Growing your Mindset

We are all unfinished human beings and I think the earlier we realise it the better for our continual growth and success in life. There are two different types of mindset, the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. Apparently we all fluctuate between both types throughout life due to lifestyle, enviroment and up-bringing.

We tend to fall most of the time to a fixed mindset depending on our circumstances and intelligence. Mindset affects everything we do, from changing career, learning new skills, self-improvement, raising kids etc . As I was researching this blog, I’ve come to realise that to achieve success in our life we need to constantly be growing our mindset.

With a fixed mindsets people always tend to want to nurse their self confidence; people with a fixed mindset don’t always think they need to apply more effort in anything they do, as they tend  to rely only on their talents.

Another negative trait of a fixed mindset person is the fact that they are afraid to make mistakes so that they won’t be judged or take constructive criticism kindly, and they will go to any length sometimes to protect their self esteem.

With growth mindset people they always want to take up challenges and embrace new things. For example writing and putting these blogs together has been a challenge in my life for the past two years. People judge me all the time but because of my growth mindset, I’ve kept on learning and responding to the feedback in a positive and productive way.

Developing a habit of a growing mindset will enable you to listen and see things in a different way. Mindset change is not about picking up a few new tricks, it’s about learning and helping others to learn.

I know changes can be tough, it was tough for me and talking from experience I’ve never heard anyone who said it wasn’t worth it. Well I’m not saying growth mindset has solved all my problems, but I have a different life; a much richer one as I have the courage to take up new challenges and be more of an open person because of it.

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