Ive also learned that love makes me meditative , because its on the right line and meditation also makes me loving .

Better Nutrition  – I became more aware of what i ingest in my body , because our survival , vitality and beauty depends on our nutrition , Whatever and  how you feed you feed and nourishes your body adds up over the year .

I got  wiser by spotting toxic people – I realised that im very gentle , warming , nice , loving and carefree and this seems to attract people who dont have these qualities in them . My biggest win is the fact that i can spot them .

I also learned  that the most difficult and challenging is the changes i go through around the people that values me .

This year i opened up my private personal training studio , it has been really tough  and challenging and also make me understand the kind of person i am  . Its amazing what you do when you set your mind to it . i also learning  that things will get done when there is no alternative  but  to succeed .

Finally i choose people around me , making sure they make me better as i make them better .

Lots of love .

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Why i Teach Dead lift Exercise To My Female Clients

I personally discovered about 6 year s ago that  deadlift  exercise will be part of my life . its crazy  how people think doing this valuable exercise will damage their back , well it will if you dont understand  how to execute properly . I actually make it a base / foundation for all my female clients . Men too will benefits but right now its about the superwoman in my life .  Yes my female clients are all superwoman .

Glute Builder – Its an incredible butts builder when performed correctly . The glute get worked thoroughly during the entire range of deadlift , It doesnt just work only the glutes but the entire – posterior chain – your feel good hormone that contribute to standing tall

These exercise aslo allow us a movement that give  us as a   full glow .

Reset the hormones – Performing daedlift regularly improve circulation to organs  – a bit closer to sex , growing healthy tissues and regulating menstural cycle . It also help the body natural detoxification , keeps adrenal gland healthy and supporting yoour adrenal instead of draining them .

Good Postures – Good postures symbolize that you are on top . Have you heard an analogy standing up straight and you become nice to look at . Thats what you get from learning to perform this valuable exercise .

Deadlift will also do wonder for functional usable strength and will lead to improvement in athleticism . The more you get better with it the more you build confidence and self esteem .

Watching all my bad ass female clients as they pile up more plates on the bar bring smile to my face . Please learn to dedalift – you will rock .

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How To Stay Motivated All Year Round

We all have different things or places that increases our stimulation , Ive been pretty more motivated since i got  my own training studio . If you are like me , i get bored very quickly . Im a woman , and i work with my cycle , trust the flow of change and use each phase to create health and success . That spark increase motivation .

Im sharing my ideas and experience of what has worked so far for me .

No Compromise – I dont compromise . For me when something is not good  that means is not good . Compromising has cost me a lot in my life so i made a rule not to compromised and since then , ive experienced lots of motivation and energy to create success .

Healthy Ego –  The fact that im not perfect and im going make mistakes keeps my motivation alive . Develop an healthy ego , so that you will know that its okay to make mistakes . I do this by treating ting myself well , take care of my body , connect to my feelings and allow my myself pleasure which increase my esteem because i feel better .

I speak up , follow my heart and adore my uniqueness – this take a lot work because people will always want to change you to suit their needs .

i received – give people opportunity to support me . We are all designed to receive , attract , expect , seduce, welcome  and make room  for love and success in my life .

After 7 pm – shut down information  and avoid things that make you feeling less . like TV commercials . Read books or watch movies to relax the brain and stimulate  motivation the next day .

Be kind and have a lot of compassion for other people ,Im not just writting this , because thats what i am . The happier you are , the more you are valuable to other people .

Thanks for reading

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