The best is very simple

Most of the simple things in life are not complicated . Most times proffesionals like to inflate their own ego on their clients and customers .sometimes i cannot blame them because people are very impatience and they want answer very quick . .

The best restaurant tend to have simple meal on the menu – roasted chickens etc .

The best sermon are never preached – Listen or pay attention to your pastor you will detect what i mean

The best sex tend to flow , inspiring and fun .

The best people are less intense and easy to talk to – ME

The best exercise will involve developing your butts , deadlift , push up , squat , pull-ups .

The best friends talk less and listen – no judgemnet but full of insight . .

The best people with high self esteem are the ones that have a direct experience to what lower or raises their owns esteem .

The best training increases vitality – not aging

The best food supplement work 10 x better than the cheap ones .

And finally , the best people are less demanding .

Let me know your thought .


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What ive learned from living alone

Ive never planned or set up to want to live alone , it just happened . It wasnt scary and i ddint have any fear .I was busy . I have always lived with people , friends , family untill few years back when i moved to London . This is what happened to me ,

As i said in the begining i had never wanted to live alone . Im deeply sociable , extroverted sometime among people , but we all change right ? To clarify things , living alone is different from being alone . Most people live with people and there are still lonely . so there is a huge difference to be considered there.

Here are the few things ive learned .

Its not that bad . My creative business was born .

My conscious mind improved . i became a better thinker  / writer / person

I had more energy for love , work and physical exercise .

I got fitter , I slowed down , woke up earlier and started to see the world more happily .

Since i started to live alone i had less and less problem with  fake people that i used to know when i wasnt by myself .

I became more aware of what i really want from life . . The joy of living alone has also increase my joy of being with people .

I became sharper , happier , younger looking and vibrant .

Thou some people accused me of selfshness , but i believe  the answer is more complicated – without the energy i derived from being by myself , i know i wouldnt be of much of use to anyone later on .

I realsed life is not about struggling but thriving . every thing  is about energy and if you are like me with good energy , you will want to preserve yourself by going into solitude very often .

Try it for yourself , it could be 10 mins a day , then you build up from there .

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Expect the Best and Get it

Expecting the best and get it has to do with personality . when i want something , i focused my entire being on it till i get it . I expected to have a fitness studio around where ive lived for 9 years even thou all the odd were against me . People were telling me i need to move out of the city because its an expensive area . Most of the people talk out of their  own low expectation .

Another way of validating your thinking of expectation is to talk to a valuable voice , i mean an enlightened people who think of higher possibilty and give you an insight not advice .

A mind free of negative tend tp produce positives , This does not mean that by believing you are necessarily  going to get everything you want or think you want . Perhaps   that will not be good for you . You need to trust  God so that he will guide your mind so that you do not want things that are not good for you .

Most times as it has happened to me things become better when you expect the best instead of the worst for the reason that being freed from self doubt , you can put your whole self into your endeavour and nothing can stand in the way of a person who focuses entire self on a problem .

Expecting the best means you put your whole heart , your personalty into what you want to accomplish . Life cannot deny itself from the person who gives it all .  So start  to think of yourself on a high expectation . Miracles happen but youve got to do the work .


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Make your workout short

A good workout session should charged your energy , boost your hormones not deplete it and you should feel after your workout that you can kick ass . Most people especially women spend soo much time doing cardio which causes hormones imbalance in the body – cortisol , lead to more weight gain around  the waist – flabby belly .

There is a lot of evidence that after 45 mins of intensive workout training , there is a notable decline in blood testosterone . , you should finish your workout while your hormones are at a peak level .Short intense workout are more practical for busy people and this is a great advantage .

All my clients are and people that comes to my studio are very busy people who have their life to live rather than enslaving themselve in a commercial gym with a low level , low self esteem personal trainer . You want to do a workout that will enhance quality of your life , not diminishing it by injury .

Because you know that your workout is not going to be long , it gives you a sense of encouraging to do your workout and resuming your daily activities .

Another great benefits of short intensive workout on a personal level is to have energy left for more sex and avoid crazy mood . To also  serve my body better all the time .My partner doesnt want me to be tired , he doesnt even want to hear it ,.

Short intensive workout also accelerate fat burning . it boost neurotransmitters – Alertness , keep insulin low and keep your hormones at a peak level .

To your loving body .


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How I Learn From Others

Sometime s it amazed me how people think i should know certain things especially when i declared that i dont know it . Most people have attitude  of knowing it all which is a sign  of very low self esteem .The first  priority to learn  anything from anyone is to identify their unqiue strength .  Each  person we meet has a potential to teach us something .

Make learning your passion – It makes me happy to learn . There is a theory of human behaviour that says people subconsciously  retard their own intellectual growth – it means the brain shrink when is in no use .

Learn   from children –  They always want to teach us something  new , because their innocence has not been tampered with  .

Ask questions – You can tell a dump person from a clever person by the way they ask question or answer them . Ask qusestions that can not be answer with yes on no , in that case the person will open up and you can learn from them .

Value People  – I have always taught its older  people or successful people that can teach me something but i learned in a hard  way that most people  can teach me things in an unusual  way regardless of their age .Have it in mind that people dont learn from people they dont value .

Develop relationships  with growth potential – We need to find people who are especially  likely to help us grow .expert in our field , creative thinkers who will stretch  us mentally , achievers who will inspire us to go to the next level . Books that will challenge us . Learning is always the reward for spending time with remarkable people .

Teachable Attitude – You dont need genius around you , but you need a teachable attitude the only thing that can come between a person and the ability to learn  is a bad  attitude.,  this are some of the things i have been putting into practise and if you try the same your outlook will be different .

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How i have beautiful skin

As im typing this words, probably the humble things to say will be how to have a beautiful skin then its going to sound more research base rather than fact .When we talked about people that aged  well, the first  thing we  think about is healthy skin .But skin health depends on collagen health .

If you ve read a lot of beauty magazine in the past decade , you will be aware that your skin health depend on collagen health. Our collagen has to do with metabolism which is source of skin beauty in other words if you  have a balance metabolism , you skin will be radiant .

Feeding your skin with a highest quality beauty cream contain collagen building nutrients   will also help restore your skin to beauty .If a cream containing two or three collagen building nutrients can help your skin , immagine how effectively you could nourish and rebuild your demacollagen if you ate a meal containing dozens of growth factors .

One of the major reason for my health skin is the fact that i dont consume sugar or any processed food , sugar destroy our collagen as we aged . Your skin will improve by 50 percent if you can stop sugar .

No matter the strength of your collagen today how good you feel tomorrow depend on your diets today . Actually collagen is not only important  to the health of your skin but all the organs in your  body .

To have a beautiful skin is not rocket science , its simply the health of your collagen and ability  to stop ingesting  sweet stuff .

Hope i have help yah .



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Mood Problems , Fatique , And Weight Gain

This is a normal thing as we grow older but it doesnt have to be a problem if you are living consciously . Many doctors does not make it so easy as well . Many doctors actually view women / men who are concerned about their thyroid – the hormones that regulate all these thing as if their suffering from mild hysteria or some pathetic shit .

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR MOOD – Most people try to get their  mood to stay the same    you need to know the major secret of staying in a high mood . You need to know what make mood drop s so that you can know what to do when mood drops .

Your job is to pay attention to when your mood is dropping and take step to rebalance it . I personally recognise people who are always  in a bad mood , i dont pay attention and i dont listen to them ,. if its is my loved ones , i tend to give compassion and love .

The big mistake people made with their mood   is trying to change them from outside . Most advertising like you to believe  that by lighting up a cigarette , satisfaction will be yours . This is all pack of lies The main thing that causes your mood drop is the moment you slip out of integrity .

SHARPEN YOUR SENSITIVITY TO YOUR MOODS –  Notice the effect of food and beverages on your mood . also notice the effect  of ignoring key feelings like sadness , fear  and anger . Dont ignore your feelings , if you are angry at someone , let them know .

You dont need  to act on your feelings all the time – what you need to do is say hello to them and feel them .  Understanding all these will put your energy  in perspective , help with thyroid and prevent weight gain .

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