Food Supplements: Lose You Money Not Weight

I came across an article about weight loss supplements in the London Metro a few weeks back, and it got me thinking.  The piece questioned the benefits of taking a range of over the counter ‘fat burning’ products such as cabbage powder, bean concentrate and various plant extracts; and even went as far to discredit them by saying that many were no better than a placebo in helping people to slim.

A spokeswoman from The British Heart Foundation said:

“A huge amount of money is spent on the dieting industry but it’s often money down the drain. Small, sustainable changes to diet and physical activity are likely to be the most effective approach to keeping weight off – and it needn’t cost you a penny.”

From my personal experience as an athlete and physical health professional I agree with the findings behind the study; that these so called supplements when taken alone cannot make you slim. However, I do believe that some supplements are useful and can contribute to your wellbeing journey depending on the source and their purpose.

Supplements are not a one pill ‘magic bullet’ to fix your health and wellbeing issues, but they can be beneficial when combined with good food and exercise to influence metabolism.

“Exercise is the great leveller; it reduces the weight of the obese and increases the weight of the skinny” – Victor Barker – Posture Makes Perfect (1993)

 3 factors that affect weight:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Stress

Basically if you neglect a healthy diet and eat rubbish, don’t sleep enough or are generally stressed by work and everyday life then these are the things that will supress your metabolism and contribute to weight gain.

In my capacity as a personal trainer I rise early at 5.30am every-day and intensively train 5 days a week and I can readily admit that even I need a helping hand to stay on top form. I often take supplements to aid with energy, recovery and muscle repair. Over the years I’ve been my own guinea pig and I’ve tried many different products. Here’s my personal supplement guide that has helped keep me fit and sane these past 4 years:

Fitness is a journey. Don’t be fooled and brain-washed by the “rapid weight loss” slogans of the supplement companies, they don’t care, they are just out to make money.

Remember: You can only lose weight by excersie and a balance diet made up of good quality food. You should focus on eating food from Mother Nature, and not depend solely on supplements to fulfil your fitness goals.

If you wish to learn more about supplements, weight loss and exercise. Please feel free to email me personally. I will be glad to help.

Thanks for reading and please come back again for more health and fitness tips. If you can’t wait that long then you can always check out my website or follow me on Facebook.



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