About two years ago, my body started getting out of proportion even though I’m a fitness and body coach. This can apply to anyone regardless of your profession as our posture naturally declines as we age.

We are all aware that the importance of postural appearance has increased markedly during the past thirty years. Divorce and separation have become common place during this period.

The biggest misconception is, it’s been generally accepted that most of our posture related problems are part of ageing process and must, therefore, either be accepted or treated with cosmetic surgery.

The basic cause of our poor posture and muscle imbalance are result of misuse.

Our neck is a reliable age indicator. The face is not a reliable gauge of age, neither is the hair, which may be coloured or grey, thick or thin at any age. Hands are also unreliable because of the nature of individual type of work.

The biggest part of it is the mind, which can affect the posture, and posture can affect the mind. if you notice yourself being quick to anger, low self-esteem, lack of confidence; then these are common symptoms of bad posture.

Correcting your posture will improve your mind, with more certainty and more quickly than a psychological approach.

People react more pleasantly and with greater respect to a person who stands and sits with balance and composure, and who moves with grace. This explains why people always react to me with pleasure.

The resources to this information can be find from a book written by Dr. Victor Barker called ‘Posture Makes Perfect’.

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