Why you should step away from the tread mill

Majority of the people spend too much time running on the treadmill hoping to lose fat. Anyway im not here to domonize anyone’s favourites type of exercise . I just want to show you a better way to lose fat, and i want to eliminate any fear you might have regarding lifting weights .

Running or jogging is an option , not a necessity for fat loss . ” Look at joggers and distance runners , They aren’t slender , they simply have no muscle mass . They ‘re weak , they cant generate power , and in spite of their slender appearance , joggers aren’t lean .

Muscle mass burn fats . Thats the harsh truth , and the word ”aerobic refers to the aerobic energy system , one the three way your body can fuel movement . you use your aerobic constantly whether you think about it or not .

The amount of fat you burn during exercise matter less than the amount you burn when you aren’t exercising . And thats where you start to see some of the hidden benefits of strength training . And when you do only running , you lose muscle mass that will provide you with after burn .

The average body fat content of jogging club member was 22 percent, in one study . Anything above 13 percent is scary . I wouldn’t jog for health or to lose fat , but sprinting or playful run for cardiovascular health to clear my head will be fun and healthful .

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Need to Lose weight ? Discover fat burning addiction without boring cardio
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