The best exercise for pear shape women .

Im going to start by giving you pear shape profile . You are a pear if you carry most of your weight in your hips , butts , and thighs . Narrow shoulders , elegant arms, and a slim upper back are probably the pear’s best features .

Every one has a pet- peeve around their body including me . I tend to gain weight around my stomach, hips, and butts which makes me fall into pear shape category . Thou our body changes as we grow older .

Some women develop more more thickness in their thighs due to wrong type of exercise . The best move that will get your heart rate up without adding thigh size  — Squat thrust, sprinting , and rowing . Those are the best cardio for you as a pear shape women , that will make you fit and attractive .

Avoid cycling , and stair climbing , which can both overdevelop a pears legs, the quadriceps in particular . Good weightlifting moves for the pear include Dead lifts , Lunges variation , the dumbbell fly , and the pelvic tilt . You can view the videos of these exercise on my you tube channel .


Develop strong and well defined shoulders , by strengthening  and visually widening the upper body , that will create a better balance between the shoulder and the hips . so that the body will be in proportion .

The upper back – this is one of the best features of pear women, we need to focus on the exercise that improve posture so that you can stand strong , upright , to create a taller slimmer you .

Reduce fats on the hips , bottoms , and thighs . The focus will be exercise that help to reduce any excess body fat storage . Too often women with pear -shaped figures spend hours doing lower body work  which result in building mass in the hips and thighs . instead, the exercise i mentioned earlier will shrink and define the curve between buttocks and thighs .

If you are a   pear shape women reading this blog, this is the whole truth, we are all individual and different .Ive used this method for me and several female clients and the result has been amazing .

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