Women, value, and fat loss .

I think as a woman , Im proud to say this that we hold the backbone to everything surrounding our lives . For me i see it as an opportunity to teach my female clients the value and philosophy by challenging their mind to gain control over their life .

In my experience , most women problems is coming from hormone issues . Most of the time women want to look good but they are not preparing to make the switch . We need to pick one habits at a time . The overall concept of women looking good is about VALUE

I always say if you value yourself, health and life in general . you will always look good . Im aware that most of the fat loss book out there will never tell you this because no one want to hear about it .

The biggest issue is how we can live a healthy life and be beautiful . the point is when you are healthy , you are beautiful . According ROBB WOLF , the author of book paleo solution , he stated that the answer constantly change in response to politics , lobbying, and the media .  And as a result their recommendation are not based on science , but rather lobbying and political maneuvering .

Women are so attached to their liabilities and they cannot let it go . The good news is everything you need is within you .

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