3 ways to look better than average men and women

Im sure you find your way to this blog because you hate being average. we all know that nothing average is interesting, its very boring . So im giving you few tips of  on  how to look better   than   average people  surrounding you also how to stand out .

The first rule is to fix your posture . – your posture reveals everything in your body and probably everything about you as well . when you stand upright , you command respect and that makes you feel non-average . To fix your posture , you must invest in a good trainer/coach . Now , not every trainer can fix your posture .

Save up some money and invest in a good trainer and good clothes . i mean quality clothes . you dont need to buy clothes very often if you buy a quality one .

You can join a fitness club or a local gym but dont join the classes . Most of the classes never teach progression and without progression, you remain average . Im going to leave you with this few tips become awesome .

Lifting weights , interval running , clean foods, gets 7-9 hours sleep will make you feel great .

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