The truth about happiness

This blog idea came to me from a book written by Alexander Green – Beyond Wealth . Its one of the most intelligent book ever written on wealth in my opinion . He said happiness results when our aspirations are fulfilled and we are optimistic about the future . When we are developing our capabilities or helping other to develop them .

Im personally more happier when i create something that solves others problems , find a solution to a particular problems . Here are few things that i found to stimulate growth hormones for happiness ,

Although initially my background is sports, physiology , a bit of sports psychology and now coach . Naturally i realised i have a gift for helping people , and this piece im giving you comes from coaching perspective .


The first thing i measure when people come to me is to gather their value . im like , do you measure your shits , new T.V , new     phones , new ipad , crap does not make you happier , in fact it makes you unhappy and stressed  . Dont get me wrong im not a complete monk or deprive myself  but i know where my value lies .

I spent more money on food, education , good supplement that most people spend on cars , house , and holidays .

Sleep also promotes hormones balance that naturally increased melatonin and growth for greater night repair and fat burning benefit . This is actually a big deal , if you are not sleeping well its will be difficult to lose fat nor happier .

Remember the last time you had a great night sleep, your energy level is naturally high and happy .  I have a habits of writing what im grateful for every night before i go to bed , its an amazing feeling . And it turns out that gratitude, is an indispensable part of happiness.

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