Poor Posture, Testosterone, and Sexual Energy

The more I’ve learned about health, the more I’ve started to understand it can be summed up in four points:

  4. POOP!

Poor postures affect everything and infertility is becoming a major and accepted problem in our society. If posture is poor, the mechanism of great sexual performance will not work, (now do you see where I’m coming from?)

If you fix your posture, the sex energy will run smoothly and this can increase fertility.

A man’s testosterone generally peaks in his late 20’s after the age of 40’s it decreases about one percent per year. The decrease in Androgen production is sometimes referred to andro- pause or male menopause.

When testosterone levels fall below the normal range; Fatigue and Erectile Dysfunction symptoms can arise. Stiff muscles are also a major problem affecting testosterone and sexual dysfunction which also contribute to adrenaline fatigue.

What to do:

Corrective stretching before any sort of weight lifting. This can be learned from a good trainer, I’m not talking about the ones with two days certificate course, because they don’t know as well.

Mobility warm-up for proper function of the muscle. Good mobility allows muscles to grow; remember stiff muscle don’t grow!

To wrap things up, all those four key elements of health must improve for a life lived well. I’m sure that’s what everyone wants.

No doctor can cure you. No medicine can cure you. But you can cure you. I personally believe that there is nothing interested in a human being with low testosterone and low level of vitality.

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