My love affair with the barbell

Im going to start by giving you my personal definition of a Barbell . its a simple exercise exercise equipment that make you real . I read in a book few months ago that you can find romance in music , art , and also things that give you value . I attached a lot of value to barbell .

If you are in a gym with a limited time , performing a barbell complex will make you strong and satisfy . The biggest myth with using barbell for exercise is that its going to make you big . the fitness industry has to tell you that so that they can exploit you with their devastated philosophy of training .

The principle of losing fat does not start from cardio machines, new nike shoes and body pump classes . this shit reinforces your weakness and add more problems to your body long term

Lets get real , using barbell provide strength and power , some of the smart people ive spoken to over the years think that loss of power has the biggest impact on our quality of life as we get older.

Base on my observation and talking with people , i can see the loss of strength which contribute to diminishing of wisdom . The best goal according to Dan John and me is how to live a better life .

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  1. Great post, Victoria! I can’t agree more with you.


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