Weights for the Girls: Core Strength & Posture Tips for Sexy, Confident Women

Victoria with Kettle Weights“Women need weight training probably more than men!” I know a bold statement, but hear me out on this one ladies… I’m not talking about pumping iron with the boys down the gym but a bit of regular exercise with light dumbbells, kettle weights (2kg – 8kg) or Swiss ball.

All our lives as women we have been taught to value our external/physical beauty and the great assets with which we are blessed; such as shiny hair, smooth skin, full pert boobs and great legs. But two things that are often overlooked or undervalued when it comes to all-round health & wellness are posture and core strength.

Without good physical core strength and posture we are undermining our own health, happiness and outer beauty. Think about it; you may have great hair and legs but if your fabulous big breasts are giving you chronic agonising backache then you’re not really going to be standing tall with a smile on your face radiating confidence, are you?

Symptoms associated with bad posture and a weak core:
• Stress and depression
• Mood swings
• Abdominal bulges (muffin top alert!)
• Mental and physical pain
• Menstrual cycle problems

Science behind the training: find your ‘inner core strength’
Core strength refers to the muscles that hold our central skeletal system (spinal column) together and help us to stand up tall and proud (think backs, bums and tums!). The correction of posture is very simple, one has to only strengthen the weak muscles, and the joints in the spine will be gradually pulled back into their correct position often referred to as the ‘neutral spine’.

When this happens you will stand taller, your bum will become more toned and your stomach flatter. Amazing – and not one pair of Magic Miracle knickers in sight!

Key benefits of core strength training:
• Strength: the stronger you are, the better you feel
• Confidence: builds self-esteem as you stand taller, prouder and dare I say slimmer!
• Productivity: because you’ve trained your body to work as nature intended you will have more energy and verve to get stuff done.
• Stamina: so after a long day of working and playing hard you’ll still have the stamina for an energetic session in the bedroom. Yeah, baby!

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