Why women remain fat and what to do about it

This blog post is purely base on my observation why women remain fats and miserable . Even thou they been trying all their in achieving the best result possible .

STARVING THIER BODIES – Many women skip meals , skipping meals increase your likelihood of metabolic syndrome , which include decreasing your good cholesterol  increasing your blood pressure and worst of all increasing your belly fats . All this issue comes down to starving the body .  Starving your body is the last thing you should do if you want to look fabulous and fit which is what everywomen want .

AVOIDING FAT  -Most of us girls have done that, ive done that . I used to keep all the track of grams of fat and used to believe eating fat will get me fat . Well i found out that you dont eat fat and it get turn into fat , thats not how it works . You must include good quantity of fat through out the day if you want to burn more calories . This is very important for your hormone and fat loss .

ALL OR NOTHING THINKING – After working with hundreds of grateful clients , Ive come to realise both profound and simple that men and women tend to be black or white . ON or OFF . They are either on their super strict diet and focused or their OFF their diet .

This is a very common destructive relationship with body and mind . maintaining a fair steady weight throughout life seems to be more important than whether one is over or underweight .

WHAT TO DO    – Eat a mixture of high quality protein at every meal, Do not starve yourself, Eliminate all processed carbohydrates , Use healthy fats and oils freely . Make water your main stream . You know if you feel better , you will look better and be able to support people that surrounds you .

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