Tips for a healthy ego

Ive been playing with the idea of what this blog should be called for a while . I realised that what everybody wants is to be healthier and also improve appearance . so i came up with tips for developing super healthy ego .

The most realistic thing to do is to follow a program – dont write your own program, hire a coach who know his or her stuff to help you out on this .

Know your value – figure out what you want , your own desire and what motivate you and the rest will get easier .

Stop using machine base for training – Base on my experience and opinion, it is not a natural movement for improving physique . it actually reinforce weaknesses and the body become more stiff . practically the body is not learning .

Leave i pad and cell phone at home – A recent research proved that cell phone causes cellulite . you can keep your phones in your bag or a safety place till the end of your workouts .

Learn how to Dead lift – This is like a bank account for your body . Deadlift is a must for a solid back and a better posture .it also helps to develop the hips .

Learn how to cook – Im not saying you should become a chef or a cook but the habit of cooking your own food will actually improve your health and appearance . I recently signed up for a cooking class and believe me its the best thing ive ever done .

Recommended book

Real food – What to eat and why – NINA PLANCK

This tips are based on observation and personal experience . give it a go and see how you feel .

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