Estrogen, Hair Extension , and Fat Loss

I know you might  be thinking what the hell is hair extension has to do with estrogen and fat loss. From hormones perspective, estrogen is one of the key hormones in the body and the role of this hormones is largely misunderstood .

This vital hormones contribute to men and women’s health . Estrogen is responsible for female sexual development puberty- and fertility .  Hair extension promotes high estrogen which lead to hormonal imbalance that allows the body to store fat in the hips, abdominal, and butt .

As you are also aware , many of the fashion and conveniences of modern life are contributing to hormonal imbalance in women . As a result most women are becoming more miserable , unhappy than ever . The reason for talking so much about hair extension is the fact that many women dont recognise the evil impact of hair extension in their body .

Hair extension is a bad news when it comes to your hormones and environmental factors .


One of the first adjustment is to own your own hair – Dr OZ . sleep for a better fat loss, build muscles to lose weight , and quality nutrition advice .

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