Learn To Go With Your Gut – Instinct

Have you  noticed that your gut is your wisdom , i feel that experienced  many time , and we all feel it countless times . We are grip by a powerful feeling a sense of certainty  that tells us what to do . . Dont eat that food . Dont date that guy .Dont hire that person . Most of the time we dont listen then disaster strike .

One big source of wisdom is intuition , we all have it ,. we just need to nourish our intuition to let it grow so that we can make use of our wisdom to thrive at work and in life .

Intuition is not intellect , Im not immune to this most time i dont listen to my gut and i learn in a very hard way . The only way you can develop your instint is by being meditative staying physically, emotionally  , mentally  ,and spiritually  healthy .

Intuition / instinct is not an easy thing to develop because you need to get enough sleep for this part to be develop .intuition is about connection and its more powerful than intellect its the act of forsee  things other people cant see .

How to develop your gut .

Get lots of sleep . Relax and breathe . Meditate . Sit in a room for about 10 min without any noise . If 10 mins is too long , start with 5 min .

Put away the smart phone its not making you smarter , it denies you of your wisdom .

Please start learning  to listen to your gut- you will definitely work better and be happy .

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How to have more energy – sleep

I talked to people a lot and within few minutes of conversation , i gathered oh im tired , most people are wired with coffe , red bull and sugary snacks all in the name of having   more energy .sometimes clients come to me with few hours of sleep thinking exercise  will help them go through the day .

Many of us also know that regular exercise help  us sleep better but i lately discovered that regular sleeps also help exercise better . What  happen is when you hit your exercise  your body has more energy with less effort , and a challenge exercise will become interesting .and you will be more motivated .

More sleep means more motivation –  Sleeping and eating at the wrong time also make it more difficult for energy . I used to think i can get away with little sleep too but it turns out to be disaster , it impared my decision making and level of concentration and decline of attention .

My neuro- science gave me a valuable tip which has really help me and you can as well follow it .

Get a new pillow and a new pillow case

Makw your bedroom daker and keep it cool

Get a black out curtain

I do warm epsom bath in the evening before bed

I drink aclocoh before 7 pm so that my body cn metabolize it .

I cut  coffee or any sorts of caffeine before 2pm – the rest i drink water and consume fats like almonds and seeds .

jI barnish looking at my Laptop, phone after 7 pm . apparently the screen reduce melatonie in the eyes .

I know this might sound very simple but it takes discipline and very efficient .

Thanks for reading

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3 practises for mental toughness

I love and very drawn to people who are tough ad  dont give up , you can accomplish  a lot with this kind of people . I believe im also in that category so here is my answer for practising metal toughness . I could say ice bath , not a joke . Try and sit in a ice bath in the winter for 5 mins . It does something to your phissiology  and your mind .

The first  thing is to push yourself more than you think you are capable of , thats one of the reason i love the art of strength training  with a good form, You will find new depth inside yourself . It will take you to a level youve never been before .

Another one that i practise is to deliberately put myself in a group / situation that is tough . people share difficulties , discomfort , You ll see that when you ve been through that kind of difficult     environment   you will feel more strong .

Create fear and lets people overcome it .or finding a way to help  people to overcome it . We all wake up with fear and if you dont think you are going to be successful , why dont you go back to bed .

I need you to understand that happiness does not comes from pleasure . Happiness comes from victory .  let me know your thought on planning to build mental toughness .


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Few Ways To Release Endorphins Into Your Body

Ive been thinking and writing  and experiment about ways to release endorphins  in the body without hurting or compromising our health . Endorphin is a feel good hormones that is naturally low when we feel depressed or very tired . Here are fews ideas that has worked for me and im sure  it will also work for you ,.

BREATHING – Most people have shallow breathing thats why they fight , breath deep in a very stressful encounter will reduce levels of stress hormones , with less stress you will feel happier and generally function better .

ALMONDS –  I always have almonds in my bag , its very hormone friendly and prevent you from reaching  for  sugary snacks .

Laughter – Hang around people that are optimistic and see higher possibilty  , these people tens to make you laugh about things that you think might  kill you . Laughter is also an emotional   freedom , it raises your spirit , increase levels of endorphins , release pressure and reverse learnt seriousness .

HOPE – This is a good thing when you are working at it , if you hope things will turn out well and start to work at it , then it will .Science also suggest that hopes lessens pain by increasing levels of endorphins in the body . the feel good biochemicals .

SOLVING PROBLEMS – Keeping promises and solving problem also increase level of endorphins in the body .the reasons is you work so hard to find a solution to s problem and the end results makes you happy .


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Self Possession And Self Expression

Ability to express  your feelings well has to do with the entire functions of the body , if a person  is blocked in ability to express feelings it will; deaden the body and reduce vitality and i can see this in  many people . Lack of expression reduce vitality and create tension in the body .

You want to be around people or some one who lets you speak your truth without judgement . I used to know friends who doesnt like me express how i feel about situation then i stopped talking to them . You can do the same too . Expression of your feeling is not bulling or manipulating , simply how you feel about a situation .

I always  tell  people around me to say how they feel , its  important for me too .

Self possession  is the ability to gain control of feelings and respond in a better way to a situation . this takes a lot of self control . The purpose is not to limit , but to make the expression effective and appropriate . We all seems to admire people who are in control of themselves .

We all have things we want kick about , weve all seen some injustice we want to express that happen to you or someone you know .

What to do – i learn some kicking exercise long time ago ,

Lie down on a bed – raise one leg up and extend both legs . Keeping them loose , your ankle  should also be loose with the knees extended but not rigid , Do the kicking easily at fist  then gradually increasing the strength .

Do that for about 3 to 5 mins you will notice the different in your expression . You can also kick a punching bag and keep on saying no or get away while you doing that .

This is an expressive exercise that really works .


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The Mind Is All Yours

No matter what the body is going through , the mind is all yours .Im constantly going through changes  to meet my needs and the needs of  the people around me , its not so easy to wear many hats  it involves constant adjusting and changing .i always have to think on the higher plane and deconstruct problems . One of the reason i started  to study phyllosophy  . Dont blame me .

The body can be ravaged by disease , or injured or disables , it can be imprisoned or subjected to torture – our body and our breath dont matter , they are just less but up to the very end , the mind is ours . This is from wisdom of the seneca .

Learn to preserve your mind as ive learned  . A creative mind is a mind that solves problem , protect  your mind and stay away from the news . Talk to people that are optimistic  and see higher possibilty   in life . Refrain from people who says you cant , because their mind has grown feeble .

Focus on sitting quietly and start meditating for about 5 mins daily – you will start seeing the difference in the way you approach things , your mind will be clear .

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Women Training Method That Works For Life

There is no questions that year of using our bodies results in some wear and tear , instead  of feeling helpless and defeated about our physical limitations  that usually emerge as a result of aging , there are also some heath issues you want to keep an eyes on  like keep your bone sturdy .This is where strength  training comes to the rescue

The  thing is as women get older  , you have to work for that  body to keep it stronger  , sexy , and useful . apart from preventing partner to have an affair .Most people are help less and in denied about this but thats the truth .Most of my women audience range from 35 years onward , this is a critical age to begin strength  training .

Hormones level both in men and women begin  to fluntuate , women  and men start   to lose some of their energetic ego drive .Here are some overview ive gathered  over the years  for  women keep their body vibrant and sexy .

Perform high intensity cardio for 30 mins at a time , like sprint and walk . Cardio  kick boxing at least  3 to five times a week . You need to find the time .

Lift weights two or three times a week for at least 30 min

De junk your kitchen , and stock your fridge  with heathy  women friendly  food  .

Make sure your shoes are in good shape .

Go for 1 week challenge transformation in the beginning .

Should in case you are extremely busy like michelle obama who find at least time to train then , research shows that muscle strength and size can be maintained with one or two weight training sessions a week .

There is always a pay off as long as you do the work . women  life can be sexy for life , you need to work for it .


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