Nobody is born with super sexy legs; I’ve researched cutting-edge info and strategies to overcome this obstacle. We all know that as we approach a certain age, everything starts sagging; leg and butt fat starts spreading all over the place! Well, that’s the way I saw my lower body a few years back and I knew I had to do something FAST to help myself and clients moving forward.

Based on all of my research, I have never come across any intelligent strength training programs that focus only on running and cutting calories. Sometimes we focus too much on external factors like jogging, strict diets and calorie counting. My point is that we are often desperate for a quick-fix, and desperate people do desperate things.

For example if there is lack of mobility from the ankle and hips, it will be very difficult to develop sexy legs because it’s all connected – from your bottom, to your hips to the tips of your toes!

What to do:

Compound strength training is a must to work all areas of the butt from different angles. Doing regular hip and ankle mobility exercises will help you achieve sexy legs that turn heads. Here are my top 5 exercises:

  1. Romanian Dead Lift
  2. Back Extension
  3. Supine hips extension
  4. S B Glute Hamstring
  5. Reverse Hyperextension

These are great hip exercises that will help strengthen your hips and ankles for better, shapelier legs.

Videos of these exercises can be viewed on the VictoriaBoerFitness You Tube Channel.

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