Dont buy into insecurity

This blog idea came to me from reading seth book called – icarus deception . i urge you to please read that book . Anyway my point is we are surrounded daily by people who project insecurity into us . when people feel insecure , they try to make you feel the same to validate their insecurity .

You have a choice not to agree with their fear . i normally dont agree with things until prove otherwise and im a seller not a buyer of shits . Another thing that apply to fitness industry is how those muscle guys make skinny guys feel insecure . also skinny women make fat women insecure .

The good news is that you can start where you are right now and transform your body and life . Remember that when people try to sell you insecurity, they are selling themselves . And to feel secure is to know your self worth .

These two exercise will make you feel secure

Barbell push press , x10 body weight squat , x20 and finished up with a rocking plank for 30 seconds.  They promote better circulation and free your mind .

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