How to Fix Hips Degeneration

I got this blog idea from one of my clients that recently took her friend to the hospital. She mentioned that she saw a lot of younger people men and women with all sorts of hips problems.

I know it’s scary, but I’m not here to contribute to your fear but to share a few things with you in order to avoid hips replacement in future. before I go on with what to do, I’m going to talk about what causes hip degeneration and poor posture.

The problem is that we spend most of our days in a chair or standing at the bench, that our back and buttock muscles waste away. Our chairs, work benches, desks, cars, and shoes all contribute to the ruin of our alignment, which often leads to serious damage of the hips.

Now that you are aware of what causes hips degeneration, let’s get down to the solution. Women mostly over 35 are suffering from hips and pelvic problems. If we do not use our pelvic and hips muscle, they will degenerate. So, what to do?


Stand upright, feet together holding the back of a chair placed with its side against a wall. Your shoulder will be against the wall. Raise the leg sideways as high as possible, keeping the trunk upright and the toes pointing forwards. Lower the leg.  Perform the exercise in a slow controlled manner. You will not be able to raise your leg very high, if you do this exercise correctly.

Important points to note…

The leg you raise must be the apparently shorter one. The foot you raise must point to the front throughout the exercise. If you turn the foot outwards, you will be exercising the wrong muscles. If you do not have a suitable high -backed chair, use an open door for support.

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