Best Exercise for Apple Shape Women

You belong to the apple shaped category if you carry most of your body weight around your stomach, back, and arms. Your legs are relatively thin. Most of your focus will be toning of the torso area. It’s important to stay away from strength moves that could add size to the back, belly and arms.

In my experience and after getting results from training female and male clients that fall into this shape category, the combination of lower abdominal work, and oblique work are the key to apple body success.

Apple body features:

  • Arms – The apple has well-shaped arms, but the upper arms may be flabby.
  • Waist and Stomach – The waist is defined depending on the underlying muscle tone, the waist and stomach tend to store body fat.
  • Upper and Lower Back – The broad, strong back of the apple tends to retain weight and looks heavy.

Workout goals:

Reduce body fat, women who are a typical apple shape tend to store excess fat around their waist and stomach, which makes them more vulnerable to heart disease.

The best weightlifting exercises for an apple shape body are – D B pullover, this is essential for apple success because it tones the torso’s area.  A lot of squats, cardio, boxing, dumbbell rows, and oblique exercises are the best way to shape the apple body.

The best cardio for apple shape will be to work lower and upper body simultaneously. They include skipping, squat thrusts, and hill sprinting – which will be the most valuable assets to apple shape gaining result.

Videos to the exercises I have mentioned above can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.

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