Be Like A Wolf Not A Dog

Wolves has been trained to survive – getting from point A to B requires some certain  types of risk . Im a risk taker because its my nature , so  i attract  most non0 risk takers , its not that simple and it has taken me years of failure to work this out . Even as of today non risk taker will do everything  to convince  me that taken a risk will kill me but i dont usually listen so i take the risk then i serve the penalties .

Taking risk means being alive . and in every difficult situation there is always  a room to manuover .Be like a wolf means  you learn to handle and face adversity by cultivating yourself , the biggest t questions  to always ask yourself is not what you have but what you are afraid  to lose .  To be honest i dont like to share things or ideas with people who dont take risk because thy will be bringing their limitation to the party .

Being a woman does not make things easier sometimes . The more you have to lose , the more fragile you are . , Fear has always been enemy of men , to start something new , new busness , new adventure , new challenge , fear has a way of standing in the way thats why many people  remain in the same place for long time or too long .

People who run into stress get more reward in life than people who run away from it . Im not perfect im just learning and sticking to taking risk no matter what my odds are . . A book im reading at the moment by TALEB – talks about how english manners were imposed on the middle class as a way of domesticating them  ” as a quote . – instilling in them fear of breaking rules and violating social  norms . How crazy is that ..

The bottom line is no one wants you to take a risk but you ve got to do it to be alive .

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Too Cheap On Yourself Cost You Happiness

Most people are too cheap on themselves this cost them a life time happiness . and i can see how this affect overall happiness . Im not always sure its about the money , its always poor up bringing about the money . If you cannot invest money in yourself , you cannot inest it in another person . Most people like to get but they dont like to give or when they give , they expect to get more than they give .

Since we are always influence  by feelings not reasons , the creative faculty of the mind is set into actions entirely by emotions and not by cold reason according to Napoleon Hill so why would  anyone  want to waste this resources by not investing in themselves rather by being cheap . It has taken me a long time and several mistake  to understand this fact about the subject of happiness .

If you dont invest in your body every other thing you have will go away . Your brian , your mind and if you are not careful your spouse , It usually  begin with an argument .Most men are too fat , too tight in the ass . inflexible and thats why most people are not sexually alive because they need  to be turn on .

Swinging  the hips is a very good exercise that can turn your sexuality alive – and while you are doing this try to keep breathing with the movement .

This is also why many people die of stress at an early age . not literally dead and put on the ground but lost  touch with life . . And when you are happy , it can motivate you to work harder , longer , smarter and effective .

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Learn To Rely On Your Instinct

This is actually easy to say than to execute . Most time your instinct  will tell you what to do but we usually ignore this , i think it has to do with not trusting your ability to make a decision  . Im not saying dont get opinion from other smart people because that t will be unwise but add that opinion to your own thinking and make a decision  based on your gut . Then you can own the outcome .

Definitely you are going to make mistake and the outcome will not be successful l most of the time and you will learn  from it thats how you grow to listen to your instinct if you actually listen you will hear your  instinct t telling you what to do . Action takers are instinct  oriented , the courage to make  and rely on your own decision is vital to your performance in life and work .

If you trust your instinct    – you will always be confident in your own ability and thats how you grow and succeedd in life . . Most people spend time anaylising  what could wrong and what  could go right .and this kind of thinking limit and  choke you  till you lose your inner instinct and thats what normally happen to people who dont trust their own instinct .

You dont have to think either your decision  will come through because they always do . Thats how i want you to envision instinct  .

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Food Is The Core Of Life

In my own thinking you cannot go cheap with food , the benefits of quality food is huge .A neuro-scientist  doctor once told  me that most patients  recover faster because of the quality of their food . With food you need to always think about the end result not immediate gratification  . Before putting anything in your mouth , think about how its going to affect you few hours later . Thats the end result .

The quality of food also determine the quality of your detoxification . Your daily ellimination   is more important for your life . Im always thankful for the miracle of food , food culture . Ive given it a lot of thought  and realised that food isnt just food – food is an art , food is a way to have a social life .

Music is a luxury which is important for the soul , food is the core of life . Its more than something you just  shove into your mouth , good makes you happy , live longer , less annoying and have a sound mind . and thats something most of us has forgotten .

If you go to italy , france , and some other cultures , good food is integrated to their daily life and to me thats awesome .

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Few Ways To Think Smart

Thinking is not what many people like to do . i didnt really know so much about this until i started looking  into neuroscience . Trace back to my childhood , I didnt broad about my life as kid , Thats not how im . We didnt have a computer games . No TV and  telephone For one thing spending all the time alone by myself meant that i learnt how to be alone and saharpen  my imagination and thinking ability . Probably thats why i do so much thinking

I never knew that my ability to sit alone for hours thinking , visualising will play a huge role in my success as an adult . I love people but i  mostly prefer to sit alone for hours , so now lets go to few ways to be a smart ass .

TAKE A RISK –  Do you know that Jesus christ was a risk taker , and more critically he sacrificed  himself for the sake of others and we love him for that . So people always love a risk  taker because it clear  a way for them . I mean think about it  . A God who didnt really suffer on the cross would be like a magician who performed an illusion . The bottom line is once you take a risk , your rain start to think smart .

BE CONFIDENT – Be confident in your ability to make a decision  will make you smart , its like playing chess or figuring  out how to ride a bike , the more you do it the more easier it become .  Hang  around smart people , i mean people who figure things out , happy people e who enjoy ing process .

NEW SKILL – Pick up a new skill  – by learning a new skill , the brain will work in a different direction . Find people who have succeded in taking risk , personally im a fan of Elon Musk  , Larry Page , and Jeff Bezos .  Thees three people i looked up to and emulate their  thinking  ability  .

FOOD – This is the huge part – the quality of your food will impact  the quality of your brain . Bad food decrease intelligence , the  more hungry you are the less your intelligence function .

And thank you , thank you for reading .




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How I make My Brain Sharper .

Im obsessed  about the brain , if you hang around me you will know that my main concerned is how people think . Im always looking for a way to make my brain bigger and sharper thats why i learnt  how to play golf , and also easy to talk to with a big sense of humor – im most happy or depressed but never in between , I never like to use drugs or sugar to enhance my brain so i look for a better , healthier  way , Here are my things  that will improve your brain to the next level .

The brain is a tool , life is hard . Life needs heath , money , and love to survive . The brain is a tool that need to be sharpen on a steel .

GOOD QUALITY FOOD – This is my number one brain food and tools . no matter how  tired im , once i nourish my self im alert and ready to take actions . Cheap  food make your brain foggy and  this leads to lack of creativity and wrong decision . It all happens in the brain

READ BOOKS – Books broaden your mind and give you a new perspective , Right now im reading Supemensch by Shep Gordon . and DECISIVE -how to make a better decisions

REST WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO – Its insane when you think you always  think you have things to do . Its a westerner disease . . Sometimes i just sit down there and this has nothing to do with  either you have kids or not , its simply discipline .

Its great to just rest and be happy .and not move when you dont  have to Those doors will be open eventually . In my world helping people around me make me happy and i cannot do that when my brain is fatique .

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How To Develop Intuition

Here are some simple practical ways to develop an intuition , to listen to your guts and making a better decision . Persoally , every time i ignore my gut instinct then i tun into suffering . There will always be suffering but notice your reaction and dont be a slave to it

Intuition takes time and experience to develop its not a short time thing but more of awareness and conscious thinking . It comes to you like a sharp in your stomach and you just knew – thats your intuition , the third voice telling you wehn something will not be right for you .

Take time to understand yourself – Dont pass responsibilty of yourself to another person , you cannot pay for this and you cannot exercise it out . You can learn  to be more intuitive by listen to your inner voice more by being queit for 10 mins  daily .  You will always find answer in quite .

Empty your bowel daily – You cannot be constipated and think clearly , its impossible . Your gut has to be clean because of the emotions involved .Whenever you sit down to meditate or on your own , write your thoughts down then gradually you start to develop your intuition , You also become more compassionate  to yourself .   .

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