How to build a lean body with conditioning training

Im going to start with the benefits of conditioning training and the reason why you should implement it into your workout routine . According to coach Paul Wade , author of conditioning convict , he says that in nature, the human body does not need to move barbell or dump bells around . before it can move anything external at all , it has to be able to move itself .

Now you see what im getting at before you proceed to move any heavy weights , you must be able to move yourself . You will be more connected with your mind because you are moving your own body .

Body weight training also maximise strength  – Strength that is useful in a real world .. Which means they work the body in a way it seems to work . not by using individual muscles . This also means developing of the tendons , joints , and nervous system .

Body weight training also reduces fat level, and improvement of immune function .

It also improves work capacity which allow your muscles to become strong and leaner . im sure that whats everyone wants . ive been applying body weight into my routine , and it has make me stronger and leaner . Thats my reason for sharing this benefits with you .

Examples of conditioning training can be view on my you tube channel – Extra fat loss circuit . hope you enjoy this blog, and the purpose of this blog is to help you building esteem and better body , to enjoy good qualities of life .

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