Listen To Your Conscience

They are certain things that are very dangerous  in life , listen to the wrong people or not listening to your own conscience . Our conscience  is the most valuable thing in our heart  but we tend to ignore  it then we suffer . I doesnt matter how wealthy , intelligent and educated  we are , its easy to act self destructively .

The problem is like so many people , we lacked what is so called the character strength  which need to  be developed – im not quite  sure we can learnt  this from a formal education , we need someone full of wisdom to guide us through  character strength – .  In other words , the positive impulse to dominate the negative impulse .

Most times when things goes really wrong for me , its because i ignore  my consceince or my negative impulse was soo strong at that time . Self destructive actions are usually ernormously  appealling in the short time . If you think about it , why will someone eat food that is not good for them or stayed up all night and watched a netflix or pick up a fight with a partner in the middle of the night . . They are appealing but self destructive – right ?

What makes this even harder for us is that once our emotions have selected a prefferd course of actions , those emotions get to work on our brains . In no time at all . We became convinced that the desire action is not only wise but also noble . It help  us visualise this morale  struggle as a debate between out two impulse .

when it comes to this impulse , only one of them can win – One voice said – Do it you will feel great , , it will all work out – it depends on the strength  of your character . each time you reject the destructive appeal and follow the voice of wisdom , your ability to do so next time will enhanced and you start to listen to a more inner concience that will guide you a to a succesful person . . Character strength is rare and can only come from within . Information is available  to every one but it int terribly valuable .

Strength of character is like gold .  Start by listening  few minutes daily to your conscience   not information .

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The Right Way To Start The Day

Most of the things that will make us succcesul l are not learnt  in school . I wish i know  how to start the day long  time ago . I only knew how to pass my exams and crammed all my words for my teacher . I started to emulate my virtual  mentors or what the succesful people says about starting the day – Starting  the day right is as important as ending the day

Here are few ideas that will turn you into a super productive person , of course with discipline and taking personal responsbilty  . The best time to wake up is with the rise sun unless you are a footballer or an artist who perform in a different way . . If you need to empty your bladder , do it right away . but spend a few minutes in your bed , lying on your bed with your eyes closed and do abdominal breathing . .

Before you get out of bed , have a good stretch . Once out of bed , keep warm by putting  on your clothes , start  by cleaning up your teeth and washing your face in cold water . The cold water stimulates the circulation of the blood . this is the time for outdoor exercise .

If the sun is out it will feel as if you are tasking a bath in the sunlight . these  ideas might sound very simple but it makes a huge difference in your day . Eat your your breakfast slowly to ensure digestion will proceed .

These method will aligned with your body rythm for better circulation  and hormones production in the body . The more you practise these , the better your body shapes up and also your mind . You will also attack the day and become high performer which equal high income .

These year is almost end – i can help you  improve your life , teaches you discipline  and become a high performer both  at home and work  Drop me a comment and will get back to you .


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Be Self Observant

My grandmother once told me to remember  to reflect anytime i experienced pain . . As a youngster my life was full of pain from losing a game or someone tricked me because i was too generous , But pain is a great teacher it means pain – reflection – progress . Becoming self observant will increase your power and ability to deal with your pain properly and equal better decision  .

You become your own mirror . You know , the mirror is a great invention , without it you will commit an error or sins against  beauty . We also need a mirror for our actions . . This can sometimes come from many people telling you what they see in you , but this is not a very trust wortthy method . For example a good friend of mine taught that   an actions i took was the right one , but after reflection on my own , i realised that the action was wrong and i made an effort toward adjusting my actions .

We must be the mirror – training your mind to try to see yourself as other sees you . Are your behaviour  matches  your actions /? Are you trying too hard to please ?

Self observation is the quality that differentiate those who evolve  quickly and those who dont .

Every thing can seems like a lot of work but observation will increase your self power

Want learn how to be dicscipline  to be observant and double your energy , income and dominate in life – email me or leave me a comment .

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Few ways To Develop The Energy Of Courage

We are all programmed in a different way but you can choose to become anti fragile and resillent by improviing  your  physiollogy and energy of courage . I know some of my old friends who are very fear dominant  will always expect worse in a situation . If you know those kind of people , stop expressing your fear around them . We all have fear but you can develop the energy of courage .

The energy  of fear will always makes you feeling intuitively unsafe , on guard , shrunken . Fear is a negative emotion – Love is a positive emotion . The energy of fear will also  agitate your mood . Understanding the different will allow you to go on  positive side . Its not really easy if your environment  is based on fear .

You need to start with your environment . Getting to know the feel of both emotional energies  will enables you to choose courage more consciuosly . You dont want fear energy ruining your beautiful  body and face . , even if you know the root , .Whenever you are afraid, invoke courage to transform fear , the formula for freedom .

A basic law of emotional   energy is we attract what we are – Fear attract fear , courage attract courage . If you want positivity  coming to you , youve fot to generate it . Lip service wont  do it . Your emotions says a lot about people who appears in your life .

When you feel inspiring , expansive , vitalizing

Uplifts and center

Opens you heart and increases self esteem

Understanding  the emotions will help you attract positive  into your life .

Thou certain  things can be beyond our control , but most of things in life is shaped by out thoughts and behaviour   . But we can work on our energy . You get what you attract .

Im looking for 2 moms who want drop 2 sixe dress and double their energy .

I will personally coach you and understand energy and exercise





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Know The Difference Between Yes And No – Avoid The Paradox

When you encounter opportunities, distraction , and request  for your time and  energy – how do you say no . Success is an energy game and most people dont invest time in growing stronger so they can  become powerful and go further  . If you look around  on the street , people are always stimulant for energy .

The question is to understand how you relax and recharge . . Without these you will be burn  out very fast and less inspiring . Personally i think its best to spend majority of weekly time in a meaniful project and good relationships . But you also want to understand how you best relax . Every one is different .  Most time i stay at home with less interactions with people .  During this time , no email , no phone , and 90 percent off line .

This work really good for me . And if these doesnt happens it makes me miserable  i will be miserable and unfulfilled .So here are few ideas that ive been practising for years that help me to be structure , and enjoy success in my life .

Say yes to legacy work

Say yes to your kind of fun – whatever that is .

Replace toxic friends  with a good book and mentor

Say no to busy work

Say no to things you will do only out of obligation

Say no to friend that only call for favour .

Say no to unneccesray  meetings that doenst leave a deliberate

The point is when you say no to other things , it leaves you time to say yes to more important thing . Without exhaustion .

For more on how to be your best at work, and have energy all day . Email me or leave me a comment .


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5 Things Ive Learnt As I got A Year Older

Yesterday i celebrated another birthday . here are some of the hard lessons that can benefits you .  Few months ago , i adopted a new  way of thinking from a very succesful   friends – – that goes like every day i wake up , i remind myself i can not afford to lose . This tactics works , all you need to do is remind yourself .

Mental Health – Our mental health will determine our future – that means you have to keep your body progressively strong . It has nothing to do with being an athlete    or average person 0 its a neccesity

Apologise when you are wrong and be better next time –  You know most people tell me sorry but repeat the same thing , Dont betray yourself , if you say untrue things , if you act out a lie , you weaken your character – if you have a weak character then adversity will mow you down when it appears – so be honest with yourself

Train your glutes –  We do most thing sitting down  Harmmsting injuty is very common , its link to the low back problem – Do ham glute raise and hip thrust to build a body that function and restore your health .  Most exercise people do at the gym has no place in their real life .

Train the glute ham raise – check the form on you tube videos  NOT IG

Focus on hip extension strength  – I ve know a lot of people walking around with stick with a hip replacement – so you have to keep your hips flexible – When your hips  flexors are tight , it create constant t tension and a constant pull on the harmmstring which  is a recipe for tear and back pain .

Help others – People who have lots of energy always hepl other people – invest in your energy and you need energy to grow  stronger – Drink plenty  of water  , you are no good for anyone if you are dehydrated .

And please – do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them .

All these things has happened to me – it has nothing to do with what ive read or some info – it s reality .

Looking for a book for growth

Win or Leran from – john Kavanagh

The book of women – OSHO

Thanks for reading


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Taking Responsibility By Taking Actions

I guess i was lucky as a young girl  frown into a woman  , all i know is taking responsibilty , you see when you play sports proffesionally , taking actions will be immune into your system . You dont need guru or a motivator to talk to you about taking actions , Now im in another life where i need to talk about taking action to people who are very unmotivated or people spending their life passing on responsibilty to another person .

The way i motivate or talk to myself is to attend to the day – but aim at the highest good .Taking actions means at least for me – to be responsible for my actions and be useful for other people . One of the main purpose of this article is be valuable and purposeful  for my reader . Mostly to help people see past their obstacle by being an example .

Like – get started , dont quit – Set your ambitions high , write down your plan . It will alll woark out . , as long as you take actions . I met a woman had an idea if selling fruits to the people on the way to work – I said she can start daily by giving quality 3 peices of fruit standing by the tube station – She took actions on that and 3 years later she has 3 standing kiosk  for the best fruits in her area .

Thats  the way the universe works – you will be rewarded for taking actions . . I invest a lot in my competency , by being better and taking action daily . its not that easy it involves getting mentor .  Personally , im a practical person , also courageous  – you need to find your own way of taking actions but it works . . You can find your own way out of any recession or external event by being more competent .

This is not some positive thinking – you dont have to put on some native american head ress and pray for rain , You need the way you interpret events .

You only overcome fear by taking a baby step .

Message me – and thanks  for reading

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