Reasons to avoid sugar

I’m aware that lots of people in the western world grow up with an addiction to sweets , chocolate , pastry etc. I grew up in a farm but when I also adopted the sugar life style  I can see the diminishing in my moods and energy level .

Base on the findings from Nina Planck , the author of real food , what to eat and why . Eating sugar depletes B vitamins which leads to premenstrual symptoms and depression and promotes candida albica-cans a systematic yeast infections . This explained the reason for high depression in our society .

Sugar also lead to obesity , diabetes , and heart diseases . Among all the industrial food and the government recommended daily advise sugar is the most dangerous .

Sugar also causes bone loss and of course tooth decay .

Sugar also upset the balance of calcium and phosphorous , which causes teeth to rot from inside . So this has nothing to do with taken enough calcium supplement or overloading yourself with dairy products which a lot of them is a bad news because of their high level sugar content .

Complex carbohydrate like brown rice naturally contain vitamin B.

The last time I had sugar was 10 years ago that explained my energy level , my good mood my sense of productivity and happiness . I don’t think I will trade that for a bar of chocolate in this life time .

So my basic nutrition is based on vegetables protein and fats including  wine which  I love and drink in moderation. I also discovered my own metabolic type which is a fast oxidiser very incompatible with sugar .

Once you understand this concept then you can grow stronger and live a fabulous life.

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