Nutrition plays an important role in our mind and personalty . we seems to take this issue lightly .

Since all our behaviour depends on the production of energy in the tissues , ones personality- what you think ,feels, and does change when this output changes .

We have different types of metabolism when it comes to how food impact our personality . Fast oxidizer and slow oxidizer . a fast oxidizer would react quickly and badly to the combination of coffee,  starch, and sugar .

Wrong food can actually impaired the brain function. The list of food we ate and when we ate it might provide a glimpse of lack of confidence , shyness, fearful and withdrawn behaviour .

Most of the doctors sometimes assume that we are in a fine health . sometimes when i ate food that are not good for my personality . i become less function and hyper . That means my body cant wait to get rid of it .

Food played a major role in our life as i said earlier, food  can  increase confidence and self esteem, and it can also destroy your confidence .

You cannot simply take a day off from your sound nutrition , whether or not ones likes it , the heart beats on , and the liver, kidneys, and nervous system keep functioning and their requirement simply cannot be postponed . – George Watson .

I know some people out there with rigid and inflexible altitude towards food, but if  one keep a bit of open mind towards health and appearance  by eating high performance food for your personality , this altitude will disappear and you become very well.

The wrong food can make coward of you , makes you ill and shorten your life. The right food will boost your confidence , increase your income and enjoy better life .

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