How to Avoid a Running Nose During this Holiday Season

I noticed lots of people running around with cold hands and sneezing during this winter season. Before you go ahead and purchase another allergy medication, take a look at the food you are consuming.

Processed meat trigger food allergy for many people, the problem is some of the preservatives in meats, and meats themselves, produce histamine which make your nose run when you have a cold.

Solution – Always go out of you way to purchase organic, free range produce. They are far more nutritious, free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

If organic meats are not available, other choices are grass fed free range meats, at least they are free to roam, got exercise and ate what they were designed to eat.

Avoid farmed fish – We all know that fish has earned a reputation as a health food, and for the most part, that’s true. However, some type of fish are worth staying away from; for example, swordfish and shark tends to contain high levels of mercury.

Try and rotate your meat choices, my personal choices are ribeye steak, pork chop loin, sirloin steak and lamb.

Do not fear the fats in the meat or on the body of any protein source that is from an organic, free range source. That is the fat that got us here.

Exercise to do to avoid running nose: push-ups, prisoner squats, mountain climber and jump squats. Perform this in order and repeat 3 – 5 times.

All these exercises can be viewed on the Victoria Boer Fitness You Tube channel

Reference to this info can be find from Paul chek,  -How to move and be healthy.

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