5 Tips For a Better Life .

The motive of   this blog is to share few ideas that has helped  me  and my clients to live a better life . And some of these rules will makes you feel confident when applied .

Feed your real self – This is so important because lots of people go about feeding the shadow of themselves , living to the society and feeling pain and empty inside .  Dont let anybody bribe you away from yourself so that you can grow .

Many men and women are in pain because they usually doing what everyone is doing , or wearing what everyone is wearing . According to Napoleon Hill, the author of  Think And Grow Rich , – You may greatly admire some person for a particular talent or skill , but trying to be that person will be waste of time and effort . Be yourself is more attractive .

Follow you own rules – Do you have a rules, if not please make some . Honesty and keeping promises is important for me personally . I will always find a way to do what i promised to do .Ive grown to accomplish a lot by following this rule . To be honest , i wasnt good at this until i started my business .

Plan you days ahead – Anything that brings you ahead is preparation . For example i write for 30 mins every day without distraction , and i learnt the habits of planing my clients program days ahead .

Plan your food ahead – This tips if applied will help your productivity and save you money .

Finally stay happy and save your life – Optimistic and happy people may also be less likely to suffer a stroke , according a university of texas study of senior citizens, reasons is optimistic had less pain, felt more energetic most of the time . Happy thought also put your cell function in balance .

I will be back for more tips on a life well lived .

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  1. Corinne Shields says:

    Hi Victoria

    Thanks for reblogging “When will I grow too old to dream?” from soulsnet.com. a daily inspiration blog for the bruised, bothered and bewildered. Hope your readers will enjoy it. Really enjoyed your post. Will visit often.


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