10 ways to improve physique and be more self confident

A couple of weeks ago, i was asked to speak to to a group of young women and men about becoming the best version of themselves . And i realised lately that you can only be yourself once you are confidence about yourself and im very honoured to give them this principles .

Eat vegetables and protein at every meal .

Drink gallons of water per day because water is the best anabolic .

I will go to sleep between 10-10.30 everyday , even weekends , and will also have the courage to be strong to my convictions .

Read one book on growth and personal development every month

I will learn not to be lazy in language when speaking to my family and friends .

Not spending more than 30 -45 mins training or when i trained .

Will base my training on compound moves likes using barbell, chin up, and sprint .

Will become more valuable to people surrounding me .

Will always look to contribute than getting .

And finally i will learn to delay gratification .

This principles are simple but not easy . If applied then you are on the way to become the best version of yourself .

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