Top Ten Foods For Longer Life

Ive been researching lately on foods and how it affecting everything that is going on in our life . every where i go , people seems to be running away from real food especially the ones that can save life . This top ten foods are all backed by independent studies.

Tomatoes –  Tomatoes contain very powerful antioxidant called lycopene , and lycopene cuts cancer rate by 40 percent . and heart disease by 50 percent .

Olive Oil- Reduces death from heart disease . The best one to use is extra virgin cold press olive oil.

Red or Purple grapes – Grapes juice and red wine increases longevity , a word of caution on this one  i normally drink a glass of good red wine in the evening . Whatever works for you but not more than two alcoholic drink per day maximum .

Garlic – It fight cancer and heart disease , and overall its anti -aging .

Spinach – Its rich in folic acid, which help fights cancer, heart disease and mental disorders

Salmon and other fatty acids – This contain lots of omega – 3 fatty acids , which fight virtually every disease and keep your brain and heart function optimally . They also lower inflammation . make sure your salmon is wild from pacific or alaskan other wise choose another fish .

Nuts – They can cut heart attack death by 40 percent in women . People who eats nuts 4 times a week tend to live longer – Almonds and walnuts are lower in cholesterol . Unsalted are best for you . And eat them raw if you can . I personally prefer almonds and seeds, lately ive switched to organic almonds and it makes such a huge different in my skin . You dont have to be fanatic about it , try different ones and see which one works best for you .

Blueberries – This is really super food – High in antioxidant , one half cup a day can retard aging and block brain changes leading to fading memory . Please avoid berries from the supermarket because its full of pesticide . get them from local butcher or organic health shop .

Green Tea. – This is one of my favourite this year , one cup per day can cut the risk of heart disease in half . other beneficial effects include improved mental alertness , lower risk of breast , colon, lung, ovarian, and prostrate cancer .

Pomegranate-  New studies show pomegranate to be one of the richer  sources of antioxidant . The best source are the fresh ones from the organic shop .

Mainly be  aware of the consequences of overeating and of unhealthy diet .

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