Building self esteem

Actually im supposed to call this blog how to shape your body and life . but im going to stick with the art of building self esteem . One of the reasons people generally have low confidence is  because they value or afraid of other people opinions and judgement

I know its pretty scary because you need courage to live your life the way you want it . I used to have problems dealing with this , not because im lack in confidence . I generally dont like people feeling bad but at the end of the day you will find yourself acting the same .

And one of the reason people dont act on their idea is because of self poor image , lack of confidence or not be able to see yourself doing it . laziness and procrastination .Waiting for better timing or more resources .

Those are the list of excuses for in ability to challenge the statue quo . in my opinion , everybody has an idea , everybody has talents but few acts on them . our life will be shape with how we respond to idea and opportunities .

The first thing you want to do is to start investing in looking after yourself , dont eat shit , or crap foods . If you  eat  shit  you will        feel and look like shit , that means nobody will buy your idea.

Improving life skill will also help you to belief in your ability . And the last is do strength training and activate your cardiovascular fitness .

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