Diet is more important than exercise

Getting back in shape in shape is not an an equal relationship if you want to lose weight or gain some muscle . diet is the more important element of the equation .

The food you eat reveals everything that is going on your body . Emotional , physical and  mentally . you cant out exercise a bad diet. its true and its the reason why many people spend their life in the gym and even hire a trainer still are frustrated with how they feel and look .

Traditional weight loss advice ” Eat less and exercise more ” . The combination is also expressed as ” slow down your metabolism while speeding it up . This is bad advice especially if you are training very often , its like your financial adviser telling you to run up your credits cards and put money in saving .

What to do

Understanding your metabolic type , protein type, carb type or mixed type . you can get this right by consulting with a immunologist .

Avoid sugar completely .

Probably exercise less but with purpose and a program to follow , you can do this by hire a skilful trainer not a gym trainer .

If you eat less , your resting metabolic slows, if your food doesnt go with your digestive system . you are voting against a leaner body .

Always pack your own food , not only that it saves you money , you will be more productive as well .

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