Having a flat stomach or sexy abdominals that make you look well and attractive isnt complicated .This is the major question people asked me every time , and the good news is it can be solved . I know the media and the television does not make it easier for people , but if you follow this simple tips and apply for few days , you will start seeing the different in your overall health . 

Always eat breakfast . to stabilise your blood level and avoid food craving . For example eggs , and some vegetables . nothing in the box, no cereal or cocoa pops , trust me they are full of sugar . 

Drinks lots of water . sometimes you are not hungry but dehydrated . 

Please never buy any abdominal equipment that is being advertise on television. They are useless and wasting of money . 

Never eat processed food , they are poison to your soul . you should bear in mind that a sick stomach reveal a sick mind . 

Take unfermented cod liver oil or fish oil to boost omega 3 . 

Eliminate all processed food from your diet . Never eat them . 

Drink organic green tea to elevate fat burning and work capacity . no sugar in the tea. 

To get lean faster, focus on lifting heavy for maximum fat burning . 

Do sprint interval , short burst sprinting promote lean muscle and flat stomach . 

Remember you can not out train a bad diet . 

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About Victoria Boer

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