Changing the Channel on Your Fitness & Wellbeing

I often get stopped when I am out and about around London and asked by strangers if I am a personal trainer and what my secret is to looking good.

I explain to these people that there is no quick fix to physical fitness and wellbeing, and that it has taken me many years of research and discipline to achieve the body I have today. What I do say to them however, is that it’s never too late to make small positive changes to your life today.

 An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By following this ethos it has helped keep me away from the doctor’s office for the past 15 years with no complaints concerning:

  •  headaches
  •  fevers, colds & flu
  •  depression

 By trading in bad habits for positive ones I have increased my productivity which in turn has helped me to perform on a higher level. Now I have more money in the bank which enables me to live the lifestyle I want. Finally and most importantly; it keeps me well rounded, healthy and attractive with a good sexual appetite.

By following my example, as outlined below, you too can stay fit and look great all year round, because if I can do it you can also!

  • 15 minutes daily breathing exercises
  • 30 minutes strength training 4 x a week
  • 1 x weekly session with a massage therapist, (Magda @ Wellbeing-Massage)
  • 1 x monthly chiropractic visit
  • 2 x weekly runs outside in the open air
  •  1 x monthly visit to an immunologist, (my personal one is Dirk Budka)
  • David Kirch supplements
  •  Eating quality, fresh, organic unprocessed foods (I regularly shop at Whole Foods)
  • Drink plenty of good mineral water (my personal favourite is Fiji)

Women especially those in their 30s can really benefit from my regime, because it helps combat the changes in hormone levels and metabolic rates which are common around this age and can often lead to weigh gain, premature ageing and depression.

By breaking the habit of quick and convenience and making a special effort in your everyday habits by opting for quality food and recreation, you too can change the channel on your own health and fitness. Think about it, human beings were never put on this earth to sit around all day behind desks and computers eating processed sugary snacks; we were built to hunt, run and procreate! 😮

Thanks for reading and please come back again next week for more health and fitness tips. If you can’t wait that long then you can always check out my website or follow me on Facebook.



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3 Responses to Changing the Channel on Your Fitness & Wellbeing

  1. Rebekah A. Hall says:

    This is written very professionally. Great work! R


  2. Greg Vaughan says:

    Hi guys, as a personal trainer myself I wanted to leave a comment on Victoria’s article. Much has been said about health and fitness and people get confused and don’t know what to do. Here a lot of information have been digested in the process and made very simple and easy for you to understand. I’ve known Victoria for over 3 years and have witnessed her growth as a Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer and must say that she is a great professional who never stops working on herself and passionately helping people. Although short this article says a lot and goes beyond fitness and into the field of well-being and gives you a very good idea of what you need to do to improve the quality of your life! Well done Victoria!


  3. Thanks guys, for your really nice comments and feedback I really appreciate your support and friendship.

    Not blogging this week, too distracted by the Fifa World Cup. C’mon Deutschland!


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