How to insure your life and health .

We all know certain things that are are good for us . things that can make us peaceful and happy all the time . for example here are my quick list .

Dont smoke , Wear a seat belt , Floss Daily – im guilty of this . , Eat vegetable , and get 8 hours of sleep . im sure this is not a bad list follow it and you will insure a healthy life .

For those of us who like to lift weight , we usually have list of movement that are good for us . And when im in the gym or a fitness club, most of the guys are doing bench presses, curls , crunches on the floor  – They rarely do movements that benefits their health and muscles .

Build muscle , Not size – i know contrary to popular belief, strength training actually make you smaller not bigger . focusing on the movements like


Good morning



Bent over row .

This movements will not only save your life , but will insure a healthy life . The videos of this movements can be view on you tube channel .

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