Buy Quality , Buy Right

One of  the  best way you can decrease anxiety and live well is to enforce high standard  in all aspect of your life , it will saves you energy and money .Quality item gives you peace of mind . A coat that cost you 500n pounds will last you over 12 to 15 years . There is a reason one cost you lots of money and the other is cheap . For example no good things will ever comes out of an average restaurant .

Quality items gives you peace of mind . people who spend on quality are generally happy people to get on with , buying an expensive items will also saves you money than a cheaper alternative . Im lucky to have grown up in a family especially my dad who only  buy quality foods , clothes and shoes . even if you dont  have a role model of quality , you can learn from the people you see with quality .

Always buy quality  so you dint have to buy a lot . The habits of buying quality  has to do with a mindset . – remember  you cannot change people mindset , but you can influence them with yours . I dont buys things very often , but when i do i buy very good quality and this actually saves me money , energy and time .also every time i see the item it makes me happy .

The best way is to always focus on the quality and the benefits of an item rather  than the cost . Poor quality items will always hold you back , its like poor quality  people . More over quality  items is like an investment and you happier on the long run


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How To Stop Emotional Blackmail

Some people are always looking for someone to inflict  their pain on because thats the only way they will feel better about themselves . They can just help it . They are either good or bad and they are afficionados of love – hate relationships . These people also know how to turn people against  each other . you need to learn  how to detect these other wise you will never figure out why people suddenly turn against  you for no reason .

I once have a friend once i introduced her to other people then the other people will start changing behavoiur towards  me and it took me a lots of awareness from my part to understand this blackmailing , One of the best way to detect if you have this people in your life is to —

Do you go to great pains to keep the peace ?

Is he or she only adoring when  you meet their  needs ?

Do you frequently  feel wrong accused ?

Take a look at your answers , you might dealing with energy vampire in your life and you can liberate yourself by using these tactics .

You  need to understand that you cannot help these people because they havent learnt to self nuture by activating their heart  energy or making a spiritual connection .

SET A STRONG BOUNDARIES – These kind of people  respond to structure  – you can start with , please dont talk about me to friends and family . or not to talk about other people to you . Your job is to modify the behaviour – un emotionally  .

REFUSE TO TAKE SIDES – Be careful about accepting a negative assesment of others . or letting his or her opinions destroy  your relationships with another person

RELASE NEGATIVITY –  Break eye contact to stop the transfer  of negative / toxic energy .

Your goal is to see people as they are and protect your sensitivity . learning  these tactics will take time but at least you free yourself from vampire – you can now use your energy in a productive  way and be happier .

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Love Is Quality

Love is a quality  we have to attain by ourself and bring it into other peoples life . A pysycologist  once said to me that hate and anger  are not natural . . Love is natural , anger is a poison to the body . When love flows into your body , you feel good and become reachable . Love is a quality so is mobility and flow of energy .

Its amazing how people are chasing love without realising that the love is within them and people are forcing people to love them and the relationships   become hypocrity . The people around you are teaching  you relatioships instead of love . Nobody is teaching love .

Most people are teaching attachement  and they call it love . Be loving , because is you are loving , you cab loving to anybody .Even sometimes the neigbour may be more loving that your parents but its your parent duty to take care of you and this has nothing to do with love .

Love never gives you misery , because if you love someone you love his happiness  . If you are attached to someone , you dont like to see them  happy . Most lovers keep  on exploiting themselves and they are concerned with their  ego centric demand . This is not love , but pure attachment  that leads to misery .

This is the reasons many lovers break up and turn to hatred . Love is quality , you have to create it , you have to grow only then you can create love in others .

Be loving and love will follow you .

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How To Gain WillPower In Your Sleep

Lack of will power often result  to more stress and lack of self control . and you will be thinking what sleep have to do with will power . The power of will power and sleep is huge poor sleep sap will power . The biologist and  the neuroscientist agrees to this fact . For starter , sleep deprivation impairs how the body and brain use glucose and no amount of will power gadget in the world will help you once you are suffering from sleep deficeincy

The less you sleep , the more you lose self control . – when you are tired , your cells have trouble absorbing  glucose from the blood stream . .This leave them underfueled  then you are exhausted with your body and brain desperate for energy , I can see this in people when they dont have enough sleep then they want energy by all means and these reslut in cravinga and temptations .

Your pre-frontal cortex , the energy ares of the brain will be impaired with lack of sleep and it loses control over other region of the brain . and the body get stuked  in a physiological fight or flight state . and this result to loss of self control .

Now you can see that sleep has a huge impact on how we gain will power  and self control rather than blaming ourselves or feeling gulity about losing control , maybe we should focus on getting a good sleep that will enhance our abillty to resist temptation

The good news is to increase the quality of your sleep time . I oftened  suggest to a new mothers or exhausted parent to get more sleep and never compromise sleep in other to be an effective parents .

We can put certain things off but not sleep . For better will power , get more sleep

Let me know your thought on this .





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How To Deal With Anxiety

A very good virtual mentor of mine has a phrase – actions beat anxiety  and i says dsicipline equal freedom . All pyscologist in the world will not help if we dont change and do the work . Feeling  anxious all the time is a sign of chronic stress and it needs to be dealt with in a  pragamtic approach .

The first  thing you want to do is quit being lazy . – When ever i mentions this to my clients , they get offended – doing lots of things does not mean that you are not being lazy , im reffering to doing the right  thing which takes discipline and this is the root of anxiety for many people .

PREPARATION – Prepare in advance  is one of the best  copping mechanism for dealing with anxiety . Plan your week in advance and plan your days early . wake up before everyone do fews thing that will push you ahed , If i wake up 30 mins late , it have a negative effects on my day .

STRUCTURE – Work on a structure that works for you . I usually work from 6am to 2pm . then reward myself with talking  to a good friend  or taking walk ot playing golf and this allows me to work harder because ive already done my hard work in the morning . The world is structure  to make you obedience  but you need to plan your own way to reduce anxiety and early death .

COMMITIMENT  – Commit to few things daily , not many things , Then you get better and also reduce anxieties .

GET OUTSIDE -Outside activities help bring in the clear thinking , a better circadian rythm  for a good night sleep .  You know the say , good night night sleep reduce anxiety . Talk to someone that nourish you not people that drains you .

If you find this article useful = please share it with someone dealing with overwhelming anxiety .




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Food For Sex And Muscle

You need to eat well to improve muscles and sex . You can eat anything you wnat in your 20s and no problem but as you age , your food must be adjusted but men and women still eat chips  ,fried , too much coffe basicallly all the food that kills your sex life and muscles growth . Modern  men are too stressed to enjoy life . .

The good news is that there is still an evidence that modern humans are still biological designated to benefits from a hunter gathered naturally rich in high fat foods . good quality foods help men to build orgarnic muscles that contribute to potency and ability to cope with stress .

Muscles are not easy to build as you grow , but its possible with certain food such as nuts , seed , meat , eggs , because these has been regarded as enhancing foods .In the body , fats play a complex role that involve in the ability to generate energy . cope with sress , and better survive . The abilty to endure stress and hardship has kept human alive during difficulkt conditions that involve physical danger and famine .

When you consume  fats  it build the body mechanism and protect the brain from flee and make a better choices and decisoin because stress coping is so vital for success and well being . There is no need to get bunch of suplements   to build  muscles or activate sex but consuming essential fats that will work and make you alive .

As im typing this blog , my mind goes to people that still asked me questions  bout consuming the essential fats thinking it will make them fats . The good news is it wont its actually  the opposite . This platform is to educate  and add values and thats why im still writting   the blog . Also to improve my communication .

To your life live well .


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Avoid Pain – Tips For Learning Exercise Properly

What im sayinh here is to avoid pain during any exercise movement – pain is a signal and indicator that you lack adequate mobilty and movement in that area . Most poeple dont get better from exercise but full of injuries that will eventually stopped them from exercise on the long run . .

For example swelling might indicate tissue overuse or strain  from poor mechanics . There are basic rule to exercise like warm up properly before engaging in any exercise . When teaching any movement pattern , its critical to avoid pain . Pain does not guranteed success , it actually  stopped you from learning .

The attitude of no gain no pain should be avoided at all cost . poor habits and poor way of learning  result to adaptation error . Im the discipline person that bring dicipline into the mind of my clients to educate them in a proper way get them a better result as are reading this blog to benefits .

Pain also inhibit the nervous system and weaken any muscles crossing the weight bearing joint . The best wat to avoid pain is to pay attention to the movement  of the client and stop whenever you experience pain during exercise and highlight the dysfunction and work on the restricted area or consult with a very good physical  therapist .

You can get the body you want with minimize ache and injury prevention . You can start with a good warm up and cool down , mobilisation of the body for 10 mins before exercise to release the tissue  from the restricted area .


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