Best exercise for apple shape women

You belong to the category apple shape if you carry most of your body weight around your stomach , back, and arms . Your legs are relatively thin . Most of your focus will be toning of torso area . Its important to stay away from strength moves that could add size to the back belly and arms .

In my experience and after getting results from training female and male clients that fall into this shape category , the combination of lower abdominal work , and oblique work are the key to apple body success .

Apple body features

Arms – The apple has well – shaped arms , but the upper arms may be flabby .

Waist and stomach – The waist is more or less defined depending on the underlying muscle tone , the waist and stomach tend to store body fat .

Upper and lower back – The broad , strong back of the apple has a tendency to retain weight and look heavy .

Workout goals – Reduce body fat , women with a typical apple shape store excess fat around their waist and stomach which make them more vulnerable to heart disease .

The best weightlifting for apple shape body are – D B Pullover , this is essential for apple success because its tone the torso’s area .  A lots of squats , cardio boxing , Dumbbell Rows, Oblique exercises are the best way to shape the apple body .

The best cardio for apple shape will be to work lower and upper body simultaneously . They include skipping , squat thrust , and hill sprinting will be most valuable assets to apple shape result .

The videos to the exercise i mentioned above could be seen on my you tube channel .

About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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