How To Deal With Anxiety

A very good virtual mentor of mine has a phrase – actions beat anxiety  and i says dsicipline equal freedom . All pyscologist in the world will not help if we dont change and do the work . Feeling  anxious all the time is a sign of chronic stress and it needs to be dealt with in a  pragamtic approach .

The first  thing you want to do is quit being lazy . – When ever i mentions this to my clients , they get offended – doing lots of things does not mean that you are not being lazy , im reffering to doing the right  thing which takes discipline and this is the root of anxiety for many people .

PREPARATION – Prepare in advance  is one of the best  copping mechanism for dealing with anxiety . Plan your week in advance and plan your days early . wake up before everyone do fews thing that will push you ahed , If i wake up 30 mins late , it have a negative effects on my day .

STRUCTURE – Work on a structure that works for you . I usually work from 6am to 2pm . then reward myself with talking  to a good friend  or taking walk ot playing golf and this allows me to work harder because ive already done my hard work in the morning . The world is structure  to make you obedience  but you need to plan your own way to reduce anxiety and early death .

COMMITIMENT  – Commit to few things daily , not many things , Then you get better and also reduce anxieties .

GET OUTSIDE -Outside activities help bring in the clear thinking , a better circadian rythm  for a good night sleep .  You know the say , good night night sleep reduce anxiety . Talk to someone that nourish you not people that drains you .

If you find this article useful = please share it with someone dealing with overwhelming anxiety .




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Food For Sex And Muscle

You need to eat well to improve muscles and sex . You can eat anything you wnat in your 20s and no problem but as you age , your food must be adjusted but men and women still eat chips  ,fried , too much coffe basicallly all the food that kills your sex life and muscles growth . Modern  men are too stressed to enjoy life . .

The good news is that there is still an evidence that modern humans are still biological designated to benefits from a hunter gathered naturally rich in high fat foods . good quality foods help men to build orgarnic muscles that contribute to potency and ability to cope with stress .

Muscles are not easy to build as you grow , but its possible with certain food such as nuts , seed , meat , eggs , because these has been regarded as enhancing foods .In the body , fats play a complex role that involve in the ability to generate energy . cope with sress , and better survive . The abilty to endure stress and hardship has kept human alive during difficulkt conditions that involve physical danger and famine .

When you consume  fats  it build the body mechanism and protect the brain from flee and make a better choices and decisoin because stress coping is so vital for success and well being . There is no need to get bunch of suplements   to build  muscles or activate sex but consuming essential fats that will work and make you alive .

As im typing this blog , my mind goes to people that still asked me questions  bout consuming the essential fats thinking it will make them fats . The good news is it wont its actually  the opposite . This platform is to educate  and add values and thats why im still writting   the blog . Also to improve my communication .

To your life live well .


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Avoid Pain – Tips For Learning Exercise Properly

What im sayinh here is to avoid pain during any exercise movement – pain is a signal and indicator that you lack adequate mobilty and movement in that area . Most poeple dont get better from exercise but full of injuries that will eventually stopped them from exercise on the long run . .

For example swelling might indicate tissue overuse or strain  from poor mechanics . There are basic rule to exercise like warm up properly before engaging in any exercise . When teaching any movement pattern , its critical to avoid pain . Pain does not guranteed success , it actually  stopped you from learning .

The attitude of no gain no pain should be avoided at all cost . poor habits and poor way of learning  result to adaptation error . Im the discipline person that bring dicipline into the mind of my clients to educate them in a proper way get them a better result as are reading this blog to benefits .

Pain also inhibit the nervous system and weaken any muscles crossing the weight bearing joint . The best wat to avoid pain is to pay attention to the movement  of the client and stop whenever you experience pain during exercise and highlight the dysfunction and work on the restricted area or consult with a very good physical  therapist .

You can get the body you want with minimize ache and injury prevention . You can start with a good warm up and cool down , mobilisation of the body for 10 mins before exercise to release the tissue  from the restricted area .


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What Mothers Should Know – Loving

A stressful mothers is an unloving mother . Mothers need  a support system to be loving and the western society  has deprived lots of mothers fro being lovable , i mean  its extremely hard to be lovely   if you are not loving  to yourself .  Every body is brought up in a pattern ans so you long for happiness  .  Attachement is  involve .

Some mothers are going to kill me when reading this blog . According to OSHO – – Just being a bilogical mother is not enough – as i said its not easy being a mother – to be a mother not just to reproduce , to be a mother means a great training , a great inner discipline ,one has to be lovable .

If the mother is lovable then the child will  love without any attachment . . And whenever he will find someone lovable  , he will love . . Most mothers and fathers are not lovable because they have never thought in that terms .

For love to happens , you have to create it , you have  to become it , you have to grow , only then you can create love in others . It cannot be demanded because love is a quality .

I have  a lot of respect and love for the mothers i know because they keep growing .

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The Problem With Dieting

Dieting  is an expression of a poor mindset because its an act of a suppression that doesnt last longer . Poor thinking is always about short term .The science suggest that when we outlaw a food , we increase desire . . Dieting has been a long standing  issue in our society and many people still believe thats what  they have to turn to as a method of losing weight

Dieting actually does a lot of harm to the dieters . Your pretty personal trainer should have advised you against that , but sadly most of them are too uneducated for that simple wisdom . Dieting is a better way to gain weight  than to lose it .

Dieting also tend to raises blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels , suppresses the immune system and increase the risk of heart attack , stroke , and diabeties and all cause mortality . Science  also suggest that restricting a food automatically increase your desire for it .

The practical and save  approach is not to restrict but enjoy simple attitude towards food . food  is not a reward or punishment  but a trophy for life . Consult with a nutritionist  to understand which food work for you and food to avoid . Overall please dont diet

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How To Be A Winner In Life

No one like a loser and sadly thats where most people live their life . Im used to playing as a kid it means i lose or i win , but i decide i will win no matter what . You need to tell yourself very morning that you are not deliver in this world to defeat . you will not hear people who weep and complain for their disease is contagious .

The best way is always to take another step , be healthy  so that you can be creative .

Form  a good habits  – by removing defeats from your vocabulary .

Dont forget that you can always start late . ive start over and over in my life and i dont give up .

You can be unsure – nothing is certain in life .

Learn  new habits by writting  ideas daily . Go out and add value to other people  Read books because who grow always have a value to add .

Invest in yourself – Its the best investment ever . Hire a coach not a trainer , hire  mentor who has a good habit that can be contagious to your life .

Act different . You can always do this .

Ive created my busness from zero – you can do this too .

I believe in you .

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Dont Go To Bed Angry – It Speed Up Aging

Im sure most people are aware of the words  inflammation which is the root of all disease and aging . How you end your end your days affect your inflammatary levels , turns out that a good night sleep greatly reduce chronic inflammation . Most couples that argues a lot will be greatly infalammed . . Getting less amount of sleep also have effect on your inflammatary levels  According to science and my experiment on myself less conversation in the evening makes me better in the morning .

Make sure your enviroment is suitable and comfortable  for you because home should  not be a challenge . A recent study found that couples who slept less had a greater  inflammatary response to conflict  the next day and higher levels of pro/inflammatary proteins after discussing a marital problems .

For every hours of sleep they lost their  level of inflammatory marker increase .  As i understood this i do my best to be calm in the evening and i keep discussing any sensitive matter to minimal in the evening .  And apart from that evenings suppose to be relaxed not fire up .

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