Dont Let Your Numbers Do All The talking

In many ways , we have to learn  to speak for ourselves , if you dont speak up , no one will speak for you . Most people dont speak because they fear rejection or people might not like them . . If you dont toot your own horn , no one will do . Its can be a learnable  skill the point is to learn to toot your horn without  blowing it .

Bragging is not arrogance , its taking a pride in what  you can deliver . they are are so many people who are expert in their field but think people will seek them out . No you need to learn  how to blow your horn .  I was talking to a clients who works as a sales reps ina phramaceutical industry , he quotes ” my boss see my numbers . and thats all they want to hear about . –  I respond  that people want to learn from others how they ve overcome obstacles .

How he has worked one clients for nearly two years , how he has deal with a difficult clients and make it a success for nearly one and half years . I urged him that next time he is in a meeting , to try something completely different , share your success and the tough spot youve turn golden- people want to learn how you deal with a difficult situation .

Because  no matter how high you go , you always need to [prove yourself – like when i meet with new people i try to infklunce them by telling them im the best trainer they can ever come accross , i need to tto my own horn and you do too .

Send me an email for a 15 min consultation to be strong and feel good .

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All Advantages Have Their Price

I have an athlectic backgroung , so in my world their is no rules but guideline . in a real world , their is celing and limitation so most time i striglle with people . their thinking of limitation idont get them and they find me too crazy . .Im used to sacrifice , discipline , and preparation and saving .

The more effort i put into winning , the more my winning become easier , . If you are familiar with tennis , no one will come and safe you on the court and you are exposed .so implememted what i learned  in playing to busness and life .

When even you see someone enjoying the privilleges , opportunities or honour you desire ?. if the advantages they secure are  good then delight in that  person  enjoying them . Rememmeber you will never has the same reward as others without employing the same method . and investment of time as they do . Iis iunresonable to theink we can earn the same rewards without being willing to pay thier price .

Its always our choice to think we can do the same or not .

Nothing is really difficult if you are interested  and have the silll , the drive without giving up

To burn stubborn fat ,

here is a basic exercise you can do for 15 mins three time per week

One arm kettle bell  bell swing x 15

Turkish get up or side plank hold x 20 secs

Goblet squat /

These exercise  will train your grip and core . which will  eradicate  fat in the belly . . .

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Life Evolves Through Action

For life to move , action is needed . thou critical thinking is also needed but it works  though actions . If you know all the great knowledge but you sit and do nothing , your knowledge will worth t nothing to yourself or others . Im not talikng about information but deep knowledge . Application of knowledge .

The universe is ever changing . An individual is ever active . As infants we work so hard to learn about our new world . Eveyone is capable of doming somethimg but its the laziness and bad habits that stopped many people from evolving .  With or without you , evolution will happen .

As adult , we work to support ourself and others . we need or brain and body to function to keep evolving other wise we die .

Thre is something i do daily – which is the critical thinking that takes 10 to 20 mins . you can call meditation ot brain dump but its a way to get claer on my purpose on what needs to be done daily to evolve .  The number one priority is to avoid self sabotage , . To get exercise to consume good food for my cells to function .

The bottom line is as long as you posses   a body , you cannot escape work .

Here are actions plan that will support your evolution

Stop consuming information – start  with deep knowledge . – critical thinking

Do fewer things in a day but do it well .

plan ahed and get enough sleep .

All these has helped me to increase  income , stay in shape and happier ..

Im aware this are very simple thing but im also aware is not that easy to do . But life reward  action taker .

Need help with taking more actions ,Send me an email and i will support you .



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The Value Of I Dont Understand

Of of my student advisor was a guy named Dr Clont , very funny and talented and he is also  a pysycologist . He si amazing and makes me laugh a lot . . He is always acted older than he was and when i met him , then he was in his late 60 s , Every time i go to see him , he just acted as he forget everything .

I had to explain to him what i was working on , the value and my way of presenting it . . He does this all the time . Its very annoying .It was very funnu because usually i will start to explain  something , he would say i dont understand what you are saying . and then i would try and find another way to explain . . And  a whole hour will pass and i could not just past the first sentence .

When someone require more expplanation from you , it makes you think deep and understanding the situation better .  As a trainer , when i ask more qustion  from my  clients , it gets me to the route of the problems . People will tell you more if you actually listen .

The nest way to sell is to listen . Selling is a high income skill thats why ,many people struggle . If you drill deeper and deeper like my advisor did wth me , you will find succcess with your spouse, kids , boss , you will also be more happier and make more money .

This week , try experimenting with saying – I dont understand – Can you explain that to me -, more often . Then ask more question   . Dont bother about  intellectual in securities , – just ask and you will get better result

Here is a exercise you can do this week

This will burn bell fat

Its a countinuation of last week

10 inverted row

20 reverse lunges

15 close grip push ups

5 chin ups



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Patience Is A Beauty Secret .

Patience tends to honour life energy flows . and frustration goes against it . Look  at the pamdemic for example is teaching us emphaty  and to be more patience  Ive learned a valuable lesson from not being patience enough .  Ive also seen chronic frustration and impatience pertmanently screw up my clients features ..

I can see it in people faces when they impatient , its ugly . The faces becomes sour looking , tense with frown lines , the body language become aggresiveas in their energy . . Impatience makes people look ugky and they dont even recognise it .  Do you wnat to be like that – Not me .

Now here is a beauty  real secret , patience makes your appearance  more radiant soft , and approachable . How ? by shifting by shifting your out of the frustration  into your solax plexius . the emotional l energy center . The more patience  you are , the more attractive you will be .

Patience  keep us young and spare us from the stressed out look of perennially trying too hard and fighting the flow . It let us be a friend to others  and to ourselves . Enegetically and nurturing .

A pateice person is nice to be around m they generally carry loads of good energy . Next time you become frustrated, take a deep breath and  enligthen  yourself to acknowledge the fact that it will make your face look haggard .

Lets keep  the community of good energy together .

Here are few exercise that get rids of frustration

Prisoner squat x 20 ,

Push ups x 20

Lunges x 10

In verted row x 10

Repeat 2 to 3 times within 10 min

You will feel awesome





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The Hardest Victory

The hardest victory is to get things done , a satisfied life comes from meeting your daily objectives  and that means doing what needs to be done and thats the hardest victory .I grew up getting things that needs to be done to be done , its like a kind of discipline  because if  you dont do it no one to come and rescsue  you , its a different stories in the western world .

The europeans create a place where people can complain , complaining and taking action doesn not match ,  Self discipline is the foundation of freedom , it gives you structure and doing the hard things first , In years of coaching clients  , i have come to realised that people have no discipline  nor structure .

Thou we cannot be discipline at everything , like i dont do well with going to the dentist but i finally found one who gave me a good structure and my strenght which  is my discipline allows me to follow through  . .

Take dieting for example, its estimated that the Europeans spend up to 6 billions annually on  dieting aids . But lets be honest with ourselves  Dieting  is not about Keto or south beach or low carbs , Nor its about cholesstrol , sugar or fats grams .

Its about maths . Every  day of your life you either taking more calories than you burn or burn more calories than you take in . You already knows which food are good for you and which  ones arent  . No one needs to tell you breakfast of eggs and vegetables or sugar cereal and donut . Cooomon losing weight is about nothing more than commiting to a healthy diet and regular exercise not extreme exercise that lead you to knee surgery .

We all nave the capacity to succeed but if you are not meeting your objective s then you need to things  up your discipline .

Im looking fro 3 dad who want to say NO to gaining weight during this lock down please get in touch by leaving me a comment . i will personally coach you and give you a good structure to avoid weight  gain .

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How To Have A Good Day Working From Home

The pandemic has thrown all of us in shock , most people had never  work from home before , nor coach any one  online- the transistion  is not really an easy one and to be realistic  its  going to take a while to sink in . You cannot just go from offline to online withn 24 hours or start working from home immediately .

You need to understand your own personality  and how you handle adversity ,

here are few tips that will really help you .

Ive been working from home for the past 7 years so for me its okay –

Start your day early – one thing i forgot to mention is you need to create a discipline to get this done . – Dont lets your kids be your alarm . .If you get up before your kids you will get the most important  job done

Set boundaries 0 It means no disturb is no disturb no matter whats going on

Spark joy in moderation –  consume less alcohol , Have a break after 55 min of work , rest for 5 min .

Set your break like a smoker –   its important for your mental health to do this

Set u a date night – eat at a different place , try different food .

Set up to do or die for the day — Do your most important task , its either you do it or die .

Stay away from the news  to reduce anxiety

End the day with a strength  in reserve – i it means  if can handle 6 task , do 2 , in that way the one you handles with more ease , more mastery , and you create a feeling of strength in reserve .

Take care .




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