Be Authentic

I got this blog idea from a book written by Alex Lowen – The fear of life  and i can relate the issue of authentic to what i observed in the fitness industry . My personal opinion at a certain point about fitness is to be healthy but the way im looking at it, its kind of heading towards another direction .

These  are the tip s  that is going to help you to be awesome without killing your self . The only goal is to be authentic – means to be yourself and this are what you get from being yourself .

Be authentic allows you to focus on yourself improvement that reveals your personality. your own body shape either you are pear, apple ,or hour glass . There is a lot of men and women suffering from dillusion of fake .

According to Alexander Lowen , the loss of authenticity also occur on a social level. personal values are sacrificed for money and power . You see not being yourself is a disaster . You can start being who you are by recognising your value, your personality and the kind of life you want to live .

I know its scary sometimes wanting to be yourself in a culture that works so hard for you to be someone else . from my personal experience this tips has make creativity easier for me and freedom of expression . And thats why i become happier each day and opportunity to help other people .

Reference of this blog – Fear of life by Alexander Lowen

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