How to thrive during menopause

Many women feel psychomatic  during menopause – moodiness, irritability , and forgetfulness . ive spent a lot of time researching with women who feel great during their menopause . As we know, menopause is a work of nature and we must embrace it with peace of mind .

As you age, and put on body fat, they can develop insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome , which leads to type 2 diabetes and further elevated the cardiovascular disease risk . Once this start to happen , your body will find it very difficult to cope during this period .

To decrease chances of developing these symptoms , simply do the following

Dont yo-yo diet .

Keep your body fat in a healthy range .

Exercise at least 5hrs each week

Avoid processed food and added sugar , if you can , no supermarket change your mindset in the direction of local organic farmers and butchers .

Drink tea and water

Do STRENGTH  training . – people approaching menopause seems to overlook this , they tend  to look for some kind of redemption else where . the good news is strength training will activate your hormones production

Stay in a positive relationship, not a co- dependency one . Remember without your health, you aren’t capable of living a full life .

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