How to become your own hero – best version of yourself

Becoming your own hero in my opinion means love your self the way you are . simply by not trying to please or live some one else life . Base on a book written by MITCH ALBON , – tuesdays with morrie, which i will recommend to anyone who is seeking an idea for a better life .

He said that the culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves . We are teaching the wrong things and you have to be strong to challenge the culture and create you own which lead me to the idea of this bog

Belief in yourself – This is a very key point if you dont no one would .

Avoid a sucker choice – people will do anything to get you on their side , im not saying dont agree with other people s opinion because life is about compromise and understanding .

Save money – its important for a rainy day , and believe me rainy day come very soon . and again habits of saving will help you to master any other habits in your life . You can also tell annoy boss to go to hell , while you looking for something else to do .

Always Giving – This is the fundamental basics of human being . it does not have to be money , it could be your time , energy , or listening and i always think that every one has something to give . just look for it , you will find it .

Hire a mentor – Find a mentor that has already achieved what you want , done it and live it . someone that resonate and connect with you .

Think for yourselves – You can share other peoples idea , but think for yourself .

Dont consume too much things , they only make you feel good for few days – then you are enslave to them .

Eat according to your type – eating according to your type will help you maintain a steady weight through out your life , which is a big advantage to your mental well being . Always eat within an hour of getting up from sleep . A balance meal that include protein .

Remember to gain knowledge , we must remain modest , conceding what we dont know , and always trying to become the best version of yourself .

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