The Problems with women .

Women spend all their life accumulating stuff. ok im a woman  and im guilty of this as well . The point im trying to get to is the fact that we dont need stuff to be beautiful or happy .

Most are spending time resources and energy on accumulating of stuff . We spend all our time on getting more stuff , while our bodies deteriorate and mind grow weak. Some women will rather spend money on a handbags , jimmy choo shoes but hardly buy a nutritious food that will benefits her family . This is a shame .

We neglect ourselves and put other people first , our children , all because of obligations reason . Thats not how it works , if you feel well everyone surrounds you will benefits .

Sometime we depend on our partner as a source of happiness , meanwhile we need to develop our own strength for our happiness . In fact you should be your own source of happiness , so that your partner can enjoy you more .

I believe we should act like a lady , but think like a man . thats my own personal opinion .

Women tend to make a lot of mistakes in their nutrition and training program , the biggest issue is starving their bodies . Why do so many women have to ingrained in their head that they have to starve themselves to look the way they want .

Most of us girls have done it . counting fat grams eating crackers all days . This is not how it works, you must include good quality fats throughout the day . This is so important for your hormones , fat loss and overall health . please do not be afraid of healthy fats .

In conclusion , if you have a good relationship with yourself, then you can develop a great relationship with other people .

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