How to lose belly fats , healthier , including physical appearance .

Every one today is looking to get a mid section , the six pack abs . and this is the most common question i get asked all the time . This blog is base on my own personal experience and my clients . Most people spend hours in the gym or goes from one diet to another . You cut out pasta,  but somehow the flat stomach doesnt seems to appear .

Ive got good news for you, the one that has helped me to maintain my flat stomach including my clients . Im aware that we are all different individual and not one cap fits all, but certain things cam apply to everyone .

Know the good fats – This is a very important components of fat loss . In my experience people are always running away from fats . Fats are vital to a healthy diets . I consumed lots of almonds , seeds, avocado daily and i became more leaner , abdominal also get flatter .

Good fats are very good for hormone production in your body . foods like eggs with the yolk , fish oil, pork , wild salmon from alaskan , grass fed beef , avocado . Eating this way will not only help to lose belly fats but increase productivity and self esteem.

SLEEP – This is a big one , it took me a while to realise that this is the most important aspect of losing belly fats . Every time i suggested sleeping within a certain time or for a length period of time , people tend to freak out as if im putting gun to their head .

Sleeping at the right time promote growth hormones , which is released during sleep – when we sleep in total darkness melatonin is released triggering a very slight but critical cool down in the body . As body temperature drops , growth hormone is released and work its regenerative magic . And this is exactly how you start to lose belly fats .

This is purely base on my experience , give it a go and see how this idea might help you . As you know good physical appearance promote healthy self esteem .

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