Know your fish .

What would you say to a six years old who asked you where do fish come from? Well interesting isnt it , fish has gained a lot of bad reputation lately. Also fish has earned a lot of reputation as a health food which is true .

Now base on my own personal experience with fish, ive been sicked many times after eating fish . not until i consulted with an immunologist who educated me the different between farmed fish and a wild caught fish . For example large carnivorous fish such as sword fish

The worst type of fish to buy include atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut , Farmed salmon, prawns , skate , snapper, and sword fish . The best for your health and enviromental sensitivity are cold water fish that contain special type of omega-3 fatty acid .

This type of fatty acid are good for beating inflammation , fighting heart disease and host of other health conditions . Many of this good fish swim abundantly ; anchovies, sardines, striped seabass, and wild alaskan salmon.

Make sure you never buy fish from a supermarket, but from your local fish mongers . And if you are in a fancy restaurant , always make sure you know where their fish is coming from . These will save you and your family a long term health issue .

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