Why people remain sick .

There are many reasons why people do not get well . the success of the treatment depend on the right diagnosis . the treatment must always fit the disease and most people has been misdiagnosed in various occasions .

Base on my recent research , i found out some down to earth reasons why individual can remain sick for a very long time .

The one that really kick my ass is the fact that , there are some who have much to gain from being sick than being well . if someone get gets more attention , lots of sympathy , help from relatives and does not have to work or gets money from the government then this habits prolong their sickness or in ability to get well for a long time .

Another one is that some people are simply not ill enough to accept the fact they will have to change their life style unless some drop dead in their family or working place .

We all have the tendency to blame the doctors if we do not improve . but sometimes the reason is that you simply could or would not follow completely follow doctors advice .

Another major problems is financial limitations , which is a common justifiable reasons why some people do not do what needs to be done to make themselves or their children well.

What to do

Eat very clean foods , nothing wrap in a plastic bags . seriously your family will improve and feel better on this .

Be in a happy relationship . high percentage of people are sick because of unhealthy partner .

Dont shrink yourself for another person to feel good , there is nothing enlightening about this , you will become very sad .

Live in the present , forget about the past , only learn from it .

Do body weight exercise to improve performance .

Im leaving you with this and i will be coming back for some cool stuff .

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