Good for her / Dont be a hater

Have you ever heard the phrase – yes thats good for her , of good for him . Yes most people are haters infact ninety nine percent of people are haters . Bless that which you want and your brain will release the good hormones that will  help  you for your own good . Dont be envious and no one is born lucky . people are simply discipline with good habits and you can learn that as well .

If you are envious , then you will distance yourself from success . and make it much harder for you to get there . Be friends with people that are successful – its contagiuos  , you will start to do things like them . At least thats what i do anyway . I look at their work ethic , i get advice  from them , i emulate  thier actions and behaviour  and  i get closer and closer to success . You can do the same too .

Be clean  – dont be dirty – This means dont saotage yourself emotionally   . – never think someone is lucky – Luck is created by the prepared . I can tell you that when  someone is so envious and jealous , they will never get the freedom they want . but they will spend the rest of their life trying .

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Discover Your Natural Rhythm

Through the experience of work , we earn our monetary reward . we work  to provide for ourselves and other people . Through work we suffer different kind of stress mental and  physical . Sometimes we experienced a burn out simply  because weve not discovered our natural rhythm . .

I first  encounter the words circadian rhythm eight years ago when i started to study exercise programm design , it turn out that some people will be better to train in the morning rather than  evening to avoid burn out . Even food , eating at a certain time will enhance productivity and better blood circulation .

For example , early to bed , early to rise is acceptable norm for proper living , its great for those people who enjoy the tranquilty of the dawn like me – i prefer to do my work as early as possible , it work for me and its elevating me to higher up . But for other people it might be detrimental to their health and body . .

Most people also find it difficult to follow the norm 9to 5 schedule but still perform  and produce for their family . i have a friend who could only work at night when every thing is quiet in the house and that works for him . He is comfortable at that time .

Discovering your own rythm will help you become a high performer and increase your income but you must discover  what that is . .

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Practise Unselfish Thinking

I think most people recognise the value of unselfish  thinking but most people needs to develop the ability . many people are at a loss of how to change their thinking . When a friend  is in distress , i usually invite them over and cook for them . . I believe in hospitality and i think its the best way to invest  in people  intentionally  They dont need to give me anything back .

Unselfish thinking is like staying in shape all year round – which allow  you to stay more active . If you stay stay fit , you can be ready to sieze an opportunity that might arise .

One of the best way is to exposed yourself to situation where people have needs . Im not talking   about going to a charity shops – people have needs , you just need to pay attention , actually is practically unsellfish .  I have friends who want to force themselves to do things for me because they can get better return – i dont like that .

Its one thing to believe you are willing to give unselfish, its another to actually  really do it To make the transistion    , you  can put  yourself  in a situation where you  actually see peoples need and do something about it . And willingly to do it without getting anything in return . . Like introducing g people who can benefits from each  other without  getting in between .

This habit of thinking will bring more opportunity into your life .

Need accountablity partner , how to be more discipline . Leave me a comment .

Thanks for reading

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Focus On Giving Not Taking

No matter whats going on with you , you can always be of service to anther person . . I can say in my experience that most mentally strong people are givers . Giving is an habits , so is taking . . I know someone who was diagnosed and passed away with a brain tumour few years back . I observed  that even during his treatment , he kept working , giving , despite the pain of the chemo and the illness .

Although most people diagnosed with a terminal ilness may ask , Why me – that wasnt his mentality . So the point t is no matter what  your situation , you can be of service to others Most people  are used to taking as a child , they are not team players – some of these are cause by bad parenting and negligence but you can develop power and attribute of giving  by yourself .

If you are suffering its because you focused  on external –  go and create value for other people you will see the differmnece in your days . Either you trying to get a promotion or enhance your career , making this shift will land you in a better place .


If you want to gain more important , then improve your effort .  instead of paying attention to how overqualified you may think you are , focus on your effort , there is always a room for improvement .

ACCEPT CRITICISM GRACEFULLY – If someone offers you a feed back – someone you trust , dont be quick to dismiss it . Be willing to evaluate critcism and consider whether you want to change your behaviour .

STOP AND THINK ABOUT HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL –  This idea will always  help you to  increase empathy  for others , This actually a very powerful one because we are all lost in our own misery  that it takes serious empathy  and awareness to consider other peoples feelings .

And finally – dont  keep score – dont keep score of your good deed .

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Never Appear Too Perfect

Appearing better than other is always dangerous . but most dangerous is appear to have no fault or weakness . I have a friends who always think everything is wrong with everyone apart from him , he tried to display  no fault or weakness but deep inside  he is very insecure . Thats crazy right . In the socail media world everyone appear with no fault its powerless and dangerous .

power involves a relationship between people , you will always  needs others as allies , pawns – but never appear too perfect . . You also  need to understand that appearing too perfect  create enemies and envy and when people envy you , they will work against  you , they will put obstacle in your path that you will not for see . Its hard to defend yourself against  this type of attack They will ruin your reputation  within a second .

Pay attention to some of envy disguise , Like excessive praise is almost sure sign that the person praising  you envies you . Be careful what you share with people only the ones that are growing  in the same way . The ones that praises you will be the ones that will slander you publicly – You can only win them by avoiding and recognise  their behaviour .

Imagine someone who dont know you attack you on a social media – probably you appear too perfect . you can always display your  fault and weakness  but keep your perfection to yourself .

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Listen To Your Conscience

They are certain things that are very dangerous  in life , listen to the wrong people or not listening to your own conscience . Our conscience  is the most valuable thing in our heart  but we tend to ignore  it then we suffer . I doesnt matter how wealthy , intelligent and educated  we are , its easy to act self destructively .

The problem is like so many people , we lacked what is so called the character strength  which need to  be developed – im not quite  sure we can learnt  this from a formal education , we need someone full of wisdom to guide us through  character strength – .  In other words , the positive impulse to dominate the negative impulse .

Most times when things goes really wrong for me , its because i ignore  my consceince or my negative impulse was soo strong at that time . Self destructive actions are usually ernormously  appealling in the short time . If you think about it , why will someone eat food that is not good for them or stayed up all night and watched a netflix or pick up a fight with a partner in the middle of the night . . They are appealing but self destructive – right ?

What makes this even harder for us is that once our emotions have selected a prefferd course of actions , those emotions get to work on our brains . In no time at all . We became convinced that the desire action is not only wise but also noble . It help  us visualise this morale  struggle as a debate between out two impulse .

when it comes to this impulse , only one of them can win – One voice said – Do it you will feel great , , it will all work out – it depends on the strength  of your character . each time you reject the destructive appeal and follow the voice of wisdom , your ability to do so next time will enhanced and you start to listen to a more inner concience that will guide you a to a succesful person . . Character strength is rare and can only come from within . Information is available  to every one but it int terribly valuable .

Strength of character is like gold .  Start by listening  few minutes daily to your conscience   not information .

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The Right Way To Start The Day

Most of the things that will make us succcesul l are not learnt  in school . I wish i know  how to start the day long  time ago . I only knew how to pass my exams and crammed all my words for my teacher . I started to emulate my virtual  mentors or what the succesful people says about starting the day – Starting  the day right is as important as ending the day

Here are few ideas that will turn you into a super productive person , of course with discipline and taking personal responsbilty  . The best time to wake up is with the rise sun unless you are a footballer or an artist who perform in a different way . . If you need to empty your bladder , do it right away . but spend a few minutes in your bed , lying on your bed with your eyes closed and do abdominal breathing . .

Before you get out of bed , have a good stretch . Once out of bed , keep warm by putting  on your clothes , start  by cleaning up your teeth and washing your face in cold water . The cold water stimulates the circulation of the blood . this is the time for outdoor exercise .

If the sun is out it will feel as if you are tasking a bath in the sunlight . these  ideas might sound very simple but it makes a huge difference in your day . Eat your your breakfast slowly to ensure digestion will proceed .

These method will aligned with your body rythm for better circulation  and hormones production in the body . The more you practise these , the better your body shapes up and also your mind . You will also attack the day and become high performer which equal high income .

These year is almost end – i can help you  improve your life , teaches you discipline  and become a high performer both  at home and work  Drop me a comment and will get back to you .


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