Losing fat is a war

Im my 6 to 7 years of training people, from executive, to actress, athlete, and regular people ive come to realise that losing fat is a war and a war base on life style .

Model someone who has achieve the result you want is an easier option . Having a gym membership is not the solution , its only a baby step which is kind of  reasonable in this culture .

You should remember that our body changes as we get older . one of the oldest research recently point out that our muscles are prone to weakening and stiffening with ages . For example hamstrings , pecs, upper traps , inner thighs get stiffen with age .

The butts, abdominals, rhomboids get weaken along as we age . now you get the picture and for example performing an exercise like clean and press will basically improve those weaken areas . This is where the knowledge of a good coach / trainers comes in .

I dont really want to rant about trainers today but that will comes up another day .


This solutions im giving you has work pretty well for me and thousands of clients over the years . separate fat loss from the rest of your yearly goals and try to find 28 days to dedicate your life to it it works better that way . you can as well call it body transformation .

Losing fat is totally up to you .

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