Care For Thyself

One of the best way to increase patience and energy for other people is to care first t for ourselves  . Before we receive care from others , or give it to them freely we must be in touch with our own inner drive by first caring for ourselves .ive always had the assumption that we should all know how to care for ourselves – i was wrong . I guess i had what a good coach called imposter syndrome .  It makes me really happy to care and nuture people but my own care always comes first .

Better self care is the foundation of all personal development , spirituality – many people neglect themselves by being busy trying to keep up managing everything . thrown  our way and please others that we tend to care  for ourselves last . Thats why many people are dehydrated  , overweight , and stressed out .. Its time you start caring for yourself to care better and bigger capacity to loving and caring for your loved one without being overweight  and full of anxiety .

Caring for your self increase your empathy  level , you become calmer and nicer to be around . – you should start caring about what you think , what you want , what you need , and have plan and routine that allow you to care for yourself . Here is what i wlill suggest

Schedule Sleep – Trained the kids and the people around you that you need 8 hours minmum of sleep

Exercise 3 day weekly or more but never go 3 days without exercising .

Drinking lots of water – You should   be drinking more than 3 liters of water daily – ive seen  this over and over  how dehydrated  people are  . Dehydration  is the causes of many illness in the western world .  As simple as this strategy  is , you might be shocked at its result – Give it a try .



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Follow These five Tips To Lose Weight

Weight loss is always a minor adjustment away if you really want to . most people tells me they want to lose weight but deep down they just want to eat the energy of the person they are talking  to thats why when people starts going to the gym with good intentions , they are replacing one habit and pick  another bad one . The most important  piece   of advice  i can give you is to persuade you to eat fewer highly  salted  and sweetened proceesed foods especially the low or no fat synthetic food .which are full of unhealthful   chemical addictives and less nutritinoanl  to your body .

Few years back , i used to eat a lot of knacker broth as a cracker but i was always hungry because it has  no satisfying  in my brain cells , then as i started to work on nutrition part of my life i discovered that healthy fats are harmony to my body and keep my body and brain healthy . Here are the tips that will really work for you .

Drink water – always drink water . constantly pre hydtrate m dont wait till you are really fatigue from dehydration .

Never  eat after 7.30 pm or your pituary gland will not secret your  growth hormones to burn fat and build muscles – you can snack with fruits  like apples and nut and you will sleep like a baby .

Never go more than 3 hours without eating  a meal or snack and have some protein with your meal .

Eat all your greens steamed Avoid proceeesed high dense carbs, Use extra virgin olive  oil to steam your vegetables and carbohydrate

Always eat before you feel hungry , so that you wont binge  Green drinks before a meal satisfying  hunger

Sleep 8.5 to 9 hours every day in a total dark room with no light contamination . Try to go to sleep as soon after sundown as possible .

Dont forget the excess fat in your food is stored directly as body fat . The composition of stored fat in your body is similar to the fat in your diet .

Exercise three to four times weekly but a very structure based exercise  that will enhance your overall performance and well ness  . Exercise in the morning or and the earlier  the better  Be sure to do 15 to 30 mins of a wide variety of intense exercise without compromising your body . If you exercise in the evening    then go to bed , you lose most of the fat loss effect , because sleep causes your metabolic rate and body temperature to decline .

This is a very good approach to weight loss and i have gone back to it many times with highly effective result .


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Thriving In Yourself

After many years of struggling and defeat , i came to realised one simple element and importance  of thriving within other people is to first thrive in yourself . If you learn to thrive in yourself first , then you can thrive among others .- your physical self , a tough mental state follows  a well conditioned physical body .

The religious   teaching emphasised that the highest state in any human being is to care for his or her body . And this even take highest plane over spiritual quest . As an athlete   i understand the mental stimulation we need to play on the highest  level , its not a joke but it helps us in overall aspect of life . . Put it simple way , without the body nothing can be achieved  in the physical world.

You can simply put it this way , the foundation to a succesful life is being physically fit . no matter what age , Through good exercise  and a good diet – A sharp  mental state will follow

You dont have  to conquer  others , you only need to be tough within yourself .  Keep working on yourself , it become easier to thrive in others .



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Introverted Or Extroverted – Understanding Yourself

We all need space and to have a healthy psyce or ego in relationship  – you must fully understand your spysce . You might be an introvert who is in a relatiionship with an extrovert . I realised  most of my friends are extrovert – they like to have someone  around and im opposite , i dont mind people around  but at a certain time i want then gone but i love people .

The part of the work of being healthy is to know your authenthic phsycological type and then making choices .The trick is to find a balance way of asserting ourselves and being true to ourselves . For example an introverted  person needs a lot of distance when it comes to affection , they need to give you the signal for closeness on their own without pressure and when it comes to extrovert , you simply need to show that you are on their side .

Its just a matter of understanding and to be an adult in any kind of relationship needs constant exploration of individual changes .My partner is extroverted most of the time which kind of cool because i dont really need someone to be around . Another important thing is to pay attention to your energy and focus –

Both parties has to be a source of nuturing for each other and share feeling with each other .  In a relationships  this opposing style can lead to conflict  ive also learned  that some people are  so deeply and extremely introverted  they are better not being off not being in a relationship  . The key is it to find what you really are for the sake of your success in life and energy so that you dony compromise your lively energy .

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How To Negotiate With Anyone

Someone told me long time ago , a very briiliant man – an economist says everything is negotiable, because  the rules was set by someone and it can be reset as long as both parties will benefits .Most people say yes when they mean no . For example  negotiation should  always take place on the side where the higher value is . Negotiation is not about what you own but what value you can provide .

Here are few ideas that will help you negotiate better .

If negotiation is not easy , then walk away –  It means you need to work harder  to develop more value .

Infinite  Patience – if you can have infinite patience , then the negotiation will works – – know that infinite patience brings immediate results . We dont know what the result will be but it infinite patience  means whatever happen next will take place according to plan your goal is to structure your life and business and opportunities so that you can always have that infinite patience .

Negotiate with your heart – I provide services for people . An execptional service so i only negotiate with the people i like . Whats  the point of living other wise .And on a bigger scale there is no point of selling a service to someone you dont like or going destroy your energy level .

At the end both sides will feel remorse . Both sides will be unhappy and then they will die at some point . So a bad negotiation is a cancer for the soul . Every day every interaction is a negotiation . just because you ve signed a seal contract doensnt meant you  cant break it , its called choose yourself .

Ive read lots of books on negotiation , for the past 12 years , ive witness how bad negotiation  ruins peoples life . . Always have it in mind that you can renegotiate .





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Budgeting Creativity

It took me a while to get this as a neccesity  , all i know is if i feel well , i perform well . Creativity is an ongoing process in our life ites really the most important product . If our creativity  slips , everything in our life will slips . I protect my creativity like a child , i tend to nuture it to my own satisfaction and you shoulld  also learn to do the same with yours

Creativity is in all of us , its not a magic things , Whenever im talking  about creativity people assume im talikng about some kind of invention or sky rocket . Its about what motivate you to perform on a high level  . what nourish  your brain and body to perform and express better feelings and energy . Things that put your body in an anabolic position and make you a better person .

Watch what happens in your life when as you spend more money on your creative expression , you will see your creativity and your money supply will increase  dramatically you will think possibility rather than impossibilty .  For example to celebrate my accomplishment  during the week , i tend to drink a glass  of very expensive champagne  a sunday afternoon while watching football . .

Now im going to get myself 2 pairs of really good trainers , one for running and other for training – its my way of nourishing my creativity  . . Set money aside in your budget to enhance your creativity . What matters is that you a place a priority n your creativity and support that priority with your pocket book


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Complaining Is A No

Complaining is not one of those things that is hard to refrain from unless you are really working on the habits of no complaining . We must be really aware and pay attention to our daily habits to stop complaining . I once attended a workshop where the teacher gave us a runner band or a jar , we either put money in the jar or stretch the runner band to hit us every time we find ourselves complain ing

What ive learned it some people might even put up a fight if you dont let them complain . Its not an seay thing not to complain because it make the complainer feel good , complaining is reacting to the pain we are already feeling and in a negative way .

Complaining suck the air out of a new possibilities that may appear in the present moment . , it drag things down into a depressive mode and leave us drain . It doesnt let you see the new opportunity in front of you . Its easier to get stuck into complaining and blame circumstances or other people for our problems but it will sink us more into darkeness .

When we stop to complain . we began to see every situation as an opportunity , we shift our perception and we accept the miracle of seeing things in a different way rather than stuck in the old way that never works .

Generally people tend to want to complain , that doesnt mean you allow people to walk over you or let them impose their problem on you, but complaining is different from standing for ourselves , if someone try to steal our energy then we speak up . Complaning is a low frequency energy , the ones that never work anything .

What you can do is observe and be aware of the energy around you – if you allow people to complain , it will drain the hell out of you – always change the conversation to weather or to sport .

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