10 Things I Learnt in 2012

I consider this year as one of the most valuable years in my life. My transition has been huge so I want to share some of this valuable lesson with you.

Most of the lesson I’ve learnt this year has from the study of life, wealth and successful people. As you all know I hang around successful people a lot and I’m always curious about how they achieve so much in life.

Successful people take care of their health. Love yourself above everything – that means you come first then you can love others.

The truth about money is… “Cash is king and don’t let anyone fools you” – Dan Kennedy.

Never enter a relationship or business without discussing money or an escape route. I know it sounds very unromantic but any relationship is a deal.

On Life… It takes courage to follow your own path, surround yourself with people who support you in following your dreams, and be very wise with whom you share your upwards goals with. Avoid spending time with people who try to destroy them. I’ve learnt seriously from this.

Don’t work for money but work to learn. OK, I know lots of people will put a gun on my head for this, when I started my training business my initial goal was to earn a lot of money but things change when I switch my mindset to work to learn.

That you are creating your own life and your world in any minute. If you want to see how powerful you live, take a look at your life.

On training… that maintaining  a regular weight throughout the year will keep you psychological steady and healthy than yo – yo dieting.

Listen with regards when others talk… give your time and energy to others and do things for reason other than feeding your own need will help you age positively.

Investing in your own self improvement will provide a better role for you and the people surround you.

On God… Heaven and hell are right here, you are not going anywhere. God wanted us to partner with him, PERIOD!

On being me… to help millions of people to transform their body and life by year 2015.

And finally… remember that you cannot have peace, by avoiding life.

Top recommended books:

Happy new year and looking forward to be giving you more info on how to transform your life and body in 2013!

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