Lessons I’ve Learnt so far as a Woman… Strong and Being Sexy

I give a lot of credit to women who have achieved lots by being a mother, great family and successful at the same time. I’ve been fortunate to get to know this kind of polished human being over the past few year and here are some of the great lessons I’ve learnt so far from them…

  1. Being beautiful has to come from internal not external.
  2. Being strong makes you calm and beautiful.
  3. The more confidence you have, the better decision you arrive at any difficult time for you and your family.
  4. Positive, mental energy will always make you feel sexy – I think I can say no more to that.
  5. Women need to be educated and understand that most insecurity comes from physical as well as physiologically
  6. Legs and feet are the foundation and support of our ego structure, so be careful before  purchasing another pair of Jimmy Choos. I’m a woman and I’m as guilty of this as well.
  7. Investing in yourself and education – it will provide the best role in everything you do.
  8. Get therapy or a mentor, your work function will improve
  9. Reducing fat in your hips and thighs will improve vitality which leads to a better sex drive and great hormones balance, productivity and general well being
  10. Buying ”things” will destroy your life slowly, (yes I’m human and guilty of this too!)

My commitment is to keep on getting valuable lessons from this great group of people and passing it over to you. Remember we are affected by our surrounding either moral or not – zig ziglar

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