How to get into bathing suit – vacation body

As you are all aware by now that conventional / traditional weigh loss advice is a flaw and disaster to your body and the way you age not to mention looking hot in those bikini.  I always said to people that you need to be healthy to have a fantastic body .

An unhealthy body cannot wear a bikini , and its about time of the year where industrial marketers will be killing you with some fake diet products that will never work . Anyway here are my few tips for getting ready for bikini .

Im going to start by giving you the food list and how to combine with the exercise . Kale, spinach, cod , salmon , lean beef , turkeys and different dark leafy vegetables .

If you are a vegetarian you should go more on beans , lentils  goat cheese , feta cheese etc . I think there is no point spending money on tickets but spend the being unhappy .

And now to the exercise – to get you into bikini you need to perform a density workout . its the best workout on earth that will stimulate your nervous system and metabolic disturbance . And example are two lower body exercises  and two upper body exercises.

20 Bupress/ squat thrust.

10 push ups

20 squat jumps

10 inverted rows

Repeat five times . so thats just the beginning . more on my web site and you tube channel .


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