How the Hollywood Lifestyle has Done Women Wrong

I was recently upset to read that the successful, beautiful and talented Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow had been diagnosed with osteopenia, a precursor to the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis,  at the age of just 37 (The Telegraph – 26 June 2010).

Since Paltrow’s candid confession in her Goop blog, many health experts have pointed the finger and passed judgement on her long-term extreme diets and harsh exercise regimes for being the likely cause of her bone condition.

It got me thinking; if big stars like Paltrow are getting the exercise and diet thing so wrong through lack of information and wreaking serious havoc and damage on their bodies, then other young women who look up to her and the myriad of other Hollywood leading ladies, are probably suffering from very similar ailments too!

A couple of my friends in business told me I shouldn’t write this blog, but I felt compelled to because I feel so passionately about women’s health and wellbeing that if I didn’t say something then I would be complicit in the continuing misinformation and lies.

I’m spreading my word for the greater good, so here I go…

My Body is a Temple Home

It really angers and upsets me to think how women (me included in the past!) have been brainwashed by “how to” exercise and diet guides, the media, marketeers and big business; to aspire and conform to an unrealistic and often unsustainable body image.

I often think that building a successful and healthy body is like building a house; you can spend years honing your dream house getting it perfect, but then you come to move in and you realise it just doesn’t feel comfortable or homely because you’ve become so obsessed with keeping it “just so” that you start to become unhappy with the pressure of maintaining it all.

The pressure of creating and maintaining the perfect body can also become a very real and damaging obsession. Every woman should feel comfortable and happy within her own body, so constant dieting and extreme exercise to keep or conform to the ‘perfect’ shape will inevitably lead to all kinds of physical and even, in some extreme cases, mental health problems later in life.

Exercises That can Help Combat Osteoporosis and Cellulite

As my job as a Personal Trainer I meet lots of women and some men who want to know how they can stay fit and healthy without compromising their long-term health and happiness.

I’ve devised a moderate excersie plan which has been specifically designed to focus on combating osteoporosis and cellulite:

  1. Push press with hand weights (12 reps)
  2. Alternating reverse lunges (15 per side)
  3. Inverted row (with hand weights or kettle bells)
  4. Side plank (25 seconds per side)
  5. Abdominal stability ball roll-outs (15 per side)
  6. Dumbell Romanian Dead-lifts
  7. Jump Squats (10 – 15 reps)

 Benefits of Performing Osteoporosis and Cellulite Workout

  • Improve muscular strength and endurance, maintain muscle and bone mass and enhance overall health and fitness.
  • Improved coordination and movement that enable you to move better.
  • Improve posture in general health and fat loss.

Thanks for reading and please come back again for more health and fitness tips. If you can’t wait that long then you can always check out my website or follow me on Facebook.



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2 Responses to How the Hollywood Lifestyle has Done Women Wrong

  1. Maude Gramercy says:

    Maude 17/05/2011

    Working with Victoria once a week for the past year has been an
    effective way to change how I trained in the gym, going nowhere fast.

    I started by running for 15 minutes followed by isolation exercises with the aim of improving my balance and flexibility for my dancing. After doing this for 1 ½ years I started to work with Victoria twice a week for 6 weeks and slowly but surely found that my body was changing.

    Victoria has now been my personal trainer for a year with my seeing her once a week. The difference is amazing in everyway; the greater physical fitness enhances my life and my dancing. What I have learnt is that for a successful long-term outcome I am going to have to increase my workouts with Victoria to twice a week because I am now seeking to be able to increase what I am able to do to enable me to live my life to the best that I can.


  2. Rebekah says:

    Great work V!


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