Turning yourself on – creating a pleasure recipe

Many people thinks sexual pleasure  in terms of whats happening or not happening in their bedroom . Personally , a broader definition will be the ability to give and receive pleasure , enjopyment , and acknowledgement . You need to feel turned on during your dally life .  Its about pleasing our senses all day . Waking up the senses .

In my last blog i wrote about the energy that drives  us all day . Masculine or feminine  depends on how we used it . Turning oourselves on during the day are related to food and enviroment . Anything that affects our senses will impact our physiology . If the pleasure run dry in our life , tired , over extended and burn out . They all related to your libido .

Ive been looking into a woman code for the past 2 years , everything about organs , hormones and glands . I want to live a healthy ,beautiful life and i realise it require that i work for it .


This recipe will enhance your neurochemical balance .

Remove things and activities that drain your adrenal – take a break from stimulant like too much coffee and see how you feel . may be a cup a day . Aim for 30 to 40 min physical activities like sprinting , walking , etc

Take the supplement daily vitamin c with bioflavonoids , these heals the adrenal tissue and boost the adrenal function .

Schedule five to ten min of relaxing activities before bed .

Schedule full body massage for about one hour and half twice a month .

Schedule 3o mins weekly to do nothing , may be watching the sky . I usually watches movie .

Fill your diets with foods that nurture the adrenal . To recharge your energy , go heavy on blue / black food . like beans , berries , sea vegetable .

If you also understand your sex drive/ libido better outside your bedroom , look no further   than food .  Enhancing the quality of each day isnt about leading to sex as much but cultivating pleasure so that your daily life  isnt as draining on a physical l , emotion and hormonal scale .

Thats is it to your health and beauty .


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How to balance masculine and feminine energy to super charge sex drive

Ive recently realised that in order to stay with through partnership with my body for the rest of my life , i had to make peace with the fact that my body is female on a very fundamental level .  Being a man or a woman doesnt give a person more or less access to masculine or femine energy . Both energy exist in each and every one one of us .

We need to learn how to engage both energy in order to be psychological , emotionally , and physically well . We need both energy as a power source in our life .And in order to do that we must recognise the content of the energy that drives us . I can see this energy in most women that i coach which helped me evaluate mine as well .


Tenaciosly pursue what you want

Deciding where / how a projects grow

Focusing on the end result – less of a process


magnetically attracting what you want

Holding the space for projects to develop

Working with others and effortlessly  creating community

Relating to others by listening , sharing and nuturing .

Here are the signs of excessive masculine energy  in women

Feelings significant disconnecting from your emotions and sensations

Locating a sense of self worth outside of yourself – based on material success .

Feeling isolated and unsupported

Having few verbal skills for building deep relationships with friends family and romantic partner .

We all go through our days without identify which energy we are using most and which one is more dominant . Once i realised that im shifting toward imbalance of energy i take a step back and regroup .

Embracing feminine energy model while growing has shown me just how powerful  and expansive feminine energy  can be especially for sex drive .

Thanks for reading .

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Tips to increase Melatonin and stay Cancer Free

Melatonin is the most powerful anti oxidant that prevent and quenches the free radical in our body . Melatonin is also our passport to remain  cancer  free , if the level drop, we are heading into a catabolic position . You know how you feel when you are restless at night . Melatonin is produced in the pinal gland , thats why the use of green drinks second time in the day has a lot of benefits for cancer patients .

Most of us dont have a natural sleeping pattern because of work rhtym , but we can increase the production of maelatonin by some  changes in habits .

Any one who has seen a family member or a friend  engage in a struggle against  cancer , knows that there is nothing so heartbreak breaking .

Go to sleep as early as you can when you are in your time zone . My partner travels a lot for matches and i can see how he struggle to get his brain to sleep . Hes been meditating a lot and it helps . So give mediation or visualization a go .

Eat no food beyond 7.30 pm  except   youghurt, garlic,  flaxeed oil , no sweetened  or proceesed food that raise insulin levels too high and short off mealtonin synthesis .

Restrict your daily calorie by eating only bio energetic , low protein , complex carbohydrate dinner to promote the absorbtion of the amino acid and its conversion to serotonin which turn into melatonin .

Melatonin protects the essential fatty acids  in our body and brain from deterioration , be sure to consume omega 3 EFAS  from fish oils , eggs , sea algae , fresh fish , perrilla oil , flax or hemp seed and their oils as well as omega 6 Efas or prmirose oil, or animal  fats in eggs or meat . This will also  help with superior neurological processing .

Remember that diets high in fats / bad fats will negatively influence total sleeping time .




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Tips to be sharp as a tack -keep your mental edge

One of the scariest thing is to lose our memory edge . and the realisation that our brain cant function well as it used to ,. thats scary . , due to my interest in neuroscience and human pyschology , ive ,come across a lot of way to keep our brain from declining .

Most people will experience some sort of brain aging in their life . ranging from low thinking , fizzy thinking and dementia . Thou most of brain loss can be genetic but we can still improve our sharpness . No matter what type of profeesion you are in , sharp thinking is mental edge .

Avoid Sugar –  if you have a sweet tooth – replace  it with stevia . Ive not eaten sugar for 11 years and thats how i did it . Short time consuming of sugar  can temporarily improve brain function  but elevated sugar level will impede your memory .

Get Fishy – Introduce fish like salmon or other fatty fish each week into your diet . if you dont like fish , consume fish oils . I take sometimes  three to six pills per day . Depend on active your brain is .

Manage  Stress – Stress is one of the greatest source of memory loss . – brain inflammation caused by stress weakens old memories and make new establishing  for the new ones difficult .   The best way ive found so far is to take deep breathing and meditate .

Connect with friends that are improving and learning  new skills .

Work it out – Engaging in physical activities like strength training with interval running to boost your memory alert . I do all this and i think im sharp as tack .

Get those vitamins –  Magnesium ensure strong links between your brain cells which can help you solve problems , vitamins like B12 , B6 and D 3 can be found in food like brown rice , almonds , haze nuts , spinach ,

Avoid Toxins – Seriously this is the most important . These include tobbaco , mercury sword fish and tuna can cause inflammation  which can impair your mood memory . Also people around you that communiacte violently .Seek out pleasant  people l If you cant find one be one . .

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How to avoid fitness failure

I was on the phone with a long distance clients who recently became father of twins  and life get in the way of his fitness . well basically real life   happens . He was unable to be hitting the gym the he way  used to in his early 30s .I understand his frustration and ive been there . ive been in the belly of a beast and found my way out .

Frankly speaking , people have not been taught how to evolve with fitness ., so i called it fitness failure . And the reason they never evolve is because nobody teaches them . and they try to do the same thing they used to do .

Another problem most people  struggle to be  shape is the fact that most commercial actually make it soo difficult for them and make it looks like its an immposible mission  so people just gave up . The real life im  talking about could be –

Spending more time on our relationship by building  a stronger one

Having kids or thinking about it .

Work on a real life projects

Becoming a first time moms

This real life will happen either we like it or not .

All these has caught up with me and i found myself evolving with it . And this is how i do it

i hired a coach who taught me how to grow in life and business , how to evolve without damaging my body , how to workout for just 30 mins and get super good body .

Seriously you can always look great and feel great with your age .

You need to have a burning desire . you need to be discipline , You need to beileve that is going to be possible .

Focus your training programm around strength / metabolic conditioning .

Visit my site  victoriaboerfitness.com for more help

Keep rocking – life is good when you are healthy .

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Your stomach is your brain

Most people are not aware that everything that happen in the brain   comes from the activity of the stomach . Our stomach is our emotional centre . I was watching an interview the other day about a football manager who is super succesful , he said when players are fast in the stomach , they are also fast in the brain . That means making better decision .

Emotional depression is caused by the failure of the liver to function properly . also the lack of energy and the feelings of heaviness  caused by the constipation conditions of the bowel . To get your stomach moving properly , you need to learn how to breath through your solar plexius .- link on my you tube channel .

Another thing that happen to our emotions through the stomach is the fact that when the blood supply is not up to the normal standard , the mental functions are interfered with a degree corresponding to the reduction of the circulation .

Based on my study   of how the mind is being connected to the body , our solar plexius/ abbdominal brain is the centre   of our emotions . In order to regulate your emotion behaviour , which is link to your ability to make money , self discipline , learning  a new skill . you must begin by regulating the activity of the solar plexius .

Every thing from the centre of the stomach also regulate the character . Strong will versus weak  will .This is what you do when you practising breathing into your solar  plexius , tell it everything  you need – in a matter of emotional   feelings . – I wish to be cheerful , or courageous , confident to take up challenges .

You will find arousing your solar plexius a willing helper .

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Sexual energy is creative energy

Sexual energy is the beginning of a spiritual growth . I was not  aware of this until i started digging deep into my creativity . Sexual energy is another name for our life force . If you are always coming from enthutiasm , compassion and love then you will understand how sexual energy is link  to those attitudes / emotions .

Sexual energy is a creative energy , you need to be careful who you share that with . All creative people are highly sexual . Not only children are born out of our sexual energy, but everything  that man has created . . The way i experienced this is , sexual energy can have many transformation , at the lowest is biological and at the highest is spiritual .

Creative are people are also full of life and abundance , they ve not been sexually repressed . You can see the poets , the musicain , the dancers , all creative people are highly sexual . , . sexual energy is your potential for spiritual growth . You can become enlightened only because of your sexual energy .

Based on my own personal experience , the higher my sexual energy , the more creative i become . Please noted that im not talking about sex here but sexual energy .

Shame and guilt has been created by religious people . Celibacy is unnatural . When sexuality is repressed , then there will be no creativity . now you get the idea why we dont have soo much creative people . The innocence has been taking away from them .

Working and understand your sexual energy is the connection to your growth which bring the creativity out of you . The more sexual energy you have , the more powerful you become .

To your growth



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