Im aware that we all tend to base our performance in life on ages . The complexity of force operating inside an aging body becomes more obvious when you ask an easy question of How old are you ? . I found out recently that they are are 3 ways to measure our age .

Chronological age –  This is base on how old you are by calendar . and its also the most unreliable because a 50 year old maybe nearly as healthy as he was at 25 .

Biological age – This tell us how time has affected your organs, and tissues, compared to other people of your chronological age . Time doesnt affect our body uniformly , every cell , tissue, and organ is aging on its own timetable . For example a middle age marathon runner may have the leg muscles, heart, and lung of someone half his age . but his knees and kidney maybe aging rapidly due to excessive stress constantly place on the joints .

Psychological age –  This is base on how old you feel you are, which is a mental thing in my opinion . And its also the one that hold most promising in reversing the age process . Psychological age is completely personal, no two people have the same psychological age because no two people have exactly the same experiences .

Instead of focusing on how old you are, you should focus on looking after your body , which become younger or older depending on how you treat it .

Few things that retard  ages – Good positive mental altitude , Happiness within yourself , Job satisfaction , Good sleep and satisfactory sex. Ability to express feeling easily , Happy marriage or satisfying long – term relationship .

Negative factors that accelerate aging – Depression, Loneliness ,absence of closed friends , Lack of regular routine, Living alone, or being alone , Having to work more than 40 hours per week , and financial burdens , being in debt .

Base on my own personal observation and Larry scherwitz , a university of california psychologist concluded that the antidote was to be more giving ; Listen with regards when others talk , Give your time and energy to others , Let others have their way , because loving person should age well .

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