5 top exercises that will save your life .

These top 5 exercises im going to share with you will not only save your life but allow you to really live your life which i personally think is one of the most important way of living . one of my personal goal in life is to live a better life and in other to do that , i need a body that move without pain .

Most of these exercise require introduction to the body and take several coaching lesson to master .

Front Squat – I rarely seen anyone performing this important movement even among the trainers . This is a knee dominant      movement that works your abdominal, back , increase energy and also burns tons of calories .

Dead lift  – ” The dead lift is the main exercise”. it improves performance in all sports , key ares of life , better sex , postures and back that rock . the benefits  are too much to miss . Incorporate  this into your routine and your body will be awesome

Good Mornings – Ladies  this is for you , this remove fats from the inner thighs and shape the entire butts especially if you have a job that make you sit around all day    .

Bent over rows – This exercise build a solid back and its a common exercise thats been around for a long time .if done properly , it improve heart rates and posture .

Plank – We all hate planks . it was one of my coach who got me started on it and ive never looked back . with this exercise , you build a good core strength that help you to preform important lifts that i mentioned earlier .

These five lifts , the front squat, the dead lifts , the good mornings , the rowing , and the plank – develop the part of your body that will improve key areas of your life . These five lifts will transform and shape your life .

The videos to these exercises can be found on my you tube channel .

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