How to avoid fitness failure

I was on the phone with a long distance clients who recently became father of twins  and life get in the way of his fitness . well basically real life   happens . He was unable to be hitting the gym the he way  used to in his early 30s .I understand his frustration and ive been there . ive been in the belly of a beast and found my way out .

Frankly speaking , people have not been taught how to evolve with fitness ., so i called it fitness failure . And the reason they never evolve is because nobody teaches them . and they try to do the same thing they used to do .

Another problem most people  struggle to be  shape is the fact that most commercial actually make it soo difficult for them and make it looks like its an immposible mission  so people just gave up . The real life im  talking about could be –

Spending more time on our relationship by building  a stronger one

Having kids or thinking about it .

Work on a real life projects

Becoming a first time moms

This real life will happen either we like it or not .

All these has caught up with me and i found myself evolving with it . And this is how i do it

i hired a coach who taught me how to grow in life and business , how to evolve without damaging my body , how to workout for just 30 mins and get super good body .

Seriously you can always look great and feel great with your age .

You need to have a burning desire . you need to be discipline , You need to beileve that is going to be possible .

Focus your training programm around strength / metabolic conditioning .

Visit my site for more help

Keep rocking – life is good when you are healthy .

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Your stomach is your brain

Most people are not aware that everything that happen in the brain   comes from the activity of the stomach . Our stomach is our emotional centre . I was watching an interview the other day about a football manager who is super succesful , he said when players are fast in the stomach , they are also fast in the brain . That means making better decision .

Emotional depression is caused by the failure of the liver to function properly . also the lack of energy and the feelings of heaviness  caused by the constipation conditions of the bowel . To get your stomach moving properly , you need to learn how to breath through your solar plexius .- link on my you tube channel .

Another thing that happen to our emotions through the stomach is the fact that when the blood supply is not up to the normal standard , the mental functions are interfered with a degree corresponding to the reduction of the circulation .

Based on my study   of how the mind is being connected to the body , our solar plexius/ abbdominal brain is the centre   of our emotions . In order to regulate your emotion behaviour , which is link to your ability to make money , self discipline , learning  a new skill . you must begin by regulating the activity of the solar plexius .

Every thing from the centre of the stomach also regulate the character . Strong will versus weak  will .This is what you do when you practising breathing into your solar  plexius , tell it everything  you need – in a matter of emotional   feelings . – I wish to be cheerful , or courageous , confident to take up challenges .

You will find arousing your solar plexius a willing helper .

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Sexual energy is creative energy

Sexual energy is the beginning of a spiritual growth . I was not  aware of this until i started digging deep into my creativity . Sexual energy is another name for our life force . If you are always coming from enthutiasm , compassion and love then you will understand how sexual energy is link  to those attitudes / emotions .

Sexual energy is a creative energy , you need to be careful who you share that with . All creative people are highly sexual . Not only children are born out of our sexual energy, but everything  that man has created . . The way i experienced this is , sexual energy can have many transformation , at the lowest is biological and at the highest is spiritual .

Creative are people are also full of life and abundance , they ve not been sexually repressed . You can see the poets , the musicain , the dancers , all creative people are highly sexual . , . sexual energy is your potential for spiritual growth . You can become enlightened only because of your sexual energy .

Based on my own personal experience , the higher my sexual energy , the more creative i become . Please noted that im not talking about sex here but sexual energy .

Shame and guilt has been created by religious people . Celibacy is unnatural . When sexuality is repressed , then there will be no creativity . now you get the idea why we dont have soo much creative people . The innocence has been taking away from them .

Working and understand your sexual energy is the connection to your growth which bring the creativity out of you . The more sexual energy you have , the more powerful you become .

To your growth



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Define your own rules

These days i realised that without having a personal rules to follow  things can become very chaotis . Since opening my own own studio, ive learned a lot about rules and personal acihievment . it all boils down to owning my self / personal responsibilty .

Be careful because people dont like people with rules , and i really dont care who like me or not . At the end of the day its my life that matters . One of my rules is to work on my self . Since  oct last year to present ive spent more that 8 000 pounds on my development not to talk about what i put in my mouth –  food .

I dont think about what most peety  small minded women  think about . Ive developed a rule like a moral compass . A code if you like .

1 Take   care of myself with good food , sleep , and exercise .

2 Be honest with every one including myself . NO B S

3 Treat people around me with respect , family , friends , clients .

4 If its not fun, dont do it .

5 If it s not fun but will enhance your growth then do it .

6 Always look for a voice of value to listen to . many people talk shit .

7 Always  cook dinner for my partner and listen to him .

I build my business    from zero – you can do that too . All you need is to own yourself .




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The best is very simple

Most of the simple things in life are not complicated . Most times proffesionals like to inflate their own ego on their clients and customers .sometimes i cannot blame them because people are very impatience and they want answer very quick . .

The best restaurant tend to have simple meal on the menu – roasted chickens etc .

The best sermon are never preached – Listen or pay attention to your pastor you will detect what i mean

The best sex tend to flow , inspiring and fun .

The best people are less intense and easy to talk to – ME

The best exercise will involve developing your butts , deadlift , push up , squat , pull-ups .

The best friends talk less and listen – no judgemnet but full of insight . .

The best people with high self esteem are the ones that have a direct experience to what lower or raises their owns esteem .

The best training increases vitality – not aging

The best food supplement work 10 x better than the cheap ones .

And finally , the best people are less demanding .

Let me know your thought .


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What ive learned from living alone

Ive never planned or set up to want to live alone , it just happened . It wasnt scary and i ddint have any fear .I was busy . I have always lived with people , friends , family untill few years back when i moved to London . This is what happened to me ,

As i said in the begining i had never wanted to live alone . Im deeply sociable , extroverted sometime among people , but we all change right ? To clarify things , living alone is different from being alone . Most people live with people and there are still lonely . so there is a huge difference to be considered there.

Here are the few things ive learned .

Its not that bad . My creative business was born .

My conscious mind improved . i became a better thinker  / writer / person

I had more energy for love , work and physical exercise .

I got fitter , I slowed down , woke up earlier and started to see the world more happily .

Since i started to live alone i had less and less problem with  fake people that i used to know when i wasnt by myself .

I became more aware of what i really want from life . . The joy of living alone has also increase my joy of being with people .

I became sharper , happier , younger looking and vibrant .

Thou some people accused me of selfshness , but i believe  the answer is more complicated – without the energy i derived from being by myself , i know i wouldnt be of much of use to anyone later on .

I realsed life is not about struggling but thriving . every thing  is about energy and if you are like me with good energy , you will want to preserve yourself by going into solitude very often .

Try it for yourself , it could be 10 mins a day , then you build up from there .

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Expect the Best and Get it

Expecting the best and get it has to do with personality . when i want something , i focused my entire being on it till i get it . I expected to have a fitness studio around where ive lived for 9 years even thou all the odd were against me . People were telling me i need to move out of the city because its an expensive area . Most of the people talk out of their  own low expectation .

Another way of validating your thinking of expectation is to talk to a valuable voice , i mean an enlightened people who think of higher possibilty and give you an insight not advice .

A mind free of negative tend tp produce positives , This does not mean that by believing you are necessarily  going to get everything you want or think you want . Perhaps   that will not be good for you . You need to trust  God so that he will guide your mind so that you do not want things that are not good for you .

Most times as it has happened to me things become better when you expect the best instead of the worst for the reason that being freed from self doubt , you can put your whole self into your endeavour and nothing can stand in the way of a person who focuses entire self on a problem .

Expecting the best means you put your whole heart , your personalty into what you want to accomplish . Life cannot deny itself from the person who gives it all .  So start  to think of yourself on a high expectation . Miracles happen but youve got to do the work .


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