Focus on your body shape not your weight

In my experience people sabotage themselves from the beginning when starting a fitness program by setting up impossible goals . When a clients tell me they want to look like someone in a magazine or books , then a red flag goes up for me .

You need to build up confidence in yourself, and to start a fitness program or getting in shape require focusing on your body shape not weight . and stop comparing yourself with another person because thats a sign of low self esteem . Your goal is to look and feel the best you can , not to look like some beauty queen which is very unrealistic.

.For you to get to your goals without sabotaging your bank account , you need a good personal trainer which is rare to find , if you need help on that i will be happy to give direction .

Good coaching program –  Your training program should be tailor around your health and whatever issues you have .

Good nutrition program and supplement is vital for your success . In this case its better to take an advice from someone who is using those   supplements rather than a shop assistance who has no idea of what they are selling .

And as your body start to shape and look fabulous , then you can start to measure your progress by your clothes and your feelings , looks , rather than your weights .

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