Healthy Hormones, Your Body and Productivity

I’ve been learning for the past few months from the top experts in hormone therapies and bio chemistry, and I’ve become fascinated in how human beings can function and increase their productivity.

To function on a high level, these three systems; digestive system, hormonal system, and detoxification system must be improved. What I’ve seen and read these can all be improved through simple changes in lifestyle and diet.

According to Daniel Kalish, in his book “Your Guide to Healthy Hormones”, he states that in some cases these lifestyle changes are enough to resolve the problems. He mentioned that most of our physicians are trained to treat either symptom or disease – for example if a patient has a group of digestive problems, he or she may be diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and treated with medication.

This does not determine why the bowel is irritated or addresses the cause of the discomfort. I’m not saying you don’t need your doctor or physicians but their approach often does not address the cause, the body eventually will develop another set of symptoms.

I suggest visiting an immunologist for a full set of thorough laboratory test.

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