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10 Weird Things About Victoria

Here are 10 weird things about me which I would like to share with you all… I prefer training barefooted. I haven’t had sugar in in 8 years. I believe in Power Training. I must drink up to 4 litres … Continue reading

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Tips for Improving Vitality and Stay Sexy

Sleep: This is one of the biggest overlooked problems in our society today, many people think they can just get by with less sleep and they will be fine. The centers for disease recently classified ‘all-nighters’ as a recipe for … Continue reading

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Healthy Hormones, Your Body and Productivity

I’ve been learning for the past few months from the top experts in hormone therapies and bio chemistry, and I’ve become fascinated in how human beings can function and increase their productivity. To function on a high level, these three … Continue reading

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5 Qualities of a true gentleman

I spent most of the time these days observing what character determine a true gentleman . In a book written by Alex green – The secret of a shelter island , i came across a very good qualities that i … Continue reading

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Nutrition plays an important role in our mind and personalty . we seems to take this issue lightly . Since all our behaviour depends on the production of energy in the tissues , ones personality- what you think ,feels, and … Continue reading

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<a href="[youtube; title=”Not about being skinny”>Not about being skinny

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