Tips for Improving Vitality and Stay Sexy

Sleep: This is one of the biggest overlooked problems in our society today, many people think they can just get by with less sleep and they will be fine. The centers for disease recently classified ‘all-nighters’ as a recipe for cancer – lack of sleep will make you fat, diabetic and dead.

Personally I need up to 12 hours of sleep per night to function on a high level. Sleep will make you happier and improve sex drive; no amount of money will give you that.

Own your own hair: According to Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, (Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery, Medical Centre of New York’s Presbyterian), he has explained further in his research that your own natural hair will promote longer life, a sense of well-being, and less hormone problems.

Own your own healthy teeth: This is actually a very sensitive one, even though I’ve lost some of my teeth, I’m now very careful of what I allow in my mouth. Did you know there is a strong correlation between the longevity of a person’s teeth and their longevity in general? One of the best advice is to seek out for a biological dentist and avoid dental amalgam/mercury at all cost.

Relationships:  The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. Your own positive outlook will have an impact on the people surrounding you.

If you are not in a happy relationship, fix or exit the one you have.

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