How to Get a Better Body and Peace of Mind for Women Over 35

Back when I was struggling to get ahead in life, I spent most of my hard-earned money on supplements, diet foods & guides and “how to…” audio books.

While I’m still indulging my love for audio books I’ve managed to eliminate the faddy diet foods & guides.

Remembering back to those faddy days I recall one annoying phrase I heard over and over again: “That diet really worked for me, I just know it will work for you too!

The worst part of the above statement is that it’s often spoken from the lips of a A-list celebrity endorsing one of these lame and often damaging diets.

Grinning smugly from the cover of the latest celebrity or lifestyle magazine; these so called A-lister celebs look like the picture of healthy perfection, but after closer inspection I realised that a lot of these men and women are literally weak/unfit and are often digitally enhanced/Photoshopped to unrealistic proportions. No wonder many young people in society today are suffering from body-image issues and low self-esteem!

After 8 years of working in the fitness industry and being intensively coached by some of the world-leading sports and lifestyle coaches from around the globe, (who live and breathe what they preach!). I realised that to actually have happiness and peace of mind with oneself we have to tailor training programs for a person’s specific needs and body shape, rather than going by the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

For example: for women over 35 years of age and who are of classic ‘pear shape’ body shape and often experience problems in the lower body; which sees them carrying excess weight on their hips, thighs and buttocks.

If this sounds familiar to you then please keep reading… for a pear shape to effectively get fitter and lose fat fast, you’ll need to indulge in the below multiple training styles:

(Please note: you’ll notice I did not say anything about pounding away on a treadmill for hours!)

 Density: Even if you don’t have high oestrogen levels, density training is one of the best fat busting workouts on the face of the earth.

Strength: training will improve your strength and help you to a lean body mass, ensuring that you don’t gain weight later.

Don’t believe losing that lower portion of body weight is a hardship; after all I managed to get rid of mine! Here are some of the best exercises I have used to reduce fat on my hips and butt:

  •  Wide-stance dumbell squats
  • Dumbell push press
  • Inverted row or pull ups
  • Alternating reverse lunges
  • Plank (hold position for a long as you can)
  • Squat to side kick
  • One leg Romanian deadlift with dumbells or kettle weights
  • Finish off with bicycle crunches

Thanks for reading and please come back again for more health and fitness tips. If you can’t wait that long then you can always check out my website or follow me on Facebook.



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1 Response to How to Get a Better Body and Peace of Mind for Women Over 35

  1. Gricha says:

    Victoria has made a tremendous change in the way she looks, especially in the past 12 months. She just looks fantastic, like a real athlete and I REALLY mean it! I know what she eats and the way she trains and I’m not surprised she looks the way she does. We all know that African women tend to have larger butts, and a year ago Vicky looked lean but her bottom and thighs looked a bit too big for her upper body. Today she looks lean, with well proportioned upper and lower body, which speaks volume for her training method(s) and her understanding on the subject!!!
    PS This is my honest opinion as a fitness coach, myself.


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